Warning: Contains Major Spoilers!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is overview of the series, so an extra warning message ^__^]

I just finished watching the series! I think this series had a lot of potentials. I loved how the characters linked with each other and the story dealt with immigration from a variety of perspectives and jobs- different departments all working together. They had several joint operations, involving the police force/investigator’s to arrest those criminals leading the illegal immigrants in & hacking the system through fake IDs.  Overall I enjoyed watching the series, but I felt the story was rushed in many aspects; yet slow and dragged at others. It’s something about the pacing I’m not quite happy with. The story does get better towards the end when things start intertwining together more. It was a happy ending for all (but it also felt a bit..rushed?)

Relationship development which I found kinda draggy (and had too much emphasis):

-Toby’s relationship with her dad
-John with his wife
-Roger and Claire to some extent (at the earlier stages)



Roger in TVB Threshold of a Persona

Roger plays a nice guy- a devoted husband to Claire, loving father and a man who genuinely cares about the people around him (seems to describe Patrick too XD). His character isn’t flawless though- and like every other person, he has weaknesses which I found quite realisitc. When Claire’s secret was revealed, he was torn and in denial- he would not accept the fact his wife had been a prostitute before and was unable to cope or face his wife anymore. He tried, he really did try to forgive her and accept her for who she is and tried to make the relationship work -perhaps move away and start a new life. He had suspicions in him- whether there was something going on between his wife and Kenny (Mafia leader) and the self doubt took over him. He starts breaking down, and his marriage was at stake. We saw the weak and insecure side of him. deep down he was unhappy- he wasn’t ready for it. He couldn’t deal with it all- including the fact it was released all over gossip magazines and people kept bringing up the issue.  Under the persuasion of Roger’s mother,  Claire left him and he didn’t have the courage to hold her. his biggest regret was not holding her back from leaving. He let her go. Clearly though, he needed the time. As with all things, time heals as he slowly brought his life back together, growing as a person and wining back his father-son relationship.   What I admired most about Roger’s character was despite all difficulties, he remained persistent and kept trying- never giving up. He kept trying to win his wife back when she returns later on in the series- however, she was already with Kenny. I thought it was touching how he didn’t fight back Kenny when he started beating him up because he said Claire doesn’t like him fighting other people. After all his efforts though, it finally paid off and that scene was very touching!(hugging at the rubbish dump lol) I am most moved by his love, dedication & commitment to his wife.  I really did feel happy for both of them!

Claire's death scene in TVB Threshold of a Persona

Unfortunately, the tragedy occurred not long after the family was finally reunited when she gets involved with the cases and Raymond kills her because she learned of his truth..it was SO sad!!! T_T.. If TVB got rid of her just so Yoyo could end up with Roger I think its unfair!!
Claire Yiu in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I kinda felt sorry for Claire near the beginning where she kept getting bullied by her sister-inlaw, her father-in law didn’t like her and her husband failed to defend for her as he wanted less arguments in the family…but watching their love grow stronger and grower  through the story was touching.

So..where does Yoyo fit in..?
Yoyo Mung in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I thought her character was quite ordinary here. She ended up liking two of the three guys in her group of 10 years (they started studying in the  immigration field together- Roger, Raymond and Power). Yoyo doesn’t seem to have much like with relationships…She tried a relationship with Raymond again after he dumped her in the past (not sure what reason?) and then she started falling for Roger gradually after getting dumped by Raymond the second time. She was always there for him, giving him support and encouragement and being by his side. The friendship there was evident. When Claire unexpectedly returns and Yoyo  sees how much Roger loved Claire and tried so hard to win her back; she started getting upset. She knew Roger only loved Claire but she wanted to see him happy (so she tried really hard to help them back together) yet, hurting herself in the process.  She started to get jealous because of the attention Roger was giving to his wife and when they finally got back together; it was like she had lost him.. Suddenly she feels that the only friend she has left is  Power.  When he becomes hospitalised, she went to visit him everyday and continuously cried by his bedside, calling him to wake up.
Yoyo Mung in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I don’t know but it seemed like the one Yoyo loved (or potentially end up with- being very bizarre and non-TVB formula) was Power lol obviously not, but I guess it’s to emphasise how much friends mean to her. TVB doesn’t usually show this kinda crying-hospital scene for friends lol

Yoyo and Roger in TVB Threshold of a Persona
At the end after Claire dies in the last episode, Yoyo and Roger (kinda) gets together..

