*Contains Ending spoilers*
A Change of Heart

I finished watching this very enjoyable series!! 😀 The ending- while was not unpredictable, was actually quite satisfying to watch 🙂 They tied loose ends and had its good dosage of action and suspense. The scene when Joey reappeared freaked me out!! It was quite creepy when Niki saw “herself” in the mirror!!

I felt sorry for Joey Meng’s character (like I have been throughout the series). In the finale, she went through surgery to look exactly like Niki because she was jealous of her and thought Michael liked her. I pity her because everything she did was “for her husband”. I loved the Michael and Joey (as Niki) confession scene the most when she finally realises that she is the one he loved all along, and not Niki. Although everything she did was unforgivable, I still wished inside that she could have had a second chance (well….she kind of did, but you know what I mean). She however, turns good just as she dies saving Michael.

I’m glad the remaining characters get a good ending! Vincent wakes up from his coma and has a happy ending with Elaine! Mandy ends up marrying a decent man and Niki and Bosco also end up together 🙂 Meanwhile, Michael continues to do good deeds, and while volunteering in the country sides, meets another woman looking exactly like his wife. It is a bit of a cliche cliff hanger ending, but I think it suits this series quite well with a bit of fantasy element in it. Did you guys like the ending? If there could be an alternate ending, what would it be? I read online that Michael’s character was initially going to die in the finale as well, but Michael didn’t want his character to have the same fate as in “Highs and Lows”, so requested the ending and storyline to be changed. He wanted to have a chance to film a sequel to “A Change of Heart” if there were to be one. I would totally love to see a sequel, but TVB haven’t been really good with sequels these days (maybe Triumphant in the Skies II could prove otherwise?)

And on a final note, I was waiting to see this scene from the opening themevideo but it didn’t happen! I thought he was going to turn bad again or something… this scene does look quite interesting.

A Change of Heart

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  • I thought the ending was ok. Not the best but not the worst. I felt like it was a little weak. They shouldve just ended it with joey dying in michael’s arm or a wedding scene between niki and bosco the “look alike joey” was totally uneccessary. Too much lookalikes in thisdrama. It was a really good drama but ending was not that good in my opinion. Niki’s acting was ok throughout the drama but no offense she cannot pull off a villain character. that also sort of killed the ending. Not a fan of joey but her acting is good and convincing just that her voice is a bit irritating. niki just cudnt pull it off the evilness she couldn’t express joey’s pain and it was just meh. I hope they make a sequel though with a different plot 😀

    • KTVB says:

      haha I felt there were already so much lookalikes I didn’t mind an extra one lol

      ahah yea..Niki wasn’t that great as a villain. Joey is a lot more better as a villain, or it might also because Niki doesn’t suit Joey’s voice

  • tvb says:

    This show was good and font Tai should win an award. She played a good performance even though I hated her guts.I did feel sorry for her. Though.to ktvb r u going to review triumph in the skies. 2?if so can u not put major spoliers in the title thanks.

    • KTVB says:

      Hi tvb

      Still not sure whether I’ll be reviewing TITS2 yet (havent started watching) but i’ll avoid spollers in titles if I do =)

  • faithict says:

    I completed watching this series a few days back. Overall I have a pretty good opinion on this series and i think currently this is the best one.
    Honestly speaking, when I first watched this series, I did not have a very good opinion cause I was thinking Change of Heart might be like another type of Bullet Brain series.
    But the more i watched the more i like this series. Here are some of my thoughts on each of the character.
    Doctor Yiu – I really like the way how he treats niki…he really loves her to not losing hope in proposing to niki although several times she rejected him…also, he not only cares for her, but always patience with her although she is late for her dinner most of the time… 🙂 anyway i feel he is almost a perfect boyfriend, but sad for the tragedy.
    Yiu Yat San – He started off being a jerk…Later i slowly understand that it is just a cover up as he was deeply depressed on the death of his brother. He slowly changed to a better person. I wonder what caused him to change? Michael Miu change because he has a change of heart, but what about yiu yat san? if it is because of niki, i did not see what she did to change him except argue with him all the time. Maybe because of that he falls for her? lol..

    Niki – I feel her acting is almost the same for all series. The last series that i watched with her in it is the Bottled Passion. I feel the her acting is the same. Even the times when she found out that her good friend (Mandy) slept with Bosco, but from the audience point of view, I cannot feel that she is disappointed or depressed. hmm…maybe i am too analytical? lol….well said Dongfangguniang on her character. Niki cannot portray an evil character…i feel she forced herself to be one towards the end of the series.

