January 2008

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 16

Another good episode!! Gan Yan Geen (Dayo) has turned so likable and heroic <3 I enjoyed watching the rescuing scene and how worried he was when Cecilia got captured; going to save her despite the possibility of being out numbered. Wong Fei Hong and the other police guy calls hims reckless and not dealing with the situation rationally (they want to ‘take their time’ and plot to capture the villains), but I fully support Dayo. To the police guy, and I guess also Wong Fei Hong (because he supports the police), the girls are not their first priority. Even when they cut the police guy’s wife’s hair and sent it back to them, requesting to exchange money earlier, they chose to sit and wait.

Dayo hears Cecilia’s voice, crying for help and he rushes to her voice to see her knocked unconscious and being abducted. As he chases, he gets knocked from behind.

In the captured scene, the police’s wife, thinking they would die soon asks Cecilia who is on her mind. Cecilia remembers the moments she spent with Dayo and starts smiling. Cecilia gets drawn back to reality when the police’s wife interrupts, saying she must be thinking of Wong Fei Hong. At the moment just before death, you would want to see your most loved one.. This scene is like a reconfirmation for Cecilia, knowing the one she loves is Dayo and not Wong Fei Hong. Looking at the expression on her face, we can clearly see she does not feel that way for Wong Fei Hong, in fact, looks a bit disgusted (maybe not that extreme but yeh..)

A neat little small scene, that continues on from the place Cecilia is captured. She starts calling out his name for help, and Dayo senss/hears it. “Who?” Dayo didn’t see anyone, so figured he was probably hallucinating.

Dayo finds Cecilia! Cecilia was so happy Dayo came to save her..it surprised her because she thought the ‘hero’ Wong Fei Hong would be the one to come and save them instead. Unfortunately, Dayo gets captured as well. Dayo eventually manages to untie himself and during some interaction with the kidnappers, the place gets set on fire.

Dayo ends up holding up parts that were about to fall and block off the exit. Wong Fei Hong makes it to the scene and Dayo tells her to go and escape. Cecilia stops and said she wants to be with him, and that she won’t go herself and leave him behind. Dayo then tells Wong Fei Hong to take Ceiclia away, before its too late..

After rescuing them out, Wong Fei Hong was about to go back and save Dayo when huge flames blast out of the hut…and she starts to scream in tears “Don’t Die!!”

Turns out Dayo had escaped from the back and they were relieved he was ok…and he faints.

When Cecilia wakes up in hospital, she immediately asks how Dayo was, but her family still had grudges against him, saying that he was useless, and the one that saved her was Wong Fei Hong. Later, Cecilia learns from Wong Fei Hong that Dayo was very worried about her the whole time, and risked his life to saveher without a second thought. When Wong Fei Hong acknowledges to her that Dayo was the one who had saved her and that she should thank Dayo personally. Cecilia was really happy that someone supported her in thanking Dayo and rushes off to see him in hospital. She was very nervous while going there, but stops near the door when she sees Vivien and Benz with Dayo and remembers that Vivien and Dayo were a ‘couple’ now. She end sup leaving and does not end up thanking him..If she really didn’t feel the slightest sadness seeing her sister and Dayo together, she would have went in to thank Dayo.

Now Benz and Dayo treat each other like real father and son and I just found that really sweet ^^; There’s a scene where Benz was telling Dayo that Wong Hei Hong had said some things about him and Dayo wanted to know what was said about him. Benz tells him that he’ll tell if he calls him ‘father’, and Dayo quickly says it readily and easily that Benz was surprised because he said it so quickly and willingly, that he wasn’t ready for it XD There’s also a latter scene where Dayo is talking to Wong Hei Hong and he ‘unconsciously’ refers to Benz as his father, then quickly making a correction ^^;
More evidence of Dayo changing was the fact Dayo didn’t care if Wong Fei Hong got all the credit for saving the girls as long as he (Dayo) is happy (saving his loved one) <3 so sweet! . That is a major change! Shocked Benz who thought it was unfair to Dayo lol

Dayo was carrying a piece of BBQ Pork where he noticed a fat little boy had been following him the whole time for the food and ends up openly giving the meat to the little one ~

I’m glad that Cecila has finally had the courage to not go ahead with her marriage with Wong Fei Hong because she knows the one she loves is Dayo. She tells Wong Fei Hong how she really feels about him ..that he is really boring XD

“I like someone who is fun, make jokes and plays around with me, sometimes he would make me angry, then I can yell back at him. But when I’m with Master Wong, other than collecting herbs, writing medical prescription, practice Kung Fu..there’s nothing else. Even though I’ve learned a lot, but I still feel that I’m missing some interest. Master- Wong, you’re a good person, I don’t want to ‘gu-fu'(I don’t know how to translate) you , just blame that I don’t have that sort of luck. I hope you will understand, sorry.”

Note: Up to this point, Dayo has gained the respect of Wong Fei Hong and looks up to him as his master.

5 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 16”

  • chibi says:

    This is Garn Yun Geen climax of the story XD Probably the best part EVER. wheeeee…! Great scene!

  • Jadedreams says:

    I was actually really proud of Cecilia when she told the truth about how she feels and rejects Wong Fei Hung’s marriage request. Knowing past TVB series, I was half expecting her to either go through with the wedding then regretting later or end up agreeing but realizing that she loves Dayo on the wedding day…for dramatic effects lol

    ….but I thought it was a little unbelievable that Dayo escaped from the fire. I was waiting for an explanation of how he figure the path out or something, but alas, there was none.

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams: lol..yeh…about the ‘unbelievable’ part ..that also applies to episode 21 about the boat with the bomb in it…ey?

  • love dayo says:

    i watch tis movic because of dayo wong…i like him so much….but i don like the end of the story because the story like no ending….why cecilia not together wif dayo….why wong fei hong don tell cecilia the true…where ah pao go…..??????….
    hope kan yan kin have part 2 to let us know the happy ending …….
    that man don cry 2

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