May 2014

[Never Dance Alone] Polls

*Note: Poll is for the character so this includes their young versions as well! 🙂
M-Club: Never Dance Alone

[Never Dance Alone] Which is your favourite female character?

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6 Responses to “[Never Dance Alone] Polls”

  • dongfangguniang says:

    I love each of them in their own way especially flora and Jeannie’s dan dan I think they also really look similar. Dan dan is one of my favorite characters because she is different from the other girls only thing i hate about her is when she says please for everything that part is annoying. Personally I think Jeannie Chan is the prettiest one out of all the Mclub girls. I prefer Carmen and loletta over their younger selves analijya and venus wong. I like Carmen’s acting because it is so natural but I can’t stand how her mo siu sze character has no backbone not to mention her annoying mother in law and spoiled daughter.Venus’s Julie is kind of annoying to watch Loletta lee has way more charisma making her semi-villain character more likeable. I wish angie had more scenes. I really enjoyed this series can’t believe we’re already halfway through.

    • KTVB says:

      I quite like all of the Young MClub girls with Venus’ Julie being the prettiest.

      Carman Lee still pretty as usual, but I often get frustrated how she gets picked on all the time at home, being bullied by her mother in-law.

      I actually didn’t like DanDan- both young or old, but I have recently found her more bearable especially in the episode of her grandma visiting her and also how she tried to make friends with Julie)

      Loletta does have a lot of charisma on screen~

      Fei Choi is really cute when she’s young!

      Really happy that Fennie (Siu Gee Ja) is freed from that jerk LY!

  • wu xin says:

    I like watching the parts when all M girls are mingle around. It’s a nice drama but too much concentrating on Mo Siu Sze scenes.

    • KTVB says:

      I enjoy watching when the M-Club girls are together too! (Yound and Old Version). It would be nice if the others got more screentime too 🙂

  • Lily says:

    I personally love Carmen’s acting, I believe it’s a great comeback series for all the ladies. I enjoy the scenes where all of them were together but I also do really like just Carmen’s scenes. She’s really pretty and her role just seems so natural, maybe because her real life self is very similar to her role. Overall, love this series, and can’t wait to see all the ladies in more series to come! Hope they will act in more TVB series.

    • KTVB says:

      Not sure if they’ll be asked to come back for more series, so we should treasure this one! I still can’t believe how pretty Carman Lee still looks!

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