Triumph in the Skies II

  • Finally started on Grand Production “Triumph in the Skies II” 😀 I haven’t seen the prequel before, but Chilam’s casting in this series was enough to get me excited to watch the series! I’ve just seen the first 5 episodes so here are some of my impressions on the characters so far:

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Francis Ng as Samuel Tong: I was not a fan of his hair or his look in the first few episodes. The way he was dressed made me feel kind of sorry for him. It was like he was torturing himself. Following the death of his wife Zoe (played by Myolie Wu from the prequel), Francis has taken an extended holiday in London, living with Michelle Yim and helping her bake cakes at her cafe. He looked pretty sad and depressed and I felt it was his way of grieving over her death. TVB killing off the main lead’s wife from the prequel reminded me of what they did to Kate Tsui in “A Great Way to Care 2 “. As expected, something happens which makes Francis find himself again, courageously facing the death of his wife, and he decides to end his holiday. This happened due to his encounters with Michelle’s daughter Holiday (played by Fala Chen) who unexpectedly returned to London and by mistake (or Fate), made Francis re-bake the same cake for his wife. In episode 4, Francis returns to Hong Kong to be a pilot again. I wonder how he will react when he bumps into Myolie (Zoe-look-alike).

Triumph in the Skies II

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Chilam Cheung as Jayden Koo:

Triumph in the Skies II

  • As a complete contrast to Francis, Chilam plays the really cool, charming pilot with a flirtatious personality. He is constantly found dating and making girls fall for him lol Being popular amongst the ladies and being highly regarded/skilled in his profession, Chilam he has a bit of an ego and loves attention seeking. He also enjoys taking risks which again contrasts to the reserved and conservative Francis. I personally love Chilam’s character so far- he is interesting to watch and definitely an eye candy *squeal!!* XD Can’t wait too see his love story unfold!
  • During the first episode, Chilam acted like a jerk. I didn’t like him at all and he was described by the fellow members as a Devil “Cool Mor”. At the end of the episode, it turned out they were just playing a prank on newcomer Kenneth *phew* He would have been unlikeable!
  • I loved the two scenes he had with Fala so far! So cute! The first one was when Chilam thought Fala was waving and running up to him to give him a hug so he held his arms out to embrace her hahah..hilarious. Chilam’s face expression was priceless as he saw her ran past to hug her friend. Chilam: “Next time I see you, I’m going to make sure you hug me”.

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Their next encounter was at London, when Fala sold her ex (?)-boyfriend’s jacket at a store in order to repair her telescope, however later regret as the jackets were filled with his memories. Co-incidentally, Chilam ends up buying the jacket and Fala desperately chases him in hope to get it back. She hugs onto him “Please don’t go” (referring to her boyfriend). The embarrassed Fala kindly asks if she could buy the jacket back because it meant a lot to her. Since she didn’t have enough money, Chilam said he’ll let her have it back if she lets him kiss her. After a few moments of thoughts, Fala agreed and closed her eyes. However, Chilam does not take advantage of her and return the jacket (by covering her face with it) and her money without kissing her, making Fala extremely happy and relieved as he walks off. He accidently kept her earring though the key to the bracelet Fala’s ex-boyfriend (?) gave her (which was in the pocket of the jacket) I’m anticipating on when they will meet again!
  • After Francis makes his appearance back to the flight scene, I could start to feel the rivalry as Chilam’s status is being challenged. Things are bound to get more exciting!

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Fala Chen as Holiday: Cheeky, cute and adorable, Fala appears dressed as a gothic-punk who appears to be travelling around and refusing to go home. I’m still not sure what she does but it appears she has been trying to search for answers as her ex(?)-boyfriend Daniel (who she is often seeing writing to) has left her and not returned. Heartbroken and lost, Fala eventually finds some form of answer when Francis tries to fix her telescope in which they find a diamond ring hidden inside. Fala always wondered why her boyfriend liked the sky so much…sounds like a motivation for her to fly someday and become a pilot too! Francis seems a bit old for Fala, but I’ll just watch on to see what chemistry they would have.

