December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 13

This episode has more on Dayo and Benz where Dayo slowly starts to accept Benz and were see a lot of chemistry between them. Dayo’s good side is showing more and he has become a happier person knowing he has a father’s love =)


At first, Dayo refused to accept Benz after Benz “attempted” to kill himself and took back all the emotional things Dayo had said to him. Dayo acts like he doesn’t care much for Benz, and decided that he’ll recognise him as his father if he’s happy with his “father trial period”, i.e Benz will do whatever Dayo tells him to~ but as Dayo walks away, a genuine smile of happiness is revealed =) Benz uses Vivien’s sympathy, and often puts an act in front of her so that she’ll help him convince Dayo to accept him.

One scene Benz was like the horse on a bike, riding Dayo and Vivien on the back seat. Next, Dayo decided to play Soccer and got Benz to be the goal keeper and Dayo kept kicking the ball at him XD Then the two switched position and Benz had hoped to take his revenge. However, Benz accidentally kicked the ball at the Mayor’s son ( I don’t know the exact title name, but person in charge of that town)~ and they end up being challenged for a 2 vs. 2 soccer match XD The soccer match was entertaining to watch ..of course not all the rules were followed as the other team tried to cheat but moving the goal forward and backwards.=) Of course, Dayo and Benz’s team won from great teamwork and the two go off to celebrate.

At the public bath, Benz is helping Dayo massage but then later Benz hurts his back so Dayo offered to massage for him for a bit. Benz lifts up his shirt and Dayo sees a tattoo of a Bird on Benz’ waist, making a comment on it. It was actually a symbol that was left on Benz in the past when he used to be part of this bad group of thieves, whom are hunting for him at the moment (They are after him for a piece of a puzzle to treasure, but because Dayo took the piece off him, Benz attempts to trick Dayo into thinking he is his

father in order to get it back from him). Benz told him he was a chicken from the zodiac so that’s why he has a chicken. Dayo comments that the chicken zodiac will face bad luck this year and would need something to protect him. One of the villagers see Dayo massaging Benz and starts teasing Dayo, and that they might as well become god-fathers/sons. Upon hearing this, Dayo starts stops massaging Benz, fulls his head back and they switch back places.

On the other hand, Cecilia seems to always be going to Wong Fei Hong’s place and cooking him a lot of food.. I don’t know what she’s attempting…is she trying to give Wong Fei Hong a chance? Is she wanting him to make a move on her? Ether way, Wong Fei Hong is really embarrassing!! XD He’s not good with things when it comes to love and relationships and becomes totally mucked up when trying to ask her out (while his followers and Suk-Gong keep pushing and persuading him, and trying to ‘help’ him, even by speaking for him at time XD). Wong Fei Hong stumbles a lot and become lost in words, often too shy to get to the actual topic. I thought it was really silly how he asked her out, but didn’t actually even thinking of a place to go….I’m really glad Cecilia doesn’t like him.

Once again, Wong Fei Hong fails on his date with her XD The two end up going to the mountains together and Cecilia tells him that she has made some food so they could eat together, and he tells her they’ll eat after he goes and collects herbs/medicine.. XD He stupidly turned his date into a day where he was collecting herbs..and he doesn’t even seem to notice what he is doing wrong. Its quite windy at the mountains so Wong Fei Hong gives her his jacket. He asks her to give him her hand and Cecilia thought this was going to be a “romantic” moment but instead, he was only checking her pulse..lol

In contrast to the boring date Cecilia had, we see Dayo and Vivien together having lunch and laughter together. Vivien comments that Dayo is turning into a person with a loving heart and wonders when he’ll publicly recognise Benz as his father. He said not to anyone, especially Cecilia (the excuse being that she has fake teeth, she’ll easily slip the news to everyone). Dayo brings Cecilia up and I just think that its because she is aways on his mind..perhaps he wanted Cecilia to know indirectly, or he wanted to know how she was now. Vivian jokes that she Cecilia wouldn’t have the time to care about him anymore because she is too busy dating Wong Fei Hong. You can see Dayo’s face expression change instantly and he becomes upset upon hearing the news as Vivien continues on that their whole family think they are a perfect match. Of course, dayo tries to pretend that he doesn’t care..but its obvious he does. Viviven doesn’t seem to notice though as she was happily hinting that if Cecilia and Wong Fei Hong get married, she’ll be next in the family and her mother even asked her if she had someone in mind.

Dayo seems to have gone into his own thoughts about Cecilia being with Wong Fei Hong that he doesn’t seem to notice what Vivien was implying.

Vivien gives Dayo a scarf she had knitted which cheers him up ^_^ In return, he buys her a basket of flowers to thank her for the gift. At this time, Cecilia returns from her date and sees the two having a good together.

When Cecilia comes, she gets Vivien to help her order a bowl noodles to get her away so she could talk to Dayo. Seeing Cecilia, Dayo’s mood changes again and Cecilia warns Dayo that her sister is very important to her and starts questioning his intentions, thinking Dayo is playing with her feelings.

When Vivien returns, Cecilia gets Vivien to leave with her. She tells her sister not to see Dayo anymore but Vivien continuously tells Cecilia that Dayo is a good person- that he has really changed. Cecilis slips out that she had once believed he had changed too.(seems to be referring that she once fell for him). I thought this was a bit odd that Vivien’s response was like she was unaware Cecilia had fell in love with him before…

I quite liked the next scene too. Dayo and his follower were sitting near the seaside and Dayo was continuously saying bad things about Wong Fei Hong, about how he started pursuing Cecilia once she looked pretty, and since Cecilia never dated, she’ll easily fall for it. It showed that Cecilia being with Wong Fei Hong really bothered him.

His follower started commenting that he shouldn’t be too angry about it since he has Vivien .

2 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 13”

  • Jadedreams says:

    Loved the father-son chemistry between Benz & Dayo. They seem like they were having fun acting those scenes out too lol

  • KTVB says:

    lol, yup ^_^
    Benz actually gets hit with the soccer ball when filming..wouldn’t it hurt for real o.o?

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