*Contains: Ending Spoilers*

  • TVB Lives of Omission
  • Just finished watching the series! I didn’t find the finale that exciting..I’m not sure whether it’s because they showed us the episode preview the night before and it had most of the spoilers; or if it was predictable, usual typical kind of the ending. There were also a lot of flashbacks which I felt were repetitive…
  • Overall, it was an enjoyable series but it unfortunately did not make it to my top favourites of the year. The ratings were high but I wasn’t kept interested throughout… it felt like something critical was missing. I felt EU was a  lot better. I liked how Laughing’s character is pretty much the same as in EU and incoporated into his “Laughing-Sir” role. It was like “this is what Laughing would be doing if he lived from EU, completed his mission and returned to the police force”. When Laughing once again returned as an undercover in episode 15; it wasn’t that suspenseful because we already knew he was one but I was looking forward to him being in action again anyway. The important characters in the movie knew his identity and he also had the support from the woman he loved so he wasn’t that lonely/misunderstood. It felt like they overused undercovers in the series and I noticed Laughing used the same method twice (saying MCJin and Derek were his people when they were busted) to get away with things. I think Laughing got into “Yee Fung” too easily.
  • While Laughing was the main character in the series and I like his character a lot, it felt like Bosco’s “Bai-Co” stood out more and Laughing was playing a more supporting role.

  • TVB Lives of Omission
  • I didn’t feel that sad when Jodie and Paris died…it seemed fated from the start that the 4 were not going to have a happy ending. While Jodie said to Laughing to “continue to live on happily”- I don’t see how him killing Bosco and going to jail was living happily…He seemed to justify his actions during the court case, but it still feels wrong in the end. He knew it was illegal; he killed him; but does not regret it. He gets the punishment he deserves. The police forced was going to get him sooner or later if Laughing handed in the other rings.
  • TVB Lives of Omission
  • While Kate lives in the end, she ends up with nothing. The scene where Bosco shot Paris and her heart was not aligned properly was used in other TVB series to “fake a death” as well. I think the only reason why they made Kate live was for her to realise Bosco’s love for her. While I don’t feel much for this couple, the two were very much in love.
  • My favourite couple in the series is Gong-Sir (Damian) and Lam-Yee (Elena). I thoroughly enjoyed watching their storyline and glad they got together in the end! For discussion on the main couples, go here.
  • TVB Lives of Omission
  • What did you guys think of the series and ending?

80 Responses to “[Lives of Omission] Ending Thoughts”

  • jw says:

    Who do you think is that person in the ending? I’m feeling its either Hau Gor from EU, or even possibly Stone Sir from Gun Metal Grey.

  • Cutty says:

    I also think it might be Michael miu! Two michaels XD

    • Madeline says:

      LOL good guess but I don’t think Michael Miu is actually that skinny. no offense to him but I’m pretty sure he’s more muscular than that mysterious guy

  • joanna says:

    who is that person at the end?!?!? i really want to know!
    i also want there to be another sequel but i doubt it will happen. is he in prison for life then?:/ confused…

  • Ri says:

    I only watched bits and pieces of this show, and then the last 10 eps or so. While Michael Tse did his Laughing-gor character justice (I mean, it’s HIS character, no one else can embody in since E.U.), I somehow couldn’t get fully hooked on.

    But I agree with you, I really enjoyed Bosco in this role! As weird as it is, I was rooting for him since he was just a low-ranked gangster in Yi Fung and I loved watching his confidence growth from tht to a big time gangster. I liked Paris and Michael tho, coz they looked good together haha! OK I also liked how Paris, while she decided to follow Michael into Yi Fung, still remained a strong, independent, smart character. Quite enjoyed Kate in this role. Actresses like her and Fala are good in evil/partially-evil/snarky roles, imo!