Patrick and Toby in TVB Threshold of a Persona
Patrick and Kelvin in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I really like Patrick in the series, he was very…cute XD I loved the way he was protective over his sister and how he was always there for the girls. His crush for Natalie was really cute to watch and I wanted to see their relationship develop.  There was like a love square, including his friend ‘Kelvin’- where both guys fell for Natalie. Toby had a crush on Patrick but it didn’t seem like Patrick noticed until Natalie pointed it out to him. This was one aspect I would have love to have seen more of, because there appears to be gaps, jumping from one stance to another. Did Natalie like Patrick? (or was it just friendship?) After she found out that Patrick liked her, I thought she would have considered him..I mean, why not?  Because she knew Toby liked him? They didn’t really show anymore on that and next..we have Patrick crush for Natalie sorta just moved to Toby? Natalie was hinting to Patrick that Toby has always been very attentive towards him; and hinted that her daughter is the most important person to her (i.e not thinking about relationships?) I don’t know but I’m a bit disappointed lol Patrick started considering Toby since she was a nice girl I guess (though I still think he likes Natalie XD..maybe he likes them both lol) He seems to care about both of them a lot.
Toby and Natalie in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I guess what’s comforting is that Toby’s a nice girl, and she eventually gets noticed. Toby’s not too bad in the series and her character is ok to watch most times.

Kelvin in TVB Threshold of a Persona
I’m kinda indifferent towards ‘Kelvin’ (sorry I don’t know the actor’s name ^^;) I don’t like him most of the time- irresponsible and never learning his mistakes etc, but I like him when I can see the good side in him~for example, when he tries to mend his mum and dad’s marriage; when he went to apologise to his dad when he found out he sold his ship to help cover debts, when he tried to persuade Patrick’s sister to leave the club; when he saw people selling drugs he wanted them to leave- he just needs to grow up, consider consequences, and learn whats right and whats wrong (lol, sounds like a lot of growing up to do)

John Chiang and his wife

John Chiang and wife in TVB Threshold of a Persona
I wasn’t ever really convinced he loved her (more than his work) XD but the Mary-arc proved me wrong. I loved when the ‘truth’ came out- and confession lol  (though it was obvious) and from then on, they were a loving couple lol Sweet to watch couples remove such misunderstandings!

Raymond Cho
Raymond Cho in TVB Threshold of a Persona

I didn’t like his character from start to finish. He looked, and acted like a jerk. The way he talks to the criminals doesn’t seem every professional and some of the things he says doesn’t sound convincing.  I personally think he needs to brush up his communication skills. I don’t even see what’s good about him,and why Yoyo would go back to him after he dumped her in the past. He’s a selfish jerk who’d do anything to climb up the ladder- sucking up to people (and literally cleaning his boss’ shoes..-_- ) and all. his career means everything to him.  He seemed like he as very up-himself too. I was kinda relieved that he wasn’t bribed by watch given by the gangster though. I can’t believe  after the way he treated his friends.. Power actually forgave him and trusted him and helped him unconditionally! Money to boost up/save his career is ok?  To save someone’s life isn’t? Disgraceful character. I rather he die at the end…

Kenny Wong

I thought he was kinda cool in this series. A bad guy, but charming.  Putting that bad dealings he is involved in; I really like the way he treated Claire and cared for her. In the past when they first met, he stopped the guy from forcing himself onto her when she was unfortunately ‘sold’ to be a prostitute and gave her rice to live on, rather than dying where she was. Years later when they met again, he saves her once again when she was about to get raped in a dark ally. When he found out she was married, he didn’t go harass her or anything. He wanted to help her if possible though. When the guy started blackmailing her dark past (being a prostitute) her money and attempted to rape her when she didn’t, Kenny was there once again to save her just in time.

Kenny Wong in TVB Threshold of a Persona

When Claire’s past is revealed Roger confronts Kenny telling him to stay away from his wife and to stop harassing her, Roger is drunk and attempts to fight Kenny and fails. Kenny takes he drunk Roger back to his home and called Claire to pick him up. It was obvious that he didn’t want Claire to worry about him..

