A scene which came to a bit of a surprise to me..

I always felt there was a love triangle type of thing happening between Patrick, Toby and Natalie. Toby and Patrick has always got along while some sort of misunderstandings happened between Patrick and Natalie and they didn’t start out on good terms. They eventually become friends and he cares about both of them a lot. Whether he felt something more than friendship wasn’t so obvious though, until the following scene slipped out:

Patrick sees Natalie
Just as Patrick was coming out from Natalie’s home, he sees his friend holding Natalie’s hands; where his friend was asking her out.
Patrick sees Natalie
Awww….It was a rather cute scene seeing Patrick like that.
I kinda feel sorry for him, but it makes me wonder why he didn’t do anything to ‘show’ her?
Patrick sees Natalie
I hope Patrick ends up with Natalie instead of Toby though. Just a personal preference I guess. Would be nice to show a bit more of the relationship aspect of this series since there’s not that many screen-time so far.
Come on Patrick, do something! XD

12 Responses to “[The Threshold of a Persona] Episode 17”

  • sandalls says:

    awwww I feel the same way as you, I also want Patrick and Natalie together!!! I mean, Patrick and Toby were a couple in Marriage of Inconvenience already, so its only fair that tvb should pair these two together…. I like how there’s always misunderstandings between Patrick and Natalie because it brings out more dynamics and chemistry, Patrick and Toby are just boring and puppy love lol!

    • KTVB says:

      lol! I totally forgot Patrick was even in Marriage of Inconvenience- let alone him pairing with Toby lol

      • sandalls says:

        like you, I nearly forgot that they were a couple before this, but when I saw them together, I just knew that I’d seen them together before but just didn’t remember when… Gosh, Patrick, GO for it!!!

  • rachel says:

    i like patrick and natalie together!!! they’re cuter! 😀 and i don’t particularly like that kelvin guy…maybe he’s a new face…maybe it’s his character…or i don’t know. but i’m supporting patrick!!! whoooo! hahah

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with your thoughts about Kelvin. I don’t like him much either lol His character seems kinda different later on in the series compared to how he first appeared.

      And to be honest, I don’t really recall seeing him liking her (enough to confess and all). it’s like he’s suddenly interested in helping her out..and then the above scene happened. I didn’t really see it happening lol

      The series really lacking in this apsect.

  • piinkduck says:

    patrick and natalie togetherr is so cute :3

  • carter says:

    no i dont like toby together with patrick. I like him with Natalie more. UHG i hate toby

  • sandalls says:

    *sighs* Toby and Patrick get together at the end… noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • SweetIchigo9 says:

    I loved this scene! and i love Natalie and Patrick! but i’m SUPER SAD that patrick ended up with toboy =(

  • -gasp-

    Hahah! That’s what I thought too!! I knew something was going to happen between them three/four.

    Natalie and Patrick’s characters do seem to have that chemistry going on. I actually thought those two were going to be together!! 🙁 Guess they won’t be together huh?

  • TVB Fan says:

    Patrick ends up with Tobby. Disappointed

  • Anna says:

    How upsetting! I’ve watched parts of it and one of my favorite dynamics is between Patrick and Natalie. One…they have chemistry and it’s nice to have that couple that always fight at the beginning but then you see their relationship blossom. Plus, Patrick was so good with Natalie’s kid and woulda proven to be that father figure that Natalie wanted to find for her and her child. Plus, the love “rectangle” woulda been better developed with the two guy friends liking the same girl and the two girl friends liking the same guy…better conflict!

    Plus…Toby…I just don’t really like her or her acting. She’s almost as low as Kate Tsui in my books…and well, good for her but her main plotline was with family and all and I think it woulda been better if they kept it at that instead of having her end up with Patrick…and in a way that you felt wasn’t very developed in the first place. Booo…

    On a side note…I really did want Claire with Roger–they had potential and if only they coulda worked things out instead of having the two “main” and big-name actors be together.

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