    Michael Mui – what’s more can i say? His acting in here really shines…how he change from being the bad gangster to the good guy…when i watch this series, i can see how he slowly change after he get the new heart…starting from the cleaning campaign by the sea all the way to the end. The producer did not 180 degree change him from bad to good…but slowly…we can see that his temper is still the same but slowly change and slowly treat the people surround him in a better way…although at the beginning of the series when he had the heart transplant, he already knew/suspected what the wife did and yet he still kept the secret for her…

    Joey – I really pity her character…everything she did from the beginning was for her husband…even towards the end, she even went to do plastic surgery to look like niki because she always thought that her husband likes niki…i really feel sorry for her when she finally found out at the last episode that her husband really cares and only loves her…but it was too late.. :$

    Vincent: Surprisingly i feel vincent’s acting has improved a lot in here…:) I like his character where he is always so positive and cares for his friends…also his interest on investigation although he is doctor, i thought that was funny…oh, another thing that i think is very hilarious is that in one of the scene where he was talking to Bosco and mentioned something like the flower understand him more than anyone else because he everyday talk to the flower…that was really very funny…i like his character…

    Sorry that this is somewhat a long summary…has been a while since i actually wrote one…rusty a little bit…anyhow, overall, i would recommend this series to people. I think this is the best series i had watched this year… ^_^

    • KTVB says:

      Hi faithict 🙂

      I think it was funny (because it is kind of true) when Yat San commented that his brother and Niki were both boring people lolololol… Yeut San was a very loving boyfriend and tried to accomodate her (e.g unpredictable/late working hours) and never felt the need to change her. I thought it was interesting how Yat San (with the help of Sze Ka and Eason) was able to change Niki through the story- she ate less packets of instant noodles, less depressed, and wore more bright colours.I feel that Yat San was alot more optomistic than Ah Yuet. I’m not saying which is better, but just felt like pointing out the differences between the two brothers.

      I agree about your comment about how Ah Yuet changed..was it because of Niki? She constantly told him off..that was about it lol…I rewatched te beginning episodes and LOL’ed at how funny/different Bosco #2’s character was (eating Eason’s tub of icecream..it was hilarious)

      I loved Michael’s character- I liked him both good and bad hehee

      Vincent was definately a comic relief in the series! Remember the scene whereV incent and Bosco were hiding from Mandy when they saw Mandy with Niki at the restaurant? They jumped behind the wall and Vincent was grabbing hold of one of Bosco’s legs lol

  • Cecilia says:

    Beware Spoilers.

    I came across this series by accident when I went to visit my old home and my father was watching this series on the Chinese Channel every night.

    I became hooked and looked online and watched it on TVBDO which is also available in English subtitles although I can understand Cantonese.

    Overall, I thought that this was a very gripping series with a strong cast who managed to portray their characters convincingly. I was very delighted to see Miu Kiu Wai in this series as I have liked him ever since The Legend of the Condor Heroes as Yang Kang. Joey Meng usually plays gentle characters back in ATV so it was refreshing to see her in a completely different and demanding role. I hated Tong Sin Hang but I pitied her at the same time so she certainly did a good job.

    With regards to the ending, I think it should have had a wedding scene between Sui Gat and Yuet. The evil Sui Gat approaching Fong Chi Lik was really creepy. Overall, I enjoyed it and everyone had the ending they deserved.

    There are a couple of things that I’m not really certain about with Yuet and Sui Gat’s behaviour and I wonder whether someone can answer them for me.

    When Yuet was undercover, did he confront Sui Gat at the police station in front of Tong Sin Hang to convince her that he was on her side or was he really angry at Sui Gat for using him?

    When he had a one night stand with Sze Ka, did he do it because he wanted to give Sui Gat a reason for dumping him and to convince her that he didn’t love her anymore? It just seems to me that he is usually very smart and that there is no way that he can be tricked into bed by getting drunk especially not by Sze Ka.

    When Sui Gat called Fong Chi Lik at the bar, what was she trying to gain? She tried to kiss him but was she doing it to test him for his loyalty to Yuet or lead him on so that she can get evidence for her mother’s murder case?

    Sorry that was long!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Ceilica 🙂

      Good questions! I can give you my opinion of the answer (don’t know if its right or not though lol)

      “When Yuet was undercover, did he confront Sui Gat at the police station in front of Tong Sin Hang to convince her that he was on her side or was he really angry at Sui Gat for using him?”

      I think both. I think he was angry at Siu Gat a bit for using him at first, but I’m guessing he eventually thought it through and forgave her. It seems like it was mainly for Tong Sin Hang to see, because Bosco didn’t seem that depressed about it afterwards. If for the whole time he was staying loyal to Michael Miu, there must have been a time where Bosco thought about whether it was worth helping Michael anymore because of what was happening with Niki and Michael. I assume he eventually decided to stick by Michael because he trusts Niki and Michael (since he carries his brother’s heart).

      “When he had a one night stand with Sze Ka, did he do it because he wanted to give Sui Gat a reason for dumping him and to convince her that he didn’t love her anymore? It just seems to me that he is usually very smart and that there is no way that he can be tricked into bed by getting drunk especially not by Sze Ka.”

      This one is one I do not think he did just to give Siu Gat a reason for dumping him. If he really wanted Niki just to dump him, he could have done other things, he didn’t have to go sleep with her best friend. This would ruin both Niki and Mandy’s friendship and trust. I think Bosco wasn’t thinking it through properly and was upset about what was going on, hence he gave in. The two of them seemed pretty guilty the next morning and asked each other not to tell Niki because they both betray Niki. I think only later, Bosco decided to tell Niki as it as convenient in gaining Tong Sin Hang’s trust, and because 2- he didn’t want to lie to Niki anymore. He wanted to be honest to her.