When Claire’s mother in-law forces her to leave Roger; she considered killing herself because she didn’t want to live- she lost her family and had no where to go- nothing left. Faithfully, Kenny was also ‘on the run’) and bumps into her at mainland and saves her life once again. The two then looked out for each other, and took care of each other. Their relationship sparked and for Claire it was the new hope of life…

When the two returned to Hong Kong, she tried to give up the past and be with Kenny. She stood firmly that she’s with Kenny now and wanted a divorce with Roger desptite seeing how hard Roger tried. However, when she found the wedding ring with her which Roger had lost; she felt it was fate that wanted them to go back together. It happened to be the same night Kenny was going to introduce Claire to his friends as his woman. Claire honestly and openlybecame teary and told Kenny what had happened, and Kenny instead introduced her as his god-sister instead. What a nice guy..he could have easily forced her to stay with him; give her more pressure by introducing her to his friends etc but he didn’t.  He knew where Claire wanted to be, so encouraged her to leave and return where she wanted to. That’s really sweet lol He didn’t harass her afterward or anything. He simply set her free and allowed her to go where she would be most happy. *aww*After he found out her death, he swore to avenge her and make Raymond suffer a painful death. When Kenny was alone in the car, he was crying so much ;_; It just showed how much he loved her. Personally I thought the fight at the end was quite cool and exciting lol I was rooting for Kenny to kill Raymond XD- it’s not right for Roger to do it, but Kenny’s a criminal already. He shall be punished at the end.

Ben Wong
Ben Wong in TVB Threshold of a Persona
A minor character but a really nice one so I’m just gonna mention him here lol He’s such a nice guy~ caring, protective brother and he gets along so well with Roger- his step brother. I’m really glad he doesn’t play one of those jerk roles (that would be so annoying watching a husband and wife both like that) He played a large role in cracking the final case (first one to find Raymond suspicious) and I’m glad his character got more spotlight. I think he deserves a promotion after that lol Either way,  he’s one of the more relaxed guys, (gets picked on by his wife all the time) but very happy, gets along with everyone 🙂

I love all the relationships between the characters – all in different aspects of immigration interactions and how they met. The BBQ scene are the end beings a smile to my face : )

Random Side Notes:

    Roger and son in TVB Threshold of a Persona

  • Roger’s son is the CUTEST things ever xD XD XD Natalie’s daughter is cute too lol
  • A lot of the time I felt sorry for the illegal immigrants.
  • I’m still not sure how they find people suspicious at the immigration gates? When asking where they going or how long they’re going for? Did they specifically say what the criteria was? lol I’m guessing not since they won’t really want to give the audience ideas to forge the system ^^;
  • Who’s fault was it that Roger couldn’t make it through the interviews first time around? Was John Chiang being bias or was it really Roger’s fault. I’m still a bit confused by that because I still don’t see what Roger had did wrong back then.
  • When Raymond was questioning Claire, he said if she told him the truth,  he wouldn’t tell Roger about her past, but everyone new anyway?
  • As the point of Kenny’s scheme at the end was to stop John Chiang from participating in the investigation? How come he was back again?
  • When Natalie told Toby that both Patrick and ‘Kelvin’ likes her, Toby becomes disappointed/upset. Natalie asks her whether she’s still planning to go watch the music concert with Patrick and she said she wasn’t in the mood for it anymore, tearing up the ticket- did Natalie seem..happy? Plus, she should have given it back to the guy who gave it to her- it was expensive and took him a lot of effort (and courage to ask her)- kinda slack don’t you think?
  • Claire’s character was a annoying to watch at times (esp in the earlier half  of the story) because she kept crying…


I think its an enjoyable series  but it’s  not a must see series. There’s lots of areas where it could be improved but if you have some time, its a quite good to pass time with.

17 Responses to “[The Threshold of a Persona] Overview”

  • faithict says:

    i really like the way you summarize the last episodes…i finished watching this series last night and it was pretty exciting towards the end..
    one thing that i would like to see if that roger and claire can ended up together instead of her dying at the end…after all, roger did put in so much effort in getting back with his wife and also we could see here that he really did love his wife a lot…
    when claire was at the roof top, i know that his death is coming but still i was hoping and wishing that tvb would change and make her live..guess that is not the case…
    anyway overall i pretty much like this series as it is not too heavy for me to watch…now i am wondering if i should start watching burning flame 3 as it will replace this series….

    • KTVB says:

      Claire dying was really sad and tragic 🙁 It makes me wonder if she made the wrong choice by going back to Roger’s side…but then again, staying with Kenny is pretty dangerous too..I don’t know 🙁

      Claire’s role is pretty significant and drives the whole plot forward which makes me think she’s really the female lead in this series. However she’s casted as if she’s only a support cast which I think is a bit unfair. Perhaps if they wanted to make this a female lead role, they may have gotten some more known actress/fa-dan.

