TVB Never Dance Alone

Some reasons why I enjoyed this series: *Warning: Contains spoilers*

  • “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor. This song is so catchy- love it every time M Club dance to this song (young and older versions). Love their dance too!
  • All the dancing in the series- makes me want to get up and dance too! Flora’s dancing was pretty pro!
  • Refreshing cast- great to see the 90s actresses and a bunch of young refreshing girls
  • Alan Tam songs used in the series
  • The scene were Siu Sze (Carman Lee) finally cried out hard after her husband’s death at the Dance Studio
  • The reference to Sailormoon!!
  • First Eliza Sam series I enjoyed. And “Lorelei”- cute name!
  • Julie (Rachel Lee)’s original “Hero” Ad
  • Jenny (Angie Cheong) being chased by Fok Gam- it was so cringe-worthy to watch- but loved the reference to her role in ‘A Kindred Spirit’
  • The scene Carrie forgives Miss Julie in the finale
  • Watching Cyndi (Elvina Kong) ‘s dream come true with M Club dancing in the Aerobics competition- so touching!
  • The part Siu Ji Ja (Fennie Yuen) throws off her mask during the competition. So cool!! Hilariously funny when she had the original mask on for the audition
  • Fei Choi (Gloria Yip) finally finds a man that treats her well. Love the scene where she finally finds herself again, stays true to herself, and divorces her scumbag husband
  • Happy Ending!!
  • Eric Tsang’s special appearance in the finale

8 Responses to “[Never Dance Alone] Favourite things”

  • karened says:

    A tribute sort of to the popular TVB actresses of the 90s… <3

    • KTVB says:

      ya…nice to see them again after this long! 🙂 Good way for TVB to promote the young actresses too

      • Kimmie says:

        Except, TVB wasn’t promoting their own young actresses. Only Eliza Sam was really theirs. I hope they keep the rest of the girls. They were fun to watch.

        Eric Tsang should do more dramas for TVB. It’s fresh and good from cast to storyline.

        • KTVB says:

          It seemed like they were promoting them quite a bit. They were given a lot of exposure in the media, video clips (young actresses teaching dance moves) and they also have a large section of “Never dance Alone” webpage featuring them (rather than the older counterparts)

  • gigi says:

    OMG, I’s love how all the beautiful actresses got back to TVB!

    Please please post the titles of the OST used in the series. They are so good. I especially love the song played in episode 15, the scene when venus Wong was upset and got on a boat to look for Robert.
    part of the lyrics: “something’s got to me I don’t know what but I’m not the same since I’ve looked in your eyes”

    what is the name of that song ??? 🙂

  • elai314 says:

    The dancing part in the final episode where each m club member morphs into their younger version was EPIC!!!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree!! EPIC!! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so…haha

      Not sure if there will be many guys who enjoy this series ^^;

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