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Who is your favourite male character in 'The threshold of a Persona'?

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My personal favourite would go to Patrick, but for the minor characters I quite like Ben and Kenny as well haha

Who is your favourite female character in 'Threshold of a Persona'?

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My vote here goes to Natalie.

9 Responses to “[The Threshold of a Persona] Favourite Character Poll”

  • Nicole says:

    i only followed on & off, but for some reason i really enjoyed Yoyo’s character. she seemed really sweet & like a good friend. and i think Ah Jo is a cute nickname haha (although i thought it was short for Joanne/Joanna, not Angel).

    • KTVB says:

      Yea, Ah Jo sounds cute, and like you, I don’t see how that anything to do with Angel. It doesn’t match her Chinese name either.

      Her character’s pretty nice~ makes me wonder why she doesn’t seem to have much luck with guys..

      • Cara says:

        Actually Ah Jo makes sense cause it’s like ayn-jo
        you know the chinese like way of pronouncing it :X

  • maaotim_hfg says:

    I think almost female characters played well…Yoyo’s character is pretty nice, Roger’s sister-in-law is talkative but sometimes she’s very nice. Queenie played better (although she still needs imporve her acting skill), I think TVB should give her chance to play role like this. I like Natalie more than Toby, if Nat&Patrick become a couple, it sounds better, i think so.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree! I used to hate Roger’s sister-inlaw’s character so much! (esp how she treated Claire), but then afterwards she changed into a much nicer person. The scene where she stuck for Roger’s son at the school carnival when the fat boy was teasing him was so funny XD yeah! GO HER! lol

  • maaotim_hfg says:

    I like John’s character, good man, good father, good leader, he doesn’t need to talk too much, what he did says all!

  • Lisa N says:

    I usually like Roger’s characters, but in this series, I found him rather weak of a character. I favoured Kenny’s character more.

  • kes says:

    ah,.. when it comes to actors.. I got to vote for Patrick. – Im hopeless in love with this guy (nah.. just kidding… But I do like him)

    He is such a good singer and somehow cute.
    My friends and I use to discuss about actors/actress behaviour and charms.
    Patrick is not a pretty guy but he possess enormous charm. – Every single drama I’ve seen with him I’ve always rooted for his character.


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