Triumph in the Skies 2

  • I’m almost half way through the series and I feel that it’s slowly losing its momentum and I’m slightly losing interest in it. I thought episode 16 -17 were quite exciting but this doesn’t mean I fully liked the way it was developed or where the story was heading. Nancy’s story development in episode 18 made me go a bit bizarre (call me conservative but it has left me in disbelief), with episode 19-20 focusing on characters I didn’t care too much about (e.g Adrian, Kenneth). Hopefully the story will pick up again because I do hope to enjoy and finish the series. onto the exciting episodes!!
  • The PPP was coming to an end (yay, finally!) and on their last lesson, the students get to go on a ride in the sky for the last time. Fala had to go last because she always handed in her homework late. Just as it got to her turn, Fala misses out because of thunder warnings. Knowing that Fala would be disappointed, Francis arranges a time the next morning to fly with Fala, but is told that Chilam has taken the private plane already and he would be able to use it after him. When Francis went to find Fala in her room that morning, she wasn’t there but notices the “Triangel” doll sitting on her table. FINALLY!! 😀 He takes it and smells it (carrying the scent of ‘Zoe’), causing him to become very emotional and full of questions.

Triumph in the Skies 2
Triumph in the Skies 2

  • On the other hand, Fala is outside playing around with a make-belief plane, where Chilam notices her and invites her onto the private plane for a ride.  Being thrilled with the excitement of flying once again, Fala yells in joy on the flight. Shortly after they land, Fala notices Chilam had the key to the lock on her bracelet on his key ring. Bringing back memories of’ ‘Daniel’, Fala lifts up her wrists and lets Chilam unlocks her bracket causing Fala to become extremely emotional and overwhelmed. “Its finally opened. Ever since the jacket, you’d constantly appear in my life. This time, you helped me unlock the bracelet too.” Chilam smiles and wipes the tears off Fala’s face, “Sometimes I shouldn’t think about things too complicated”.  Fala touches his face and the two kiss. Just at this moment, Francis arrives with the “Triangel” and witnesses this…Woahh…..!! The two realisation moments I have been waiting for! TVB, is this supposed to be the start of their love triangle???
  • I always thought Fala noticed Chilam because of his similarity to “Daniel” and sometimes it makes wonder if she’s just using him as a substitute. She was freed from her emotional burden and her kissing him felt like it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing..haha Chilam probably doesn’t even know what/why Fala behaved the way she did.  However, I thought their next scene which followed came way too quick and bizarre for my liking.

Triumph in the Skies 2

  • The PPP students and Francis return to Hong Kong while Chilam and Fala disappeared off together on their date.
  • We see Fala and Chilam driving along in a convertible, having a lot of fun in the country side. Night approaches and the car runs out of fuel so they end up staying at some old house, where they find candles, bottle of wine and they make themselves at home.
  • They start putting on music and Fala starts performing what appeared to be a flirty seductive dance for Chilam, and then sits on his lap. She then covers his eyes with his scarf, takes off her top showing her bare back and the two kiss
  • My jaws almost dropped and eye-brows raised watching that scene for a number of reasons. 1. Wow…what a bold and daring scene for TVB standards 2.  “What the heck was that……? Did I miss something? 0.O??”
  • Their relationship went way too fast, there is no character development and  Fala was very out-of-character! Why is Fala suddenly like this?? Why did the two jump into this seemingly meaningless sex? Just for fun? TVB, please don’t tell me this is the start of a serious relationship and they are in love because I am not convinced anything was there to start with! I am so iffy about Chilam and Fala pairing at the moment- I don’t like how their relationship is going at all…

Triumph in the Skies 2
Triumph in the Skies 2
Triumph in the Skies 2

  • The next morning, Fala and Chilam walk across a bridge filled with locks. Without Chilam noticing, Fala locks her bracelet on the bridge and gives it a final goodbye.
  • I was actually glad I didn’t see them in episode But when Fala returned in episode 18 I felt differently about her character. I think I’ve started disliking Fala from this point forward.
  • In episode 18, Fala returns to Hong Kong to apply for the cadet program where Francis bumps into her in a pub. When Francis tries to ask Fala about the “Triangel”, with Fala questioned him back whether there was something he was hiding, or whether he was really with ‘Zoe’ when she passed away. Francis started avoiding the question, so they agreed they won’t talk about it until he is ready to face his past. The two left it as that. Guess it will take a few more episodes before we find out the truth! As Fala leaves, Chilam drives to pick her up and Fala tells Francis she will be living with Chilam…Chilam and Fala have a very casual/open relationship, where she lets him see other girls and she doesn’t quite question him either.
  • Francis does not like this and is displeased but what can he do? lol Is he jealous or does he still see her as a little sister?

