Triumph in the Skies II

  • These episodes mainly focus on the students at PPP, Fala and Myolie. I felt there was a lot of relationship development between Fala and Francis, while Chilam was pretty much missing in action (except looking cool and flirting with Fala here and there – making the other students think Chilam is giving Fala special treatment). Well, he kinda does, but doesn’t at the same time. Fala knows Chilam likes her, so a lot of the times she goes through Chilam rather than Francis.

Triumph in the Skies II

Francis and Fala

  • During the PPP, particularly when the students were able to get close to the jets, Francis notices Fala not paying attention to what is being taught and her mind constantly wandered as she kept thinking about her ex-boyfriend. After taking Fala on a flight, he tells Fala to leave PPP, and that she should stop wasting everyone’s time because the only reason she wants to fly is because of her ex-boyfriend. She has already flown, so there is no need for her to stay. However Fala sticks firmly to wanting to learn to fly and won’t leave until she does. Francis yells at her at disbelief: “Still in denial?” “Wake up, your relationship is dead!” which causes Fala to snap back “You shut up! Stop acting you know everything because you know nothing!” It was sad when Fala when back to find her mum and asked her “If I can’t stay in PPP, would you still support me to take private lessons to learn to fly?” It makes me wonder sometimes too, was Fala just being stubborn in wanting to be with her ex-boyfriend? Or has she fallen in love with the sky and flying? Or Both?

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Francis finds out that his first pilot book which he lent an old friend, was actually lent to Daniel (Fala’s ex), and through this old friend learns that Fala’s ex-boyfriend actually died in a flight accident on a private plane on the day before he was going to propose to Fala.
  • Francis spots Fala reading his book and doing self study on private flying. He asks for the book back (since she won’t need it anyway) and tells Fala that he learned of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Fala reveals that she was previously against her ex from flying because she felt it was dangerous and didn’t understand why he loved the sky so much. He promised he’d stop when they get married. However on the day he was going to propose, he secretly went to fly one last time which ultimately caused his death. Fala admits that after flying with Francis, she now understands why he was so immersed into being in the air, and she wants to learn to fly so she can always be with him.
  • Upon hearing this, Francis started tearing up the pages of the book and threw the pages out to the sea “You can’t bring your emotions with you when you fly, your only priority is the safety of the passengers!” “If all you want to do is keep memory of Daniel, then just go and stick the book back together but leave PPP” “This book means a lot to me too! It was the book which taught me all the knowledge of flying”. I think this is the scene Fala finally wakes up, and she also starts tearing and throwing the pages in the water…
  • In the next scene, we see Francis back at PPP teaching Fala and providing her some private coaching 🙂

Triumph in the Skies II

  • I thought the scene was pretty cute. Despite Francis disapproving Fala’s actions, he cares for her a lot and is constantly there to help her. He also provided hints during their research lesson where he inspired her to be as successful as the first female pilot “Old bird” who went against all odds to fly. He taught her that as long as she changes her attitude and control her emotions, and think clearly then she can be successful too.
  • PPP students are continuously put under test by Francis and Chilam deliberately causing disputes within the teams etc, and to make them learn all sorts of life lessons like teamwork (making them better friends), dreams/ambitions, treasuring every moment of being about to fly, the type of mindset and behaviour required and the alike. I personally dislike the other boyish female student and her attitude (Francis mentioned she was over-qualified for the program anyway), constantly dissing Fala but I found it hilarious when she kinda ‘confessed’ to Francis that he was one of the key reasons she joined PPP hehee. Well I guess it’s not that surprising given Francis and Chilam’s characters have such a fan base. She is totally not a fan of Chilam though lol
  • Fala is good friends with Him Law and ‘Hero’ in the PPP. They would stick by each other, study together and get in trouble together. Despite all that, I feel the three of them lack chemistry together. (Not sure if its their acting, script, or just me comparing them to the awesome bond between Francis, Nancy and Ron).

Triumph in the Skies II

Myolie and Ron

  • Almost the entire episode 11 focused on Myolie and Ron. When Myolie stuck up for her team member (Adrian, in claiming worker’s compensation) her boss/mentor punished her by moving her to admin and did not let her touch the planes. Ron deliberately brings her his broken electronic goods for her to fix as she enjoys holding the screw driver and being hands on. Just before a plane-take off (in which Ron was the Pilot under examination), Myolie’s boss was being stubborn and makes a misjudgement and promised the ability to fix all plane maintenance issues within an hour. Unfortunately due to tight schedule, the flight gets delayed overtime and Myolie willingly takes the blame to cover up for her boss. We later learn Myolie stood up for her boss out of respect. Eventually Ron sticks up for Myolie and her boss by taking full responsibility for the flight delay, and as a result Ron ends up failing his examination. Myolie becomes really grateful and apologetic towards him. I’m pretty sure Myolie has a crush on Ron, but somehow it feels as though Ron is always helping her because either she is Chilam’s sister or because she looks a lot like Zoe (his sister in-law), so they are like family. I could be wrong of course. he may have feelings towards her without him knowing.
  • After the incident, Myolie’s boss approves her leave and she decides to fly to London to deliberately visit an aircraft museum. Co-incidentally she bumps into Ron on the flight, who was flying to London to visit Sam and the PPP students.