    The ending totally didn’t surprise me. I mean, the main couple all happy-happy-lovey-dovey already when there’s still one episode to go? Any TVB drama watcher would know that something bad is gonna happen 😛 Jodie dying had no effect on me coz I didn’t really like that couple anyway. The thing about TVB is they like to kill off/separate main characters to make it seem like there’s some poignant story behind it but really it just seems sloppy, like they’re killing for the sake of killing/separating for the sake of separating -.-

    I’m really starting to like Elena Kong! I’m watching her in The River of Wine now and she reminds me of Sheren Tang in RB/NR! A pretty solid actress with lotsa screen presence. I’m glad Gong sir, Lam Yee and Aiden were all alive and well in the end 🙂

    Now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be cool if it actually were Hau Gor! Haha! Even so, I hope they put a lid on this Laughing-gor character, so over-used! But since it garnered good ratings, this will probably mean we can expect another Laughing-gor related show. I just hope the storyline is more well-written and exciting! The whole point of undercover shows is it’s suppose to be suspenseful right. Haha

    • EY says:

      Yes!! The only good thing that came out was the fairy tale ending of Gong sir and Lam Yee. Its like both of them can finally let go of the past and enjoy each other’s company happily. A sidenote though, do you people feel that Aiden’s role in this drama is a little too good to be true? He is like the ideal type of son that every parent wants to have; good in studies, fair temperament, healthy lifestyle habits, even the way he treats his friends is too naive to be true.

      • Ri says:

        While I agree that Aiden was indeed overly perfect, it was a welcome change compared to the way they always portray teenagers in TVB dramas – rebellious and idiotic. Haha!

      • KTVB says:

        hahah yea I think this is one of the first TVB series where a teenaged kid is so “goodie-goodie” XD Something I would expect from Gong Sir to raise up though XD There were still some conflict between them though.

        I mainly like Aiden because he was on Lam Yee’s side and Damian was still bias towards her

        • echizen says:

          The actor who plays Aiden is bad. I don’t like Aiden and his friends’s story because it felt like just extra scenes as a moral anti drug message

      • Chibi says:

        Aiden’s character was really gay ^^;; I didn’t like his acting very much and his character is a bit too good to be true. Perhaps they just wanted to say Harry raised his kid well.

      • echizen says:

        I might be the only one who find Damien and Elena’s love story is boring and a waste of space. The story look like it belongs to another series. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but individually and not as a couple

    • KTVB says:

      Yes!! I really like Elena Kong too!! In Lives of Omission and River of Wine 🙂

  • lindsey says:

    not only did i not know who the ending person was, but why was there a person walking out? i dont get the meaning of it, why is there a person walking out while laughing is in the jail looking out at him? can someone explain this? thanks..

  • Sky says:

    Lol TVB will be making another Laughing gor movie and the mysterious person at the end is used as an opening for that movie…and he will also appear in it too…

  • EY says:

    I felt the story started off with alot of promise, but somehow it tapers off towards the end. I do understand that the police force would usually have to deploy quite a number of undercovers to infiltrate an organization as big as Yee Fung, but I guess the missing element in this drama as compared to EU was that everything was so predictable. Like we knew Lat Keung was an undercover so early in the show; and we sort of knew that he wasn’t going to become good natured again. Ditto for Lap Ching; he was just a fun character to watch but given his UC status there could have been more character development.

    So we can see that Bosco stole the limelight this time round because he was more unpredictable. We didn’t know what he had up in his sleeve, we didn’t know when he was lying and when he was truly being honest, when he was down and dishevelled he could be putting on a mask. He could bluff the entire world. In short, nobody ever knew Bai Co except for himself.

    Just to rant off here, I think Jodie’s scene where she fell to her death was very badly handled by Fala. Her expression, her tone, her body language, none of it showed the kind of despair she felt and the amount blessing she wanted for Laughing. I ever wondered whether she truly loved Laughing(oops…!) I didnt feel shockwaves going through me the instant she hit the ground; I wasn’t really affected that she’s gone. But on to the other pair, when Kate started bleeding and holding onto her wound, up till the point where I saw her body slowly sinking to the depths of the ocean, I’d really hope to dive right in, pull her out and give Bosco a slap across the face(LOL). I guess its the way Kate cries, it is more impactful, more real, and makes you feel she’s been through alot. Fala just has to improve on her crying skills, in my humble opinion (I remember back then during NR, I felt that Fala didn’t really cry convincingly too). However, I do realise that Kate has always been in Paris-like kinda roles; even in Relic of An Emissary. I suppose I would want to see Kate trying new stuff.

