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I’m currently up to Episode 13 and I find myself rooting for Jessica’s character 🙂 The other I enjoy watching is Joyce and Michael- I liked watching the two have chats at the grave- we often see a cute side of Joyce hehe. Her “petty” greed for money/goods is amusing. I also have a feeling Michael Tao would turn into a good guy *fingers crossed that nothing bad happens to these three!* Hopefully Joyce doesn’t turn evil… It’s also quite refreshing watching Joel’s character play such an innocent character

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  • wewah says:

    I agree with you ktvb. I do find Joyce very cute with her character and Jessica is excellent in playing this role. She is so smart, at first i thought Jessica will be playing a evil role but her action are very understandable. As for kiki, she does bug.

  • Rin says:

    I was gonna watch this series at first but I changed my mind haha. Aniwhos.
    I love an evil(is she really evil?) intelligent protagonist! How many times have we watched something where the girl is such an airhead and like she’s soo nice and sweet. I want to have a different kind of flavor once in a while! & I believe Jessica does it for me (:
    I thought Joyce was gonna be evil too! But her character is quite funny. She’s all scared of the three sisters and always try to get all the “money/benefits” she can get XD
    I don’t think Michael is THAT evil… I’m fine with him like that. Maybe he’ll turn good later.
    Kiki bugs me too… gosh, she’s all stubborn and close minded and stuff! Not my kind of girl.
    I think a potential good guy turns bad would be Bowie… I don’t know man, gotta be careful of quiet guys like him.
    (anyone see part of the opening/ending song thing where he’s all carrying a baby smiling, being happy and stuff and like Joyce is right next to him? Hmm…)

    Joel’s character is sooo different from his usual character! I always see him play the “evil” guy.. haha. Kinda funny that he’s playing like a totally opposite role now 😛

    Besides the family issues and stuff between the sisters, I kinda want some sort of romance… for Jessica mainly. Too bad she and Michael are “cousins” in this and can’t get together!

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    omg same here!!!

    I am rooting for Jessica too~ and also i really like Joyce & Michael. But I have a feeling Joyce is going to betray Michael…and yeah i am growing to really like Michael’s character…haha

    Joyce was hilarious at the beginning…but I am sensing a change….haha i wonder how that would end up being like.

    AND omg…i can’t stand Kiki’s character. It’s a really typical “Kiki-character” ..like the really stupid, acting on impulse..all due to a misunderstanding sort of character..lols the ones you really hate for acting so foolishly…. yeah…sooo pissed with her ALL the time.

    Macy’s character…may act aggressively and be mean etc…but atleast she knows what’s right and wrong. and i was glad she had some smarts to know her older sister was the one who set Chan San Chung & Joyce up….

    Bowie Lam’s character is soo evil..but i can see where he is coming from…like it is a VERY legit reason…BUT why can’t he just target it towards Kiki…why to the entire family?! 🙁

    hahaha this feels like BR all over again with our excitement for the drama! haha

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    just voted…can’t believe there are actually people voting for Kiki’s character…>< she's just plain EVIL at the moment….i dont get it…

  • faithict says:

    i am still thinking and wondering if i should watch this series…i read all the comments here and it sounded pretty interesting…

  • Simba says:

    I really really like Michael’s character in this series ! :]

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