Triumph in the Skies II

Francis and Myolie

  • Francis/Ron invites her to become a guest speaker at PPP to share her experience about the mechanical side of things which she is passionate about. During her talk, she notices Chilam smiling and watching her at a distance, but she appears slightly disappointed when she noted he had already disappeared off before she had finished. You can tell that Myolie cares about her brother and wants to spend time with him despite not admitting it. Throughout the lesson, we see Francis constantly looking at Myolie, and Fala, who is more astonished by the similar physical appearance and resemblance to Zoe. As Myolie leaves, Fala distracts Ron away, leaving Francis and Myolie to have alone time. Myolie noticed that Francis didn’t seem to want her to leave…so she asked him whether he had anything he wanted to say to ‘Zoe’, and that he could pretend she was her. It was quite emotional watching this scene and I felt so sorry for Francis. I think Francis did a superb job in expressing all those mixed emotions in his eyes, missing his wife dearly and feelings of guilt, regret and sadness. It seemed like he had a lot he wanted to say but he couldn’t express himself other than utter “Sorry” to Zoe. You could feel his pain and how much he missed his wife. Myolie replied “Should I say ‘I forgive you’?” Francis then revealed that he couldn’t forgive himself and Myolie softly replies “Then I can’t do anything about that”. Nonetheless, Francis thanks Myolie for doing what she did.
  • Triumph in the Skies II

  • Francis had previously told everyone that Zoe passed away in his arms, but Fala knew he was hiding the truth, hurt and guilt within him. She knew he wasn’t by her side, as Fala witnessed Zoe passing away shortly after giving her the “Triangel” at the airport. I hope Fala will give Triangel to Francis soon so he can really move on and learn the truth about Zoe’s last words for him “Please don’t blame yourself”.

Myolie and Chilam

  • Myolie becomes extremely disappointed when she learns that the Museum she deliberately came to London for was booked out with a group booking and she would not be allowed to attend. Upon learning this, Chilam tells her he will be able to get her in, in condition that she goes with him. As she was eager to go, she takes the offer and Chilam happily makes his efforts to have this organised.
  • Myolie had hopes that she would be able to spend some time with her brother and that he’d keep his promise, but sadden and disappointed (how many times have I used the word ‘disappointed’ in this post? XD) once again when Chilam does not show up. Ron tries to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say when she replied in tears “He is always like that. Girls, his career- he would spend a lot of effort on, but for family it is not necessary for him as he takes us for granted!” Chilam was held up as he was taking a girl on a flight in exchange for entry to the museum. However, by the time Chilam got there the museum had already closed, and Myolie had already left. It’s sad when these things happen. He even missed her when she left for the airport…It’s nice to see that every time Chilam is down, it is because of his sister. Fala finds him by himself in aircraft room and he expressed that what doesn’t mean much to you, could mean a lot to someone else and that he should never easily promise things unless he is going to do it. He vows he will take every promise seriously and do no matter what it takes to keep his promise. Fala also records this on her phone as his reminder 🙂

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Loved the above scene where Chilam was talking to Him Law and how he envied Him Law’s close relationship with his brother. Him mentioned that people are made of flesh and heart- if you treat someone well, they know. Chilam replied: “She’s different- she’s Ironman” XD. When Him’s brother calls Him on the phone, Chilam starts making an imaginary conversation with his sister “Hey sister, it’s brother. Don’t worry I will take care of myself. You need to take plenty of rest as well. Love you.” Chilam then gets the shivers and gives Him weird looks lol

Heather and Tony

  • As with all things, people may not necessarily be as they appear, especially couples. Heather (Elena) and Tony are a happily married couple in everyone’s eyes. They are classified as soul mates and often referred to the legendary Condor Heroes at Skylette Airlines. However, only the two know themselves that their relationship is lacking passion. It’s gone. Everything is too perfect, they never argue, there’s no third party, they have utmost trust and respect for each other. They don’t want to have a baby in hope to amend their marriage. Elena and her husband come to a mutual agreement that they tried, and once were passionately in love, but that is now gone. When Elena saw her husband hugging and with his arms around his ex-girlfriend, she realised she was not jealous or hurt at all, but instead, genuinely happy that he had found someone he truly loved. They have become so used to each other like family, and so they decided their relationship on good terms. I guess this means when Elena and Kenneth get together, Elena won’t be considered cheating…I really didn’t expect their relationship to end almost feels unrealistic?