    • Ri says:

      Agree completely with everything u said! 🙂 The missing element, imho, one that really got me hooked on to EU was the excitement/suspense. We sorta knew who everyone was, and what kinda character they were. While I enjoyed watching MC Jin as Lap Ching, there really wasn’t much there other than his unconventional cop character. Oh well!

      To be honest, I have yet to find a Fala character that i can truly connect with, least of all Ching Ching in NR. Goodness, i could not like that character any less. Fala has yet to master the art of emoting on screen, and yes, especially her crying scenes. That plus the fact that we all saw her death coming from a mile away (Laughing gor seems fated to have a hark-knock, lonely life…) made her death completely meh for me.

      • EY says:

        I duno why Fala as an actress seem to be a little lacking. I feel that she places too much emphasis on trying to say her lines well, so much so that she looks a little stiff and her eyes hollow. Maybe she must learn to let go of herself and experience life more to truly get into her role.

      • Chibi says:

        I wasn’t sad when Fala died, we all saw it coming pretty much. I also thought her expression was kinda awkward and didn’t seem to feel any desperation or anguish as she was holding onto laughing. She kinda died in vain since Laughing just ENDED UP IN JAIL. WTH? Seriously..? What was the point of him surviving if he just wasted her life by giving up?

        • KTVB says:

          Yea..she died in vain! She wanted him to live on happily and to take care of her mother- what does he do? Go kill Bosco illegally and end up jail for the rest of his life.

          I saw a clip where Fala (Actress) said it was a well sacrficed, meaningful death (umm..I don’t see how that is so)

      • Ri says:

        Fala is one of those actresses that is so heavily promoted but really isn’t that great. Or could be just me still holding a grudge abt her winning best supporting actress for her Ching Ching character.. i mean, what?!

        Her whole death scene was way too predictable hence totally emotion-less. All I could focus on was how awkwardly her body was falling. Plus, falling over a railing seems a bit anti-climatic as compared to the usual falling off buildings 😛

        • EY says:

          You are right on the spot. Emotion-less is the word!! And I saw how awkward her body was too!! Her partner on-screen seemed to be trying hard to portray his emotions, and yet Fala had to spoil the whole mood with that emotion-less face of hers. Thinking back, Laughing’s acting during that scene was entirely ruined by Fala.

          HAHAHA so I wasn’t the only one who held a grudge about her best supporting win!! I hope Fala realises she needs to buck up; even Linda Chung whom I feel started off showing less promise during her amateur acting years have improved beyond Fala!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you! While I enjoyed watching MCJIn because he was kinda funny there was not much of a character development for him. It seemed like he survived being an undercover in the end, but his character didn’t grow that much. He was just sticking with Laughing and helping him do stuff for him. I wasn’t convinced that he could be a lead undercover- he still feels pretty amateur XD

  • smileyy says:

    this was wyab etter that EU . the actors porrayed the characters way better. the storyline was more interesting. It didnt focus just on one character but more that one.

    • KTVB says:

      I disagree; EU’s storyline was a lot better, more suspenseful and unpredictable- that is how the awesome Laughing Gor was born anyway XD no one knew he was an undercover until they revealed it in the series!

      Eu did not only focus on one character:
      Michael Miu/Kathy
      Kathy’s family

      • Bubblez says:

        I totally agree with you 🙂 EU was way better. ^_^

      • EY says:

        To sidetrack a little, EU is currently airing in Singapore now, and re-watching EU again, it was a good chance for me to compare both series. EU was great because not only was Laughing unpredictable, so was Hau Gor, and in a way Kathy was unpredictable too. As compared to LOO, seems like only Bosco was unpredictable.

