December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 14

Some more neat scenes! ~

During a scene in their filming, Vivien is tied up and hung at the ceiling, while Dayo ‘her prince’ is fighting the villain to save her! Wong Fei Hong is pulling the rope which is tied to Vivien. The silly Wong Fei Hong is sweating a lot (so much for being a powerful martial artist XD) and so Cecilia helps wipe the sweat off this face. While Dayo is ‘fighting’ with the villain, he sees the two and gets jealous, knocking away the villain’s sword and it flies towards Wong Fei Hong. Wong Fei Hong kicks the sword away and it cuts the rope tied to Vivien so she falls! Without much thought, Dayo runs and catches her. Saving her life, Vivien is really happy and kisses Dayo on the cheeks. Cecilia sees and starts questioning their relationship, but Dayo tries to avoid the question and leaves with Vivien to rest.

Dayo: I’m not joking, I think it’s broken (referring to his arm)
Vivien: You’re seriously hurt, and before you had to.. *slaps Dayo on the arm but then realises it hurts* ..sorry!

Dayo: Doesn’t matter, seeing your sister (Cecilia)’s angry face is worth it. *laughs*
*Cecilia and Wong Wei Hong enters the room*
Cecilia: Gaan Yan Geen, you still haven’t answered me clearly, what relationship do you have with my sister? *Pushes his shoulder and Dayo calls out in pain*

Wong Fei Hong: He might of broken his arm, let me have a look first.
Cecilia: Talk, are you two dating? Are you being serious about my sister? *Dayo makings painful noises as Wong Fei Hong is massaging it* Don’t avoid my question! Answer me!

Dayo: No I can’t, master (referring to WongFei Hong), let me rest a bit first.
Wong Fei Hong: You’ll be fine.
Vivien to Cecilia: Sister, don’t ask anymore, Dayo is really injured. He’s actually really gentle and caring to me. Even if you object, I’ll still be with-*grabs onto Dayo and he yells out in pain again* Sorry, Dayo!
Cecilia: The truth is… I didn’t plan to object the two of you being together. I saw the way he risked his life to save you just then, I can tell he likes you. But sister, you have to remember, if ever ever treats you badly, or hurts you, you must leave him immediately.
Vivien: Don’t worry sister. Dayo will never do that. You saw how he saved me just then, you should know how much he cares about me. Actually, since the day he helped cure my heart-illness (psychological mental problem), he’s been looking after me.
Cecilia: Gaan Yan Geen, since you’re seeing my sister, you must always respect her. And also, you can’t hurt her, you understand?
*Dayo is sitting there with his eyes closed*
Cecilia knocks him again. “You understand??”
*Dayo pretends to of woke up*
Vivien: Sister, Dayo knows.

I think it interesting that Dayo never admitted it himself, but he doesn’t say anything either to deny it. he doesn’t answer Cecilia’s question at all or say anything. Even up to this point, but I don’t think Dayo ever loved Vivien that way..though he likes her like a sister or something. he cares about her a lot but its just different to what he feels for Cecilia.

Next scene, we see Cecilia sitting by herself near the shore and she takes out the crystal that Dayo had given her back in episode 5 which was wrapped in a handkerchief. She gets flashbacks of the happy memories she had with Dayo. Keeping on the crystal was a sign of her cherishing the moments with Dayo.

“Forget, forget the past. As long as he treats your sister well, and your sister likes it, you’ll be happy.”

Cecilia then buries the crystal in the dirt by the shore. This symbolises the end of her hope with being with Dayo. She didn’t bury it very deep though ^^;

In the following scene, we see Dayo and Benz together on the streets and Dayo is happily singing along:

” ..Where is my girl..where ”

Benz: Ah, with parental love, even singing is a bit sweeter. You’re all great now, announcing that Vivien is your lover publicly.
Dayo: Envy don’t ya?
Benz: I don’t envy at all. When I was young, so many beautiful young girls were after me.
Dayo: What?
Benz: Only I refused. For your mother, I stood firmly. I didn’t want any of them so that’s why now I’m lonely by myself.
Dayo: Speaking of such, I feel a bit of regret/dissatisfaction.
Benz: What regret?
Dayo: Like,Vivien and I are considered good looking and clever, perfect match yeh? But when compared with master (Wong Fei Hong) and Bucktooth Ghost (Cecilia)..one is a total fake in righteousness and heroic, one pretends to be caring and gentle, when I see them two together I get the chills.

In this episode, Dayo finds out that Benz is not his real father (because in the photo, his father has a birth mark on his hands). Dayo has grown to warm up to Benz being his real father, but finds out he has tricked him the whole time. I felt sorry for him…you can tell that he cared about his ‘father’ a lot, being a filial son and getting him a golden plate thing that was said to protect him against bad luck for the year because of his Chinese zodiac for the year. Benz hadn’t realised that Dayo actually loved his ‘father’ so much because of the way Dayo used to treat him. Dayo just didn’t want to show his love of his father…but deep down Benz was really important to him.

The scene where the bad guys capture Dayo was quite exciting as well. Benz managed to escape but sees that a poisonous pin has poked into him (one which would kill instantly) but notices that he was ok, to realise it was because he was wearing the golden plate that Dayo had got for him~~awww!!!! We see Benz in dilemma whether to be selfish and run away with the ‘treasure’ or to be ‘dumb’ and go back to save Dayo whom isn’t even his real son (despite developing feelings). I really like the bond between them, they did share and develop a relationship together…and I thought that was so sweet! After seeing what the ‘treasure’ was, Benz ran back to save Dayo ^^ The following runaway scene and fight scene were fun to watch. Great teamwork~ and use of traps, even though I find it odd how all those traps were set.

4 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 14”

  • Jadedreams says:

    I remember there was a scene that was sort of dark-comedy-ish when Dayo found out that Benz wasn’t his father. He hit Benz’s head on the pavement I believe, and it was sort of dark as in like scary. I almost thought he was gonna kill him. Actually this wasn’t the first dark-comedy scene, the other one was when Dayo held a gun to Cecilia’s head and almost fired.

  • KTVB says:

    I agree! yeh..the dark-comedy was scary..I mean, if we see it as a mere comedy and that Benz doesn’t really ‘hurt’ when getting his head smashed like that ..its ok because he’s recovered in the next scene..but if it was “real” then that’s quite horrifying… Same with other scenes characters get beaten up.
    The part where Dayo held a gun at Cecilia showed the true evilness/darkness of Dayo’s character though personally i don’t think he would have really shot Cecilia.

  • chibi says:

    At first I didn’t like Benz- I just wanted him to stay away from Dayo as much as possible.. he’s so gay XD , but after a while when he treats Dayo like his real son we start to like the two.

    I don’t like watching Vivenne..

  • Wong Hong Shui says:

    i like this movie. my favorite is when Gan yon geen turn to master and *Grab a Blanket Put on Legs* and start Fighting

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