      “When Sui Gat called Fong Chi Lik at the bar, what was she trying to gain? She tried to kiss him but was she doing it to test him for his loyalty to Yuet or lead him on so that she can get evidence for her mother’s murder case?”

      I think Niki wanted to lead him on and imply she had feelings for him etc so she could get close to him to find evidence for his mother’s murder case.

      Hope that helps!

      • Cecilia says:

        Thank you for taking the time to reply and give your perspective.

        Another thing that puzzles me is why Sui Gat was willing to take Yuet back and marry him but not accept Sze Ka back as a friend. Is it because if she did then Sze Ka would only repeat her behaviour?

        • in my opinion I think it’s cuz sze ka wasn’t a good friend to begin with(even though she redeems herself at the end) let’s just say sze ka was not the best type of friend. siu kat just feels super betrayed because this was not the first time sze ka hurted her. always taking things from her, lying and using siu kat. then siu kat finds out sze ka slept with her boyfriend.that’s like a big nono even for people in general. girls tend to easily forgive their bfs over their best friends/friends if the “friend” sleeps/cheats. I think if bosco slept with Elaine it would’ve been a different story. she might’ve forgiven Elaine faster.

        • KTVB says:

          Can you remind me how Sze Ka redeems herself at the end? lol…(or do you mean just her character?) I don’t think she did anything to Siu Gat that would warrant Siu Gat to forgive her.

          I am also puzzled as to on what grounds is Bosco using to ask for Siu Gat’s forgiveness. Was he just implying he was only acting like a jerk to gain Sin Hang’s trust? He didn’t explain why he slept with Sze Ka though (I guess there really isn’t much he could explain for sleeping with her best friend -_-)

        • @ktvb just her character. don’t think niki ever forgave her.
          sze ka’s redeemed herself by trying to patch things up for siu kat and bosco even when she knew siu kat wouldn’t forgive her. also when she realized how the life she was living wasn’t good and decided to change into a better person.

        • Cecilia says:

          I thought that Sze Ka made more of an effort to apologise to Sui Gat and like dongfang said, tried to patch things up between them because she knew that Yuet and Sui Gat belong together. Yuet asked for Sui Gat’s forgiveness at the funeral for behaving the way he did as he was undercover but I still don’t see why he was more deserving of her forgiveness than Sze Ka’s. Sze Ka is genuine about her change of behaviour and becomes a less selfish person in the end.

  • JacJac says:

    Yep I finished this drama too. :P. The surgery of Joey’s face to lookalike Niki was unrealistic to me. Well, in real life, we can’t really impersonate someone even if we have a surgery. Maybe similar facial features but not exactly the same?

    I thought the part of Bosco and Mandy sleeping was unnecessary. Maybe Bosco was a bit too drunk so he just slept with her without thinking?

    I wonder what’s your thoughts about Benjamin Yuen and Joey’s relationship? I did feel poor for JJ though. Did JJ praised Bosco over the top that made Benjamin jealous?

    • Cecilia says:

      I cringed at Ting Chun Ping and Tong Sin Hang’s relationship. Part of me thinks that she turned to him as she was jealous of Ji Lik’s emotional relationship with Sui Gat. When she slapped Martin for telling her that she should be glad that Ji Lik is in jail, it was clear that she loved Ji Lik still and that Martin did not compare and she told him so. She was definitely using him and just giving him erm benefits for doing as she instructed.

      • KTVB says:

        I agree with you Cecilia. Ting Chun Ping and Tong Sin Hang’s affair was purely just on benefiting each other. I don’t think there was anything else to it.

        I was quite disgusted watching them having an affair- I feel so sorry for JJ Jia!

  • Timbone says:

    I stopped at episode 2. I am not a fan of lookalike, twins falling for the same woman and body swap.
    City Hunter manga sequel Glass Heart kinda ruined this show for me lol.

    Thanks for your final thoughts, saved me from 28 episodes.

    I am not a fan of Raymond Wong but I will see his show.
    I just watched Under Canopy of Love for Bosco but his role in there was useless even though funny.
    I will look up more of his shows with Myolie Wu, that in laws show that I never finished due to its silliness. Ron Ng I am also a fan of will try to find more of their shows
    I think Nikki is irresistibly pretty so I can forgive her for anything.

    On a side note, I think most of us netizens are too quick to judge actors when we are not acting coaches or tv directors. Sadly even famous critics like Roger Ebert have corrected themselves when they criticized movies like Titanic that ended up being universally loved

    Happy New Year(2014)

    • Timbone says:

      I meant Raymond Lam haha. I knew I was missing something. I will definitely watch Karma Rider it seems promising.
      I even typed Raymond Long accidentally lol

  • Jessica says:

    I love this couple. And I want them to have more romantic scenes

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