        Probably the romance story in LOO did affect the series a little as well; I do feel that too much attention has been given to openly showing how lovey-dovey the 2 couples were, whereas in EU, there was also more development of friendship (brotherly love) and family ties.

        The flow of the story mattered too. EU was more of a process, we see a start, and then a development, some twists, and an end. LOO was more of moving around in circles; in the beginning it was Bosco VS Laughing, in the end its still the same. Contrary to what smileyy said, in fact I think LOO focused much more on one character than in EU.

    • Chibi says:

      hmm EU was waaaaaayy better than Lives of Omission. It was suspenseful, and the reason why Laughing became so popular was because his character had so much depth and unpredictability. This drama didn’t have any twists or turns… I didn’t get any thrill from this at all.

    • echizen says:

      I think EU has better storyline, but LOO has better acting. I mean from the male sides. EU still has mediocre acting even from the main casts(except Laughing) and a veteran, but LOO has solid performance from the main cast to the supporting and veterans. What a pity the scriptwriter for LOO is bad.

      The female actings for both series are equally so so.

  • Seth says:

    I find this series more interesting because of the characters itself. Compare to EU, Ron Ng and Elanne does not portrayed their roles in EU well which made it not so enjoyable in the scene they exist.
    Story wise, both are good. EU is smooth while Live of Omission is new and very amusing. I like the cliffhanger at the end of every episodes though. It makes you want to watch the next episode asap.

    • EY says:

      I have to agree, TVB is really good at creating cliffhangers!! I have no doubts that Elanne did not portray her character well, but I think she is much better than other new actresses her age many whom are still rather raw. Actually, Elanne’s role does suit her pretty well; I remember Elanne during Relic of an Emissary, she was equally spoilt. However, I think Ron did well in his role for EU! Compared to instalment 1 and 2 of the series, his acting improved tremendously and I could see that Chung Lap Man really grew to be a more stable person.

  • AC says:

    I also agree that EU was better than Lives of Omission. I was always excited to watch the next episode, but some of the stuff did not seem that believable such as them believing Laughing so easily! The ending was kinda lame too. I find it weird that they bring the character Laughing back to life just for him to end up in jail for the rest of his life.

    Also, I wish their was more development between Elena and Damien getting together and MCJin and Mandy. It just seemed like a lot of the story was missing. I think Bosco did a good job in this role because I really did hate his character and was so happy that he died. I don’t think Fala was that good as Madam Jo and she’s lucky that her character is very likable.

    I think my favorite part is still Laughing. Even though the mysteriousness of his character was gone, Michael did a great job of infusing his old gangster personality with his new role as an officer.

    In general, I liked the series and thought it was pretty good, but I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorites either.

    • Chibi says:

      I totally agree about them believing Laughing SOOOO easily. He went to jail for months, came out ad they instantly took him in….. a cop… you can’t be serious?

      • AC says:

        I know! and even when Bosco accused him of being an undercover in front of the other gang members, they still trusted Laughing!

    • KTVB says:

      I think Damian and Elena’s relationship developed nicely- that hug scene was very sweet!! I felt that MCJin and Mandy were rushed though. I didn’t even feel that he liked her that much – I think they only had that one scene where she was trying to cheer him up (and tata! He likes her…….) but they seemed more like friends. They didn’t really have any special scene between them.

      MCJin doesn’t seem to take his job that seriously, and all he thinks about is trying to get credit for being undercover.Understandable I know but he seems very newbie-like.

      I felt he went out of his way to tell Mandy about Derek being a “black” cop- it was very un-gangster like..

      • EY says:

        I remember MC Jin fell in love with another prostitute girl during his first UC posting rite? When MC Jin told Mandy he liked her I was like.. Huh I thought you were still getting over your previous failed relationship and then wham! you like Mandy now??

        • Chibi says:

          Agreed. They didn’t have any chemistry either, it doesn’t look like Mandy liked MCJin that way in the end either..more like buddies.

  • Chibi says:

    Overall, I feel the drama was only so-so, which is disappointing since I had some hopes it would be good because I enjoyed E.U and especially Laughing Gor’s character.

