A thought continued to loaf around my head after completing this 27 Episode drama (HK version). As the overseas version has 30 episode, which scenes were taken out? There’s bound to be lots of scenes cut throughout!

I think it will take a lot of time to compare the two versions (i.e by watching both and seeing the differences) so I thought it would be easier to ask everyone here lol Are you aware of any scenes? Please share! ^_^

As it is still currently airing on TVBJ Australia, I spotted one while passing the tv today!

1. There was a scene before Natalie’s daughter’s interview and Yoyo is teaching the girl what to say etc and we see Natalie all nervous, choosing her clothes for the interview etc because she really wants the best for her daughter. Later, due to grandma’s cooking, Natalie becomes really unwell, and was unable to attend. In the HK version, this scene was cut and we only see the interview scene with Yoyo where she mentions that Natalie was sick. To be honest when I watched that scene (HK version), I thought it seemed a bit weird (a lie?) since they never showed us the cut scene with Natalie beforehand ^^

I found another one while browsing the net. There was an extra scene with Roger talking to Yoyo the night before HeiHei’s school family event, where he tells her that Claire has been listening to all his calls all along and knows/hopes that Claire will appear tomorrow…

And finally…I noticed one where one second was cut off XD (Pretty insignificant though lol) In the scene where Kenny tells Claire to go back to Roger, after she leaves, there is one more shot of Kenny ^_^;;

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  • Annisa says:

    Hi K! I can understand why you would be interested in the scenes cut since they sum up to approx. 3 hours. I haven’t finished the series yet, waiting for the last 4 episodes or so of the 30 episodes version, but after I finish, I will write up as many cut scenes as I can. 🙂 Nevertheless, I think the scenes that were cut are pretty trivial and are not later mentioned in the series to an important context at all so I doubt you missed anything.

    An example would be when Raymond finds out John had paid for his debt, the night before Suet Nei was the one who gave advice and convinced John to help Raymond. Another example would be right before Toby and Natalie went in for their interviews, Ben was the one who took Toby to the interview and they had a short conversation outside, him telling her to meet him afterwards and how she should behave in the interview. 😀

    • KTVB says:

      oo thanks for sharing Annisa 😀 How are you able to tell which scenes you have seen were ‘not-cut’? Did you compare after watching or?

      These little things do help I guess! I thought it was a little weird that John decided to help his son lol. I know he loves his son etc but I thought he would be someone who would try teach his son a lesson- learning to take up responsibility for his mistakes etc. It makes more sense with his wife convincing him.

      As for that Toby-Ben-pre-interview scene- it actually appeared in the HK 27 episode version ^^

      • Annisa says:

        I actually watched the 30 episode version and then took screen captures with a 26 episode HD version, so I kind of had a taste of both, a very bitter taste at that, lol. Oh, and yes, the Toby and Ben scene did appear in the 27 episodes but did not in the 26 episodes because now I know, TVB had cut more scenes totaling one more episode, to air HD. Ridiculous, right? So the version I just finished, the last 4 episodes were cut to 1.5 episodes in the 26 version. I’ll have to write a review on this, but my point is, I don’t think I’m able to put together all the cut scenes anymore because there were so many cut scenes in various places, some a mere 5 seconds, some 1 minute. It’s just crazy. From now on, I’m avoiding this producer’s series like a plague unless I hear VERY VERY VERY good things about it, goodness.

        • KTVB says:

          LOL!!! Wow..one more ep cut in HD version…I don’t even see the point…..XD Will still be happy to see what you can compile together though..lol ^^;

  • bbfreak says:

    hey. yeah i was also wondering the same thing. I came across some of the missing scenes thru a link someone posted @ AF.


    That’s one of the missing scenes and there are a few more if u click on the side, but some of them aren’t cut scenes, so you have to look thru (but since I don’t know chinese, I just randomly clicked them)

    One scene I remember was Claire having dinner w/ Kenny while she kept getting msgs from Roger on her phone. (he was w/ the gang @ the soup place and this was the time when ah Jo pretended that claire had called her) Kenny told her to turn off her phone since she said it was spam texts. At the beginning of the scene, Kenny & Claire were pretty sweet. It’s sad that they cut that out cuz it kinda showed u that they were really a couple.
    I wish I had watched the uncut version. Too bad I didn’t find out until i was 60% done the HK version 🙁

  • Lisa N says:

    I’m currently watching the overseas version, but I’m not Chinese, so I’m watching the HK, vietnames-dubbed version and there is 30 episodes. Since I’m not Chinese, I won’t know which scenes have been omitted, but I don’t understand why they would cut it out of the HK version, since I thought it should be aired in full for HK version. Although someone did mention, perhaps due to time constraint. I’m glad in a way that the overseas version is not edited.

  • hmmm says:

    I have to agree about the Natalie thing; I so thought that Yoyo lied about her being sick cause Natalie didn’t want to go. After all Natalie didn’t act all that responsible in the beiginning imo. I wished TVB didn’t cut the scenes. Makes no sense at all.

  • rachel says:

    i just finished the series yesterday, i wish i could have seen the deleted scenes. yeah, the missing scene you pointed out with natalie would have made a lot more sense…but why did they cut the series down to only 27 episodes? i don’t understand. three more wouldn’t have hurt…

  • summer says:

    OMG, thanks kerry, if not u mentioned, i dun even know there is 2 version of the series.
    why they cut it.. and u know, i found the ending of HK verson is so ” hin kiong ” tat purposely make Claire died and then to match Yoyo with Roger.. i dun’t feel any love from them, since from the 1st episode, they’re best friends, and suddenly they fall in love, and episode 1 until the end also mentioned that Roger love Claire so much… and haiz…. just 1 word la.. blur lo…

  • KTVB says:

    I saw another cut scene the other day (not very significant though). It was just a-girls chat between Toby and Natalie over the phone where Natalie mentions how she doesn’t know if she should give kelvin a go or not ^^;

  • KTVB says:

    On Episode 20 of the 30 episode version, there’s a scene where Yoyo finishes off work and the man (who she & Roger helped give back an ‘Hong Kong ID’) comes to thank her with some fruit etc. Yoyo is really happy as she feels a sense of satisfaction for being able to help someone and starts to find her job meaningful. Her boyfriend, Raymond comes to pick her up and is not happy with what he sees. He starts commenting that its not really a ‘big’ case and its out of the scope of her work, i.e she shouldn’t act like a social worker. He also thinks that she shouldn’t keep in contact with the people after the case has ended because it would affect her ‘objectivity/independence’ and they they’re likely to be ‘bad’ people. Yoyo seems disappointed/upset that her boyfriend does not feel happy for her. After this, she suggests to Raymond to visit Power Chan’s grandpa’s funeral together.

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