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Other random notes:
  • haha OK so Nancy finally says “YES!” to Nick’s proposal…it all comes down to perfect timing and moment. When Nancy saw what was happening with her best friend Couby and Victor (who has cancer), Nancy started to feel that life was fragile and should treasure the people around them. The 4 of them decide to have a joint wedding- I wonder what could possibly happen that would break up Nancy and Nick (since Nancy is paired with Him law)
  • The girl at the cafe finally confessed her feelings to Ronl! She seems like a sweet type of girl. I do hope Ron would eventually give her a chance

Triumph in the Skies II

13 Responses to “[Triumph in the Skies II] Episode 11-15”

  • hong says:

    i really want to know why sam lied and told everyone zoe die in his arms
    i hope he will know what his wife last words to him was soon from holiday and that holiday will one day take sam back to the airport that zoe pass a way at i am wonder how did sam know his wife died and who contact him to tell him the news about his wife being dead and was she buried or was she Cremated

    because if she was cremated why did sam not take her ashes back home and if she was buried there should be at least flash backs of her grave , what did the hospital do to her body

    • KTVB says:

      Me too! Hopefully they’ll explain it later on. So many questions to the back story- Can’t wait to find out.

      I want to know why Sam wasn’t even with Zoe/or why she had left, and then returning to London without him accompanying her.

  • I loved these few episodes because sam and holiday’s chemistry is slowly being built! also holiday jim jim and hero’s friendship is a really nice thing too.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea Sam and Holiday’s relationship develops quite steadily which is good. I hope to to see more development between Chilam and Fala though

  • Ri says:

    Still enjoying this show although the momentum seems to have slowed down a bit. I didn’t rly enjoy the PPP scenes but I get that they’re trying to recreate the “feel” of giving new actors a chance like they did in the first TITS for Ron, Bosco, Kenneth etc. Too bad I find them all to be so robotic and totally lacking in chemistry! 🙁 I too dislike Holiday’s tomboyish roommate but mostly I thought the PPP scenes were neither here nor there – one minute they’re pals the next they’re bitching about each other? Weird. Just didn’t flow properly for me. Oh well!

    Chilam may be getting most of the spotlight with his fun Captain Koo role but I personally really enjoy watching Francis breathe life into his Sam character. He’s a bit awkward and weird and yet it comes out sincere and natural. I still get the sibling-y vibe between him and Fala tho but then again to me he gives off a sibling-y vibe to almost everyone haha! That scene with Francis and Myolie was so good. Played by a lesser actor, Sam could’ve looked in love with Ha Sun but Francis somehow manages to show that it’s really just her resemblance to Zoe that gets to him. I’m glad they brought Francis back to play Sam in TITS 2 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Ri
      I agree with all your comments! I do feel the momentum slowly slowing down and I hope it picks back up soon!

      I didn’t really enjoy the PP scenes either. It seemed like it was something that just ‘had to be done’ (teach newcomers- both characters and for the newbie actors) for storyline purposes. I know exactly what you mean by “pals then bitching about each other’ lol I thought they were friends when the team decided to give Holiday, Jim Jim and Hero a chance, but then when they were split in teams, they got competitive again (esp that tomboy) with the whole accusing Holiday of cheating etc Lack of trust…lol

      I agree! While I love watching Chilam, Francis is just so likeable. He is a bit awkward ahaha but comes off so naturally. I can’t see how anyone could possibly dislike his character XD I hope Jayden remains likeable though judging by what his character is capable of doing, I can just picture Jayden being a bit of of a jerk if he wanted to be.

  • Frederick Zhang says:

    Hey, I guess you are a very professional TVB fans. I started to watch TVB dramas since my high school. recently I’m also watching the , one soundtrack of which attracts me quite a lot, which is the in Episode 13. I wonder where and how can I download this song. It’s really a nice one to me. Also, I’m always curious about the melody of the music box in , would you please let me know about the name?

  • Frederick Zhang says:

    some mistakes, would you please tell me where and how to download the soundtrack STOP THE CLOCK? I also want to know the name of the melody of the music box in TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES I, a very sweet one!

  • P.P.B says:


    You should totally watch TITS1. It is really much much better than this.

    Ps, been reading your blog since dicey business!

  • Nelimar Bumogas says:

    pls i want yo know the title of the sountrack by heather and roy

  • Nelimar Bumogas says:

    pls help i want to know the title of the soundtrack during heather and roy…tnx

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