    I can easily say the episodes were not suspenseful. Everything was predictable. Many characters & relationships were undeveloped (MC Jin, Mandy Wong…) and there were too many young new actors all in one place (in CIB)- none which particularly stood out or had any personality. As the audience, we couldn’t grow with them, or grow to like them because the characters did not develop or grow themselves. It’s hard to like or care about characters who aren’t worth the attention.

    Now onto the main cast. I still like Laughing the best, because his personality remained faithful to the original in EU- he was witty, cocky, confident, a little on the naughty side (disobedient) but was always good deep down. My own issue with his character is that it was too obvious. There was nothing unpredictable about his character, and toward the end of the drama, his became very passive, allowing Bosco to steal the limelight.

    I didn’t like Bosco’s character, but Bosco did a good job portraying Michael. His character has done many many bad things, killing several people yet when you mostly see him, he doesn’t seem that ‘bad’. It’s kind of hard to explain. I never really had that hatred towards him that you normally would feel for a villain. I’m not sure if that was the director’s intention, but I’d prefer to really despise someone. Otherwise it feels like we don’t care much about him either.

    Fala as Jodie. I don’t think Fala suited the role as Madam, and Laughing’s handler that well. She appears too young and inexperienced it makes you wonder how/why people all seem to like and respect her. Even till the end, when she went to find Bosco alone, I was constantly thinking ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ We knew she couldn’t stand a chance, there’s no point trying to be the ‘hero’. Her character is too weak. Her role as Madam aside, I did enjoy watching her relationship with Laughing develop. The natural progression was cute and her interaction with Hill Si was adorable. This brings me to my next point…the kind of relationship I’d rather not watch- a character like Kate.

    I don’t like Paris. Kate’s character was awful overall and her relationship with Bosco was a bit overkill for my liking. Some may find them adorable, but I was bored and sick and tired of watching their scenes together. They always just kiss, break up, argue, get back together and goes in cycles. Every time she did her court scenes as a lawyer or when she was in the police station being interrogated, her arrogance annoyed me. She’s so full of herself I enjoyed watching her being in jail. (Her fake eye lashes really annoyed me too, but that’s a different story XD) I wish her character died. It would have made Bosco more interesting too, instead of proving his undying affection for her was genuine from beginning to end.

    • KTVB says:

      I totally agree with you Chibi, that was really well said.

      Laughing was awesome but unfortunately predictable.
      When I see Bosco, I don’t really hate him either. That anger isn’t boiling up inside, even after all the bad things he has done. I often have to remind myself because he seems to be a “nice” person (as weird as that may sound). He is nice to his friends and loves his girlfriend.

      Btw..did anyone see the “Alternate Ending” for Michael and Paris? lol….I thought it was such a joke =___=


      • Ri says:

        such a joke indeed. i half expected Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee or Louis Yuen to pop up in drag halfway -.-

        Goodness, if TVB had put that in I may have to stop watching their dramas altogether for fear of brain rotting!

        • KTVB says:

          Yea..she looked so pale it looked almost photo-shopped/vampire-ish -.- I expected one of those 3 to pop us as well as a parody 😛

          That ending would have had so many complaints… it is too unrealistic for Kate to be an undercover. I prefer the current ending.

    • EY says:

      Is TVB trying to promote their many new young artistes quickly because some of the more experienced ones left?

      I agree about Laughing’s predictability; he never once disobeyed Gong Sir. I mean Im pretty sure there were instances where he had to take matters into his own hands because of changing circumstances right? Also, I didn’t like how they make Laughing’s train of thoughts so obvious in this series, it is almost as if you know what he is going to do!

      And I have to bring up this point: Given that this is the sequel to EU, why weren’t we given any explanation for Laughing’s escape from death? Wasn’t he shot dead by Ron? So what actually happened?? The producers seem to conveniently leave it out hoping the audiences dont remember because they cannot come out with a convincing explanation.