Triumph in the Skies 2

My favourite scene in these 5 episodes had to be the one between Myolie and Chilam in episode 17 when they finally reconciled~~ It was soooo touching!! <3 Myolie gets sexually harassed by a Western Captain ‘Bas’ at Skylette, who is known to be a pervert and a jerk among the ladies. When Chilam hears about this, he starts fuming and went to beat him up. As a result, Chilam was penalised and had his flying license suspended. When Francis told Myolie about this, she went to the roof top to find him. The scene was so emotional and brilliant!! It was so touching what Chilam had said to her as both of them tear-ed up (or maybe I like seeing Chilam cry lol)Triumph in the Skies 2

  • Chilam: “That’s fine, I know you won’t thank me. You’d probably actually blame me, asking me why I have to be so nosey. You’d also say, I don’t need to you care about my business. I understand. But I can’t help it. There are too many things in this world we can’t change- like I am your brother and you are my sister. I keep telling myself- doesn’t matter, if you don’t want to recognise me, then just leave it. Why should I be so ugly just kept begging and nagging. I thought I had already given up, but when I heard someone was picking on you and hurting you, I was going crazy. At that moment I wanted to kill him. I only have one image in my head. That image is of us when we were little playing in the park. In that picture there was you, me, mum, dad. Even though this image only appeared once, it was enough to make me realise, how powerful it is to have one complete family. A lot of people think that I’m very glorious with lots of girls, but if I had the choice, I am willing to give up my everything, to have our family back, all of us together again. Summer, if you won’t forgive your brother, it’s Ok, I understand. But I really hope you’d listen to me one last time. I’m sorry, I’ve made you disappointed in me.”

Triumph in the Skies 2

  • As Chilam walks always, Myolie yells back “Brother!”
  • Myolie: “I’ve actually become an aircraft maintenance crew because of you- because I hope that I could see that every plane that takes off, could safely take the passengers back to their families. I don’t want to lose my only family member. You really are the world’s worst brother! But I forgive you.”
  • Chilam pat her on the head and the two embraced each other tightly..YAY!

Triumph in the Skies 2

  • I felt it was a really good scene and it was ‘woahhh’, pretty sad and touching but how I felt Chilam’s character was very irrational about the whole thing.
  • I’ve been looking forward to more Chilam and Myolie scenes since this one 🙂 I want to see more bonding time between the siblings. I have to say it’s rather weird hahah In episode 20 when Myolie came over to dinner with Chilam, Chilam would make reference to things when they were young (e.g apple crumbles their servant used to make, not sure whether her food preferences have changed etc). When Chilam is turned down by Myolie’s comments, Myolie would make the effort to cheer him up by agreeing to his suggestions lol. They also told Fala that they are their father’s children from his second wife (and not sure how many others are out there..) Chilam despises his father and says he would never be like his father – (sounds almost ironic…lol) Could this be his reason for his lack of commitment?

Triumph in the Skies 2

Ron: “You are especially gentle when working with mechanics.”
Myolie: “I like dealing with dead objects”
Ron; “Good thing you’re not gentle towards me then, it proves I’m not a dead object”
Myolie: “Am I really mean?”
Ron: “Not really, just a bit ‘cool’
Myolie: “Then do you think I should change?”
Ron: “Nope, I like your kind of attitude/personality”

  • Surprisingly, I quite enjoy watching Myolie and Ron scenes. It might be because how pure their relationship seems and I like their character development. It isn’t rushed and it is very natural. When Myolie was harassed by Capital Bas, Ron rushed over and showed his concern and care for her, and encouraged her to speak up and report this to help other female colleagues as well (not sure why they ended up giving Francis the credit for raising the issue). Ron also joins Myolie’s team in their company’s bike race event where Myolie trains Ron so they would work better as team, and that they can sync with each other. I loved that scene where Myolie was wearing the heart-beep watch and it started beeping like crazy when Ron made the comment after Myolie drank from his bottle “after drinking my saliva, you and I will have more chemistry” hahaha . Ron doesn’t seem to have clue on what’s going in her head XD. And yay their team wins a holiday! I assume there would be an episode on that further down the track!