Triumph in the Skies II

  • Myolie Wu as Summer: She made her first appearance as ‘Summer’ in episode 4, an aircraft maintenance technician who leads a team of men. She is very boy-ish, quiet, but also very ‘cool’. There seems to something going on between Chilam and Myolie as Chilam tries to ask for her forgiveness and hopes to start over but she continues to hold grudges against him. I wonder what happened.. He is clearly cut when he found out that she gave away all the birthday presents he has given her in the past. I’m interested to see what relationship the two have/how it has become the way it has as she seems to be the only girl who he is serious about. She doesn’t seem like his ex-girlfriend though, possibly his sister?
  • Ron Ng as Issac Tong: Ron looks the same and acts the same as he normally does! I find he always plays these kind of immature roles…I haven’t been a huge fan of him, and at the moment I’m still pretty indifferent about his character or acting. I love how he’s so blunt with Nancy’s character though. Their sibling bond seems more natural.
  • Kenneth Ma as Roy: Seems like a good boy per usual, but more this time around- must be his hair cut hehe. He seems quite sensible and more rational. I read elsewhere (spoiler alert) that he’s going to be a two timer -_- I have a feeling he’s going to annoy me lol
  • Nancy Wu as Coco and Elena Kong as Heather: I quite like both of them so far. Let’s see how these supporting characters will assist the story!

Triumph in the Skies II

Other random notes:

  • I haven’t been to London before so the scenary/backdrop is refreshing and has a different feel to it.
  • The story starts to pick up from episode 4 onwards, can’t wait to see more! The Themesong by George Lam is totally not my thing. I’m not a fan of his voice and only wished Chilam sang the themesong. I cringe listening to it and had to skip the theme video. From around episode 4 onwards, I noticed the file I’ve seen has been replaced by TITS1 themesong by Eason this fan made or TVB official? lol
  • Eliza Sam as a stewardess- no offense but I don’t know why people are labelling her as a “goddess”… I don’t find her attractive at all…
  • I’m seeing random guest stars like Michelle Yim, Sharon Chan, Angela Tong. I wonder if they will re-appear again or are they just guest stars?

20 Responses to “[Triumph in the Skies II] Episode 1-5 Thoughts”

  • Elie says:

    K, Chilam didn’t keep Fala’s earring. It’s the key to open Fala’s bracelet. It was mentioned in the first or second episode when Fala met up with another girl talking about Fala’s bracelet and her refusing to take it off because she didn’t have the key.

    • KTVB says:

      Oh right, yes!! Thanks for clarifying that. I remember them talking about the key to opening the bracelet Fala’s boyfriend gave her. I thought it was a pair of earrings he found in the pocket. Must be more observant next time! ^^

    • Madeline says:

      I actually find that very interesting. It seems to foreshadow the fact that the only way Fala can move on is if she only end up with Captain Cool since he has the key to unlock her bracelet..Can’t wait to see that happen!!

  • Chibi says:

    Nice write up and summary 😀 I won’t have time to watch the series so I’ll be following your blog entries ^^

    Fala looks cute, heheh 🙂

  • Ri says:

    Yay for a TVB show that has piqued my interest (finally!) I watched the first Triumph In The Skies and while I did not love LOVE it, I enjoyed it thoroughly and I must say it’s one of TVB’s notable hits. TITS2 has been pretty fun so far although the theme song is really quite odd, nothing compared to the iconic Eason Chan one from TITS – just hearing the first few notes brings me back 10 years ago when TVB dramas were THE dramas to watch! 🙂

    It’s refreshing in a way to see a lot of the main characters return and how they’re lives have changed. I remember being super annoyed at Isaac in the first TITS because I guess he was suppose to be childish and well, Ron Ng’s acting back then was really crappy. Trust me, his Isaac here is way more likeable and mature 🙂 And if I remember correctly there were a lot of guest stars in the first TITS too so look out for more in TITS2!

    Chilam! Does this man not age?! He is perfectly cast as Jayden Koo imho and yes, eye candy indeed 😉 I totally believe how the girls fawn over him because he sells the role so well. I like his camaraderie with Ron as well because it’s so open – Isaac sees Jayden as this amazing pilot and Jayden just soaks up all the admiration! It’s kinda cute really 😛

    When they cast Fala as main female lead I was so iffy about it and to be honest I still am (I’m 9 episodes in!) Well it’s a 40 episode drama, plenty of time to (hopefully) be swayed into liking Holiday.

    Myolie.. how is it that she can come so far as Wong Sze Fu in Ghetto Justice and somehow still not be able to act naturally? Of course she’s improved leaps and bounds from when she was Zoe in the first TITS but she still looks like she’s Acting. Oh well, maybe when she has more chances to emote she will perform better. I do think she’s been robbed of the first female lead title just coz she’s prolly not gonna be romantically involved w Francis/Chilam. I do like her storyline with Chilam though, hopefully that develops well 🙂

    All in all I like the pace and general tone of the drama. It’s cool and actually pretty funny plus every episode feels like a breeze to sit through which is more than I can say for a whole lot of other TVB dramas. Hopefully it keeps up! And hopefully we’ll have more episodic thoughts here too? 😀

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Ri!