      Hahaha Chibi, I don’t really like Kate’s character as well. She never knew what she wanted and never ever made up her mind on what she wants out of their relationship, which makes Bosco’s blood boil because he was too faithful. But overall, I think Fala’s portrayal of Jodie was way below par as compared to Kate’s Paris, which was why to me, Mdm Jo was such a pain to watch.

      • Ri says:

        I guess shows that require plenty of side characters provide exposure opportunities for the new kids so that’s why TVB threw a bunch of them in.

        Well I suppose, like K said, this is suppose to be a “what if Laughing had survived EU” kinda storyline. TVB thrives on convenient plot lines so really, anything goes! it’ll just be easier on the mind to not question it no matter how nonsensical it gets sometimes! 😛

      • Chibi says:

        Lives of Omission isn’t a direct sequel to EU, it’s a spin-off using only Laughing Gor’s character to create a new story. In fact, we could almost say this drama is loosely a sequel of the Laughing Gor movie instead, since his girlfriend Karen (Fala) is mentioned and I’m sure the flashback scene of him and Karen playing pool was taken from the movie.

        • KTVB says:

          I agree. I think the sequel/movie would be some sort of spin-off as well, or one with a modified ending because Fala is already died (they had a funeral for her)

    • Ri says:

      So good to hear that I’m not the only one who found Fala unconvincing as a senior inspector! For awhile there I thought it was just a personal bias 😛 I felt she tried too hard to be assertive and madam-ish and I cringed everytime she said “THIS IS AN ORDER!” :/ Reminds me of a little girl wearing her mum’s high heels – trying a wee bit too hard!

      The funny thing is Fala herself is less cringeworthy during interviews which probably means if she relaxes a little and doesn’t over-think, she may just come up with a halfway decent character portrayal, regardless of how the character is written. Hopefully with all the exposure she’s been getting she’ll improve soon. Don’t know how many more forced-tears-crying-scenes i can sit thru!

      • Chibi says:

        She does seem like a little girl wearing her mum’s heels! She’s always worried about being ‘professional’ and this conversation comes up several times in the drama, like when she was in bed with Laughing and she wonders if what they’re doing is “unprofessional’

      • KTVB says:

        I agree with you..she never came off as being the “Senior”. She seemed very inexperienced and trying too hard to act like a respected Madam.

        • EY says:

          I think she came off as inexperienced because she is precisely that; as contrasted to Laughing, she never had a prolonged UC status. We can say that she is like the typical geek you see in our society nowadays: book-smart but not street-smart kind. She probably got to her post because of her excellent qualifications and not experience. Can you imagine if Gong Sir had retired early and handed over the entire CIB team to her?? Thats a disaster. How coud she be a good handler and a good training mentor when she doesnt have much UC experience?? (And it was proven right when she started getting all emotional about Laughing during that period she was handling him.) That is really a glaring flaw I suppose.

    • misstila says:

      i agree with you about kate! i thought i was the only one that got annoyed of her fake lashes!!!!! i think shes the most selfish character in this series

      • Cammie says:

        Her fake lashes annoyed me too. There’s something about her eyes… I felt the same in Relic of an Emissary. And from the first ep, I felt Fala was too young to play a madam. She has this cutesy face. I’ve always felt her roles in Ghost Writer or Grace Under Fire fit her more. There might be some disagreements, but I wished Fala and Bosco & Kate and Michael were paired up instead. Overall, I wasn’t crazy about this series and it’s not one of my favorites this year.

  • lindsey says:

    the alternative ending was so unbelievable…

  • echizen says:

    I only felt for Paris and Michael. Their love was deep and I rarely see something like this in TVB series. At first few episodes I feel that the series overused their intimate scenes and complained about them, however as the series progressed the more I feel for their plight and started to adore them. I know this couple is despised by many, but I don’t know how I begin to fell for their deep and painful love.

    I like the twist that they made although the condition is corny, but it makes sense because Michael loves Paris deeply. He’s been like that since his school days and he becomes a goo wak jai to get money for Paris in the first place. This is why Michael isn’t that hateable, because he’s not a crazy villain. He has a cunning mind, willing to kill and greedy for money, but he’s also a deep lover and treat those beside him well. Bosco nailed this role.