Triumph in the Skies 2

  • Nancy’s wedding goes down the drain when she decides to help her best friend Couby become a surrogate mother so Couby could raise Victor’s baby (who is unfortunately unlikely to survive cancer). I thought that was one of the most irrational behaviours I have ever seen- and one of the most selfish requests I have ever heard…I’m sure there are people who do it out there but I personally can’t relate to it, so through episode 18, I’m sitting there shaking my head in disbelief. Yes, Couby was there to laugh with her through good times and cry with her through the bad. Her fiancée is now dying of cancer, and she has no hopes of living. She wants to carry his child, but she cannot. So Couby turns to her best friends, makes this request, and breaks up her best friend’s own wedding. How SELFISH can she be?? And how cruel of Nancy to make up her mind, tell Nick (her finance), expect him to support her and then say to him ‘I’m sorry, I have already made up my mind, and I won’t regret it’. This series just gets more weird for little conservative me…*sigh* Maybe it’s for the best since Nancy doesn’t seem to love Nick that much anyway…poor guy!
  • I really liked the scene Francis went to comfort Nancy though, and the speech he had initially prepared for her and Nick was moving too. It’s a shame he couldn’t use it. And with that, Nancy leaves to the US to have her operation done and Nancy and Nick say their final goodbyes at the airport. Probably their best scene together too.
  • Other:

Triumph in the Skies 2

  • Rebecca Zhu makes her appearance as Elena (Heather)’s adopted daughter. I think she has a lot of resemblances to Bernice Liu, especially when hair is up.
  • I still can’t get enough of watching Francis, Nancy and Ron together. Such a cute family! I loved that scene where Nancy and Ron go into Francis room and demanded for their souvenir from London haha
  • Elena (Heather) and ‘Tony’ announce to their friends on their anniversary that they will be having a divorce and ending their marriage on good terms. On the other hand, Kenneth (Roy) finally ends his two-timing adventures when Elena made him realise he didn’t love either of them. Both of the girls have also applied to be Stewardess on Skylette, and both wanted to surprise him on the flight. I thought it was about time the girls found out, and they both slapped him across the face XD Now that Kenneth and Elena are both single now, I guess it’s not too ‘bad’ for them to develop theirs….lol I’m quite indifferent about this pairing…and why do I feel there’s such an age gap between the many couples in TITS2?
  • I thought Josie (the coffee girl) confessed to Ron her feelings already. How come Ron acts like he still doesn’t know? He is such a lostie.
  • Adrian (Teddy)’s dad pleaded him to apply for the cadet program and become a pilot, rather than being a maintenance crew..I don’t care too much for his character. lol. (I’m so mean >.<)
  • Francis becomes in charge of the new Cadet program and becomes a Senior Training Captain who will be assessing other Captains to improve their abilities/skills. I don’t think Chilam will like that idea!

27 Responses to “[Triumph in the Skies II] Episode 16-20 Thoughts”

  • Glad i wasnt the only one feeling like coco never really loved nick. I think she really liked him but not love. She would always put others before him. Perfect example was when she yelled at nick and for competing with issac. And the many times she ditched nick to listen to colby’s retarded princess sickness problems(before she found out victor has cancer) also rejecting nick’s countless marriage proposals. You’re right colby was so freaking selfish how can you even accept ruining ur best friend’s happiness for your own selfish desires? Coco was stupid too not considering nick’s feelings. (think colby might also die later or something cuz in the makings of triumph in the skies 2 jimjim told coco he would take care of her and the baby and told her not to do stupid things and he was worried about her… )As for the fala scene it is kind of understandable even though it wasn’t right. She really loved daniel and jayden was always there for her it was that moment when she thought he was the one or an angel sent from daniel haha. But jayden kept trying for her too so it’s his own fault for being a rebound besides who would say no to a hot chick?he was prolly mad smug and happy about it. i think at that stage sam was just worried and overprotective over her cuz she is manna’s daughter and he didn’t want her to get hurt again.that scene when he kissed the triangel was so sad =[ it’s like he felt zoe’s presence once again… Maybe he started to have feelings for holiday but didnt realize it yet xP i also quite enjoyed the summer and jayden scenes even though im not a fan of myolie. Summer was kind of harsh to jayden but who can blame her, jayden made her feel like shit the day he broke her promise. But that moment when jayden kicked bass in the nuts i died laughing. he looks so cool like a super hero haha!The kenneth scenes were just fillers it gets annoying. Both girls were also super annoying too. Especially joanne she was such a know it all. I thought it was pretty funny when roy thought pink was tony’s lover it was cute watching him trying to protect heather’s feelings. I felt like it was pretty retarded for tony and heather to have a divorce party.. They shouldve just told everyone theyre getting a divorce and canceled the 1 year anniversary dinner. It made sam feel so awkward! Poor sam 🙁 i think its weird for teddy to have a crush on summer she looks so much older than him. he’s like a baby standing next to her.
    as for me i’m still not losing interest its getting better and better for me haha i watch every episode once it comes out Saturdays and sundays are the worst for me cuz i’m waiting for a new episode to come out xD

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with your comment about Coco/Nick. Even in their final goodbye scene at the airport, Coco thanks him for being nice to her etc etc but she doesn’t really confess much about her love for him.