      The other thing about Claire’s death was slightly caused by her good-heart. If she didn’t call out to Raymond afterwards, saying if he’s facing any troubles that Roger would help him; he may not have returned and killed her. Then again..I thought Raymond would have known something..why would Claire be so scared to hide at the roof top if she didn’t know anything?

  • duonglnt says:

    Hello, I’m from Vietnam, I’m a big fan of TVB so I really like ur website. I agree with u, The Threshold of a Persona is a good series but I wanna have more immigration action’s scenes, very professional.

  • amanda says:

    hahaha i almost thought that im the only one who thinks that kenny wong is charming in this series. to tell you honestly, i was secretly rooting for kenny to be with claire, especially after roger let his wife leave at the immigration. was kinda mad at roger back then, and i think he deserved it when his wife wanted a divorce with him. was alittle disappointed when roger and claire got back together though.

    • hmmm says:

      I like Kenny Wong too!! Haha. Was rooting for Roger and Claire and Kenny and Claire altogether. Couldn’t decide which pair I liked better.

      Btw, anyone know why the overseas version is sooo long? Is there like extra stuff??

    • KTVB says:

      I also thought it was hopeless for Roger to get back with Claire after she reappeared. He gave up on her; and she moved on…

  • viivan says:

    I think this series is airight. Like you say is not a must see series. I haven’t finshed this series yet. But I don’t like the way Roger treat his wife (Claire) He’s is nice but too nice that he don’t even speak up for his wife when she got blame from his sis-in-law. He’s too nice that make him to become a weak person. When he find out her past he haven so many doubts, I can’t find the love he have for his wife. At work he might be man enough to say this and that at John Chiang but not home, being a husband he is just not man enough. I think Kenny wong is man enough about his woman more then Roger. Maybe in this series his love life is weak but work is strong. Maybe I have other look at Roger when I finshed the series. But for now he just a weak man dealing his wife problem.

  • Jenny says:

    wow I really love this movie. However, I thought Patrick and Natalie would be together. But the ending is still good-happy ending.I just finished it today. I cried during Clair’s death. It was so touched. It’s bad for her that when she came back to Roger’s side, she died later on. But I felt that Wu Sam is so good lover. He loves him on and on even she was a liar, has family, or even loved someone else.He still loves her.

  • thuonggiiee says:

    i’m really disappointed that Natalie didnt end up with Patrick or Kelvin.

    i was hoping she’d end up with Patrick more than Kelvin, but natalie and kelvin is okay too.

    i dont really like toby….so overall im really disappointed with this series now that i’ve known about the ending. -.-

  • AC says:

    I totally agree with basically everything you said in your review! I think the storyline kinda seemed incomplete? I also wanted to see more of Yoyo and Roger because I kinda like them as a couple and i was rooting for Natalie/Patrick more because they seemed to have more chemistry. By the way, I totally cried when Yoyo was with Power and reading it again made me tear up! hehe

    • KTVB says:

      oh lol I just thought Yoyo crying scene was a little..weird (coming out of friendship. Its different from other TVB series I guess lol)

      I always find that when couples end up together so late in the series (last few minutes of the end of the series), its kinda disappointing because we don’t really see them as a couple for that long. Oh wells! I like to imagine Patrick and Natalie as a couple throughout the series haha

  • Lisa N says:

    I am only up to episode 15, but couldn’t resist the temptation of the spoilers so ended up reading the spoiler. I was secretly rooting for Claire & Kenny to be together, but alas the ending is not how I expected! I am more eager to watch the rest of the series, although I know the ending.

    I agree regarding Roger’s character in this series, he’ a weak weak man. I didn’t like the fact they just killed Claire off to pave the way for Yoyo to be with Roger.

  • Cindy says:

    In the series, Kelvin is played by Ruco Chan. He used to be under ATV’s contracted, not he’s with TVB.

  • j00ky says:

    Just a little info..

    the guy that plays ‘Kelvin’ is named Benny Chan previously from ATV ;P

  • lala says:

    I was also rooting for Kenny Wong. I really wanted for Kenny to end up with Claire…I wanted for him to quit being in the triad. Its bad enough at the end that Claire died and he lost her to Roger but the fact that he was caught and jailed in the end made me angry…

  • Unknown [: says:

    if u would kindly find out if thats like a real music at the ending like when he go visit his Wife grave. theres this piano like thing. i think i would like to have that song or w.e would anyone of u know O_o

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