    That part where Michael shot Paris has become a classic Bosco acting moment in my book now. Wow that was a real and sincere acting. I curse him at that time but he really look like someone who’s forced to kill his girlfriend.

    I like Jodie’s character more, but I think Kate is a better actress than Fala. Kate gives more powerful emotion. Fala is prettier though.

  • kinki says:

    I actually felt more for the pairing of Bosco & Kate in this series (although I still think Paris should have died from ‘that’ shot). They just look more compatible and more in love throughout the series. Acting-wise, also think that Bosco & Kate did better (maybe because of their roles – antagonists are easier to stand out).

    I think Ben Wong (‘Spicy Ginger’) really stood out in this film. His character is actually like the old Laughing’s character in EU only he went bad.

    I also agree with KTVB, Daiman & Elena were great to watch. Kinda wonder if Elena was gonna revenge Daiman in the beginning, then go on to wonder (and hope) they’ll get together. And was kinda surprise that they actually did in the end. =)

    Two points I like to made about the ending:

    Firstly, I kinda don’t understand why Jodie had to let go at that last moment cos I mean you could see Daiman got up that there to help already (maybe he got up there too fast~ lol!)

    And secondly, Laughing’s a ‘senior UC’ by the end of the series. I just dun think he would choose to kill Michael(=Bosco). He’s been a ‘good’ police throughout the ENTIRE series, it’s just like they HAD to make him ‘bad’, end up in jail and plan for the new sequel (series/movie). *eyes roll*

    *Sigh* Another good TVB series with a bad ending.

    • Chibi says:

      Laughing’s choice to kill Bosco was disappointing. I’d much prefer Bosco’s death being rather accidental, or something that he brought upon himself. Heck, even if he ended up in jail it would be fine, but instead, Laughing decided to illegally kill him to average Fala. Really poor decision right there and I’m not sure what the point of it was (unless it’s purely just to create a movie sequel with him escaping jail?) I felt Jodie died in complete vain. His speech in the court was also very unnecessary I wasn’t sure what he was trying to achieve? It’s not like he wanted sympathy from the Jury, he was adamant he is not regretful for what he as done…which results him in life-time sentence. It’s almost like everything he did to go undercover was for nothing. Sure, he was successful in bringing the drugs down, but he wasn’t really acknowledged for it. He didn’t show up for the ceremony, I felt like he didn’t get the credit he deserved.

      • EY says:

        Yeah like, how could Laughing be so stupid to ever think of privately settling their feud that way?? That was so un-Laughing.

        • Chibi says:

          I hope they’ll come up with a GOOD explanation in the movie sequel.. some predict Laughing is in jail to do more undercover work @.@

        • LittleAsian says:

          I wish Laughing gor was actually sent to jail to do more undercover work (to bust a jail gang case or whatever) OR.. they should have at least ended the series (after the jail scene) with Laughing gor waking up “from a nightmare” in his own bed.

          Then with this, the audience will have the choice to decide whether
          1) Did Madam Jo really died? Did Laughing Gor killed Michael?
          2) Was it all just a dream and Laughing did not kill Michael after all?
          3)OR.. was it all a set up for his next undercover mission in jail (to bust a jail gang).

          This ending will then keep the audience in suspense and give the script writer/ director another chance to come up with a sequel.

          *sigh* I wonder how the script writer will get Laughing out of jail now (if there is a sequel * fingers crossed*), since Laughing was sentence to life imprisonment. :/

      • Chingz says:

        If I were Laughing I would do that too in his situation, a life for a life thats fair, come on the ending is totally BS, lame law… he got imprisoned for life even when hes speaking by his heart, come on i fuking hate this ending!!!!! this ending is freaking UNFAIR and UNHAPPY!!