      I don’t like Colby either, so it’s hard for me to see them as ‘besties’ and totally worth ditching Nick for…

      haha maybe the Triangle was enough for Francis to feel differently towards Fala…

  • curly_fries says:

    The Francis-Ron-Nancy scenes are my favourite too! They have so much chemistry as a “family”.

    • KTVB says:

      I also love watching Chilam and Myolie!! The sibling relationships are so interesting to watch (and more natural) than the love plots..

  • Ri says:

    Hi K! 🙂

    Unfortunately it does feel like the momentum is slowing down 🙁 A lot of filler parts..while I really like Kenneth and Elena, their parts are just not working for me. On the upside, TVB shows have been quite crappy lately so even the low points of TITS2 still shines. I try to take it as mindless watching haha!

    I totally get where you’re coming from about Nancy’s story. From the series synopsis I knew this was coming but um, did TVB just pull a TVB by tryna make us feel THIS MUCH emotion for Colby and Nancy’s friendship in ONE episode? I suppose in the fake world of TITS2 they’re the best of friends but it’s so bizarre how they expect the audience to understand Nancy’s decision. Then again, like you said, I too can’t relate but maybe other people can? Ah well. Poor Nick tho, I really did like him. Side note: I watched an episode of TITS 1 the other day and Nick was a cadet too alongside Isaac and Roy! I have no idea what the actor’s name is though. I used to always confuse him with Benjamin Yuen (the doctor who ended up with Mandy Wong in On Call 36 Hours)

    I may not particularly like how Nancy’s story panned out but I just CANNOT like Holiday. I really really REALLY tried but I just can’t. To an extent she was fun to watch but beyond that, I just don’t get her. Or like her. Gosh, luckily it’s a BIG cast otherwise it will be plenty difficult to continue a show while disliking the female lead haha

    I really like the Chilam and Myolie story arc and I feel like Myolie is most natural in her scenes with Chilam. They don’t get to have THAT many scenes together (not as many as I’d like anyway) but they have this natural chemistry that’s so heartwarming 🙂

    Almost halfway thru! Tho I’m sure you are up-to-date with the episodes 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Ri!! 🙂

      I totally agree with you. Holiday was fun to watch but now I just don’t like her. I tried too. lol It’s be interesting to see why Jayden/Sam would like her…it better be convincing lol

      Yesh! I read an article about that Myolie/Chilam reuniting scene where Myoluie said Chilam really brought her into character in that scene 🙂 We need mroe Chilam and Myolie scenes!!

      Yep..up to date watching..10 episodes behind in blogging >.< lols...

      • I’ve noticed a lot of people dislike holiday :[ I actually like holiday. she can get annoying at times but she is really a genuine person and not afraid to speak her mind and she doesn’t keep anything inside. kind of bratty at times but that’s just part of her personality. she really tried to help sam just like how he helped her coping with Daniel and I think sam started to see that side of her that’s why he falls for her. but jayden on the other probably did like her but just not as much cuz it seems more like a competition for him.

        • KTVB says:

          I’m not sure whether its Holiday I dislike or Fala’s acting/portrayl. I’m glad some people like her..she is the female lead afterall.

        • Ri says:

          Haha, I agree – I oftentimes wonder if it’s Fala or Holiday I don’t like!

        • Lai says:

          I like Holiday. I think she’s an interesting character.
          I did not notice Fala much before until she acted as Holiday.
          Fala’s portrayal of Holiday is natural and heartwarming.
          This is the main reasons while I’m watching and looking forward to more episodes.
          I like Summer too, really cool!

