December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 15

((This post focusses on Cecilia and Dayo’s relationship only ^^))

Vivien cheering up Dayo- Find the Crystal

I find this scene kind of cute because it reminds me of the cute times Vivien and Dayo shared when she was still mentally impaired and she tried to cheer up Dayo using his favourite hat (Episode 9)

Vivien is trying to cheer up Dayo, and pulls up a hat puppet.

Puppet (Vivien changing her voice) : Ah Book, Ah Book (Name of Dayo’s hat) , Geen-gor always seem to down these days, *Dayo turns and looks at the puppet* I wonder who offended him. *Dayo doesn’t look pleased and turns around again*Can you help me cheer him up?

Dayo: Ah, I’m not in the mood to play these silly things today.

Puppet: Geen-gor, Geen-gor, if you smile again, then I will kiss you.

*Dayo turns his head around again and faces the puppet*
Dayo: Wah! What’s this? There *Dayo smiles, showing his teeth. Vivien gets the puppet hat to touch Dayo’s cheeks.*

Puppet: Muah!
Dayo: Hey that means you’re just tricking a person who is very down.
Vivien: No.. you’re smiling now so that’s good. Sister’s technique really works.
Dayo: Your sister taught you to do this!?
Vivien: Yeh, my sister helped me make all these stuff.
Dayo: No wonder! Pig, doesn’t look like a pig. Dog, doesn’t look like a dog.
Vivien: No..I think it’s pretty good! Sister is actually quite thoughtful. Whomever can marry her would be their luck.
Dayo: Who else is there? Wong Fei Hong will be sleeping with her soon, maybe they already did and you just don’t know.
Vivien: Why would that be, Master Wong is a decent man, and he is also Kei- Street’s hero. If sister can really marry him, then she’ll must be very happy.
*Dayo starts getting very annoyed*
Dayo: Yeh they can have a wedding ceremony everyday.

*Vivien notices a crystal on the ground and picks it up*
Vivien: Geen-gor, look how pretty this is! Looks like glass and its shiny and twinkling.
Dayo: Looks so familiar… *Dayo walks over to Vivien, takes it off her and looks at it. Flashback is shown and he remembers the cave scene when he picked it for Cecilia. He also remembers how Cecilia told him it was the first present she has ever received from a guy, apart from her family *

Vivien: Geen-gor? Geen-gor, what are you thinking about?
Dayo: Er, this thing looks like its worth lots of money. And you know recently..my situation..why don’t you..
Vivien: As long as you’re happy, I’ll give it to you.
*Dayo instantly thanks her and quickly puts it in his pocket*
Vivien: Geen-gor, the most important thing is being happy, don’t be angry at So-gor (Benz) anymore.
Dayo: When do I have the time to be angry at him? I’ve been disposing manure all day (community service as punishment), I’m praying each day that he would have excellent health, so that we can go to sleep after we’re done with disposing. Speaking of such, I’m going to get some sleep now.

I thought this scene was quite neat for Dayo and Cecilia’s relationship. Cecilia buried the crystal in episode 14 , but he finds it the next episode. By finding an excuse to keep the crystal, Dayo was trying to hold onto his memories with Cecilia, and he knew that Cecilia treasured the crystal as well. Dayo may have thought that either Cecilia dropped it, or threw it away now that she has Wong Fei Hong (the latter being more likely), but she was really letting go of their past as Vivien and Dayo are together now and she wants to wish them both happiness. I wonder if Dayo knew Cecilia still had feelings for him and that perhaps being with Vivien was a way to make Cecilia jealous. Either way, the crystal symbolises what they once had.. (even though back then it was fake)

Cecilia to marry Wong Fei Hong- Dayo gets upset
In this scene, Cecilia has brought along some breakfast for Wong Fei Hong and his students and we see Dayo sitting on the side with Benz, and when Cecilia offers the bowl to Wong Fei Hong, Dayo is imitating her and looks away, showing how annoyed he is. Wong Fei Hong’s Sok Gong comes in the scene and helps Cecilia wear on a Jade Bracket which is supposedly for the Wong family’s daughter-in-law. Cecilia refuses to accept it, but he kept on insisting. He also tells her that he’ll help propose for the wedding to her parents soon and starts telling the other disciples to start calling her ‘Si-mo’ (Master’s wife). A broken bowl sound could be heard and they turn towards Benz and Dayo is no longer in the scene. When asked what had happened, Benz suggested that Dayo possibly lost grip of the bowl..

Cecilia and Vivien- The sisterly talk

Cecilia is looking at the Jade Bracelet she received and Vivien walks into the room.

Vivien: Sister? What are you looking at so deep into thought about? You miss Master Wong, isn’t it?
*Cecilia’s face expression seems to have gone a bit awkward* (It was obvious that up to this point Cecilia did not love Wong Fei Hong)

Vivien: Sister, I want to buy something for you as a wedding present. Do you want accessories or clothing?
Cecilia: That nice? Do you have money to buy?
Vivien: I’m currently discussing about continuing filming, and the producers want me in another series. I’m still considering it now.
Cecilia: Sister, I can’t believe you’re so smart and capable now. The whole time I’ve been worried about you the most. I’m relieved now seeing you now like this.
Vivien: All this time, you’ve been supporting the whole family. Now, not only can I look after myself, I can look after my family members too. You can happily go and marry.
Cecilia: You knowing how to think like this, is proof that you’ve grown up now. As for your sister, things are hard to guess..maybe, at the end I won’t end up getting married.
Vivien: You call that not being able to marry? Sister, what are you talking about?
Cecilia: I just think that everything happened too quickly, I feel like I’m dreaming.
Vivien: Speaking of this, I feel its a bit sudden too. I never thought that you would like Master Wong. Even though he is a great person, and the hero of Kei-Street, but I think hes personality is a bit wooden. Whoops, sorry sister.
Cecilia: Doesn’t matter, he really is wooden. But mother has always taught us that for women, the most important thing is to marry a good husband. I trust Master Wong will be a good husband.
Vivien: That’s right I guess, but I still think that if the parter is more interesting, then life would be more happier.

*Vivien starts smiling to herself*
Cecilia: What are you thinking about, that’s making you smile?
Vivien: Just thinking about Geen-gor (Dayo). Even if he doesn’t say anything, he looks funny.
Cecilia: How have you two been lately?
Vivien: Ever since Dayo got a ‘father’ , he’s got more love and less anger and hatred. You know how last time you taught me to use the puppet hat to cheer him up? He was really happy! He even gave me a flower! Look~

2 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 15”

  • Jadedreams says:

    I like Dayo and Cecilia’s relationship, but I don’t really liked how Cecilia portrayed her. I don’t even think Dayo and her have that much chemistry either, but they do have moreso than Dominic and Cecilia. I think I read somewhere that Flora Chan (I could remember wrong) was suppose to portray ‘Bucktooth girl’ , but she ended up not taking the role. It could be another actress though….but I do wonder how it would’ve been if another actress portrayed that character.

  • KTVB says:

    Yea..I agree with you. I always wonder what it would be like if it was a different actress because they don’t look that good together and I always got the impression Cecilia looks older than Dayo. I don’t think Cecilia is pretty..

    I actually don’t like Cecilia’s character as much after her teeth got fixed because she acted different to what she was like before the teeth was fixed. She seems like she was “faking” the gentleness (like what Dayo was saying) though I don’t think its supposed to be.

    Nevertheless, the two are a neat couple in terms of character.

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