  • Moonriversp says:

    After watching LO, I starts to think about the year end best actor nomination listing. Laughing Gor indeed a good actor so does Bosco in a villain side. I never thought any sequel after this but the ending kinda make me feel that Laughing Gor will be remembered as a Legend. Cast like MC Jin, Ben Wong will affectionally being remembered as well. I’m not a fan of Kate but her acting does not bring a great outcoming unlike differences like Sister Fa or Fatty Tin. However she portrays a characters that boosted Bosco acting indirectly. I give thumb ups to the producer of LO. It’s a recommended watch TVB series. Can’t wait to see if Laughing Gor is being appreciated by TVB in an award soon.

  • KTVB says:


    Lives of Omission producer Chuang Wai Kin had originally prepared 4 different endings for the series ranging from ‘extremely tragic’ to ‘happily ever after’ in the hopes of catering to audience’s tastes. In the end, the producer chose the ending in which Yiu Ho Ho [Kate Tsui] gets shot by Bai Co [Bosco Wong] but doesn’t die, Madam Jo [Fala Chen] falls to her death, and Laughing Gor [Michael Tse] goes to jail after killing Bai Co (So Sing Pak).

    We all know how the series actually ended, but what about the other 3 endings that were filmed and not used? Below, screenwriter Lai Sin Yee reveals the content of the other 3 ‘alternate’ endings and the reasons why those endings were not chosen for the final cut.Ending 1: Happily Ever After

    Madam Jo is injured and goes into a coma. Laughing seeks Bai Co for revenge and flips a coin to determine whether he will kill Bai Co or not. The result of the coin toss is ‘heads’ and Laughing lets Bai Co go, thereby giving up on seeking revenge. ‘Good things happen to good people’, as Madam Jo awakes from her coma and she and Laughing get married.

    Reason this ending was scrapped: Yiu Ho Ho already escapes death in the end; if both Madam Jo and Bai Co don’t die either, it will give the audiences the feeling that all of the main characters ‘escaped from calamity’.

    Ending 2: Yiu Ho Ho dies

    After Madam Jo falls to her death, Laughing discovers that Yiu Ho Ho didn’t die, so he kidnaps Ho Ho in order to force Bai Co to appear so he can seek revenge. Laughing shoots Bai Co, but Yiu Ho Ho takes the bullet for him and dies.

    Reason this ending was scrapped: Didn’t want Laughing to become a ‘villain’ type character who has to resort to kidnapping a woman in order to seek revenge.

    Ending 3: Ultimate undercover

    Yiu Ho Ho has been using the roles of ‘lawyer’ and ‘girlfriend’ to get close to Bai Co. On the surface, she is helping him get to the top position of the triad organization and become its leader, but in reality, she is the ‘ultimate undercover’ agent sent by the police whose purpose is to gather incriminating evidence against Bai Co and the rest of the triad organization.

    Reason this ending was scrapped: Too bold and imaginative, difficult to continue with the plot.

    Creds: Ming Pao

  • *xueling* says:

    When I saw the summaries for Lives of Omission, most of the main cast just put me off, no offence, but who seriously thinks that Laughing is underused? Saying that it’s mildly irritating is probably an understatement. And I think that a good portion of the rest of the cast are not good actors.

    But I was considering watching it for Elena Kong and Damian Lau, since i think they’re both wonderful! I didn’t think that they’d be a couple though. (he’s always pairing with actresses that I like LAWL) And I guessed that they’d probably have an exceedingly frustrating relationship. But after reading what has been said above, it seems to me that they are very pleasing to watch, have plot development and a ‘happily ever after’ ^^.

    So i’m going to give this series a try when I’m free :]

  • Michael Dang says:

    The first ten episodes were so gripping and intense. It built for me great expectations for the later episodes. Unfortunately, the script did poorly after that and declined in impredictability, especially after Laughing become an undercover again. He got off too easy as an undercover agent and like you said didn’t get as misunderstood as he should have been. That takes a way a lot of potential storyline twists and drama. I am disappoint.

  • Zhan says:

    hey guys! when i saw the ending, i thought the guy was that spying policeman, had a nickname of a dog… Derek Kwok. He was the only person that came to my mind!

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