      Okies..haha maybe I won’t be so harsh on Ron lol

      Agree!! Yes!!! Chilam does not age!! And he’s as handsome as ever! <3 He fits his role perfectly!! Looking forward to seeing more Jayden screentime! I like how Jayden refers to Ron as his "Robin" hehee

      Myolie does seem a bit robotic- at least her chaarcter is kind of different from her usual role!

      I hope so too Rin! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  • Madeline says:

    So far I like this drama too! To me, I find that TITS2 has a great storyline and I especially like how they replayed some scenes from TITS1, at least it connects. However I do wonder if Sam and Issac’s mother and father will occur in this series..

    I think you summed up episodes 1-5 very well K, I wonder if there will be more special guest stars, that’ll be “cool” haha.

    Jayden/Chilam/Captain Cool is just super chill. He’s got the looks, got the skills, he’s got it all. I get excited every time when I see him and Jim Jim (Him Law) 😀

    Speaking of Jim Jim, he seems like a likable guy in this series. Hopefully his performance for this drama will be recognized. I wonder how his love story with Nancy progresses.

    I also wonder will Adrian/B/Teddy will also become a pilot too o.O I saw a picture of him in a pilot suit so we’ll see..

    Ooh, I wonder how Ron’s relationship will Myolie progresses along with the girl who works at a coffee shop at the airport since it seems like she has a teensy crush on Ron…hmm I just can’t wait!!

    Overall, I really enjoy this series. I wouldn’t say this is better than the first series but so far it picked up really well from the first series. Looking forward to the rest of the show! I would say this is the better dramas of 2013.

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Madeline 🙂

      I never seen TITS1 so I wondered whether the scenes with Sam and Zoe were from the original or newly filmed. I thought some were newly filmed?

      I haven’t seen Him Law yet so he must apepar after episode 5 ^^

      lol the girl at the coffee shop seems a bit random! (referring to the scene where Nancy’s boyfrend was going to propose to her) P.s that ring did look very cheap and small..lololol..

      • Madeline says:

        I also notice Rebecca didn’t make her appearance yet, wonder what her role is..

        haha I feel bad for Coco’s boyfriend Nick for failing to propose to Coco

  • so far i’m loving this drama too! I like chilam as an actor but his captain ku character is getting a bit annoying way too arrogant.I prefer holiday with sam more. even though theres an age gap but they just seem more natural together how they can just joke around, share their pain and be themselves around each other. same as for coco and issac they should have been a couple here instead of throwing coco around from guy to guy 0_0.

    • KTVB says:

      I actually don’t mind Captain Ku’s arrogance at the moment eheh but we’ll see how the story develops~!
      ahah yea Coco and Issac are so natural around each other– but that may also be because they treat each other like siblings!

  • curly_fries says:

    Been waiting for this to come out for ages, and it hasn’t let me down yet!

    As for the themesong, I actually don’t mind it at all. They definitely stuck with the George Lam one, so replacing it with Eason’s must be fan-made. I think people are starting to warm up to the song after a few episodes.

    • KTVB says:

      As long as the series is good, I think people will eventually warm up to the themesong.

      I like the part of the song/music used during the intermissions ^^

  • heavenly87 says:

    Hey K! Thanx for doing a review on TITS2…
    I find the theme song a mix match to the series..
    I believe I read somewhere or saw on the trailer that Summer is Captain Cool’s sister…
    Hope that wasn’t a spoiler for anyone ><
    I really like how Captain Cool has the Key to Holiday's bracelet… but I'm predicting that no one will end up with Holiday or that she won't be able to choose between the 2 main leads… something in the theme song just gave me this prediction :S

    • KTVB says:

      Hi heavenly87 🙂 Thanks for sharing your comments!

      It does indeed feel like a mix-match; will probably get used to it eventually! (I hope lol)
      I guess it’s not that much of a spoiler since it was revealed in episode 6 lol

  • Jo says:

    Anyone know what bracelet that is? The one chilam unlocked from fala?

  • Evie says:

    I love how most of them spoke english, especially Fala and Nancy; it’s refreshing to see the crew using three languages (english-canto-mandarin). The scenery was the trigger that absorbs me into the drama; London is so beautiful with all of the sights.

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