  • james says:

    hi i just want to know the name of the melody who played when sam and roy are in the plan together on ep 19? plz

  • Heavenly87 says:

    Hey K!
    Thanx for the recap!!!
    U always management to write down that I’m thinking while watching the show…
    Eg, heather’s adopted daughter did remind me of Berunice Liu as I was watching it, that thought did come to mind for a sec…
    As for coco’s decision, I don’t get why ppl are so against? I thought we lived in oz where it’s pretty open minded….
    Get the furstastion coming from asia but I didn’t expect it from ABCs…
    But yes I do not like the so call bestie… Very selfish of her!
    I wonder if she would do the same for coco…
    I enjoy watching Jayden and Summer I think coz of the hairstyle, they look a lot like real siblings… And myolie acts more better when she is around chilam… Maybe coz she’s not acting so cool when around him… I think she can’t act cool, it feels so fake when she tries!!!
    As for Summer and Issac!!! I really am liking their scenes together…
    Sam really needs to learn to let go! I hope he does soon! Coz the audience can already guess where he really was but dragging this out is not a tease to us audience, it’s just plan annoying and slow!!!
    This movie needs to pick up again!!!!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Heavenly87! 🙂
      haha I guess I’m a bit of a conservative ABC haha! This is actually the first time I even heard of the term “Surrogate mother”. I read that in the synopsis and thought to myself ‘what’s that o.0?’ LOL!! I think it’s mainly bizzare because I never even thought someone would come up with that as a solution- AND ESPECIALLY because I don’t think Couby deserves it. Her character was not likeable and I seriously doubt Couby would have done the same for CoCo. And once again..POOR NICK!!!

      haha I agree- they do actually look like siblings!

      Yea..Sam’s storyline isn’t hard to guess lol..

      • heavenly87 says:

        hehehe really u never hear of “surrogate mother” before this movie???
        Have u watched Friends the american sitcom?? Phoebe did it for her brother…
        Also the movie Baby Mama with Tina Fey hiring a surrogate mother…
        Also TVB did one in My better half (Maggie Cheung and Michael Mui)Maggie and Michael couldn’t have a baby nor could Michael Tse and Theresa Lee, therefore Theresa carried the baby for Michael Mui and Maggie…
        either way I guess I understand why u are a conservative ABC since it’s a thought that never crossed ur mind before… nothing wrong with that…
        I mean I may accept people doing it, but I won’t be putting my hands up to do it for someone.

        Can’t wait for ur review on epi20-25…
        I’m up to 24atm

        • Heavenly87 says:

          Is it the Sam+Holiday song???
          I dunno if this is the one u are talking about… But I like this song and manage to find it on YouTube …
          It’s called eternally forever, by Tim Ellis… I know the name Tim is a guy’s name but its a girl singer so don’t let the name throw u off 😀

  • Bavarian says:

    May I ask what is the title of closing theme song in the episode 30 ( the female English song)

  • Chibi says:

    Nice write up!

    I also thought Fala/Chilam sex scene was unnecessary.. but that’s TVB trying to draw in higher ratings I suppose @_@

    • Lan June says:

      Well, I guess you can pretty much predict their love/relationship based on that scene. I mean, it might seems like love for Holiday coz she thought that Jayden was really the one for her at the moment but Jayden might not think so. It seems like lust for him, not love. Since they’re both carefree and easy-going ppl, they don’t think sex is something that much important (which is totally opposite with Sam). That’s why they broke up fast just like when they fall in love, and none of them get hurt. Jayden was never serious abt Holiday when they were together and so was Holly. Even Summer had to ask Jayden: “what kind of relationship is that?” LOL. And that’s why Holiday broke up with Jayden later since she realized he’s just a substitute and she was never really in love with him.

  • h.k says:

    hello just wondering if this series is worth watching?I saw the first five episodes but stopped watching it and watched highs and lows instead.
    Peeps on the internet say this series gets boring after the 30th episode so i may not watch this and watch karma rider instead.

    • KTVB says:

      haha I loved Highs and Lows!! TITS2 is pretty average in my opinion. I actually thought Episode 30-35 got more interesting again, but the middle episodes (late 20s) had a lot of filler episodes. I don’t know, different opinions I guess.

      • h.k says:

        ok thxs.Will give it a miss.KTVB r u going to review sniper standoff and on call 36 hours 2.I hope so your reviews are very good la.
        P.s r u a journalist?

        • KTVB says:

          hehe Thanks h.k. I’m not sure to be honest, will have to see if the series is good enough to get me excited to log about it ^^

          PP.s Nope, I’m an accountant

  • h.k says:

    Ok.add oil.

  • Gail says:

    Does anyone know the ending song of episode 17?

    w ww . drama . net/m1/triumph-in-the-skies-2-episode-17/part3

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