March 2009

[EU] Final Ending Shot

*Warning:  Contains Spoilers! *

Do you want Laughing to come back life at the end of EU?

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In a dark room with a little glimpse of light, a man is putting on his police-outfit. He puts a five-dollar coin into his pocket.

No matter whether Laughing is dead or alive, Laughing will always exist. One day a police, a life as a police. Wearing the outfit, having so many support, what am I afraid of? Remember my name- Laughing Sir!

Ending to EU-Laughing in his Police Outfit

21 Responses to “[EU] Final Ending Shot”

  • KTVB says:

    Before watching the final episode, I’ve heard that due to Laughing’s popularity, TVB would add in an extra scene (a one minute one) to the end of the TV Version. (posted above)

    I think it’s good TVB does not make Laughing come back to life because that wouldn’t make sense. As much as how I want to see more of Laughing, its much more memorable the way it is. His death and contribution to the story was significant.

    Laughing is definitely the highlight of the whole series. shall always remember him for that. Michael Tse did a grat job and I’m really proud of him 🙂

    I’m a bit disappointed ‘extra’ ending. To me, I feel that this scene was added in my TVB to comfort the audience, though it wasn’t that necessary.I think I would have much preferred a scene where the police force gives Laughing recognition to his contribution (and Ron and sammul of course)and revealing his identity- clearing his name. Or perhaps it would have been better if TVB did not reveal that they are adding in an extra bit because it brings up higher hopes and anticipation for the finale.

    What do you guys think of it?

  • cx839 says:

    I liked this scene. It’s so mysterious and leaves room for imagination. With this, you can say that Laughing is dead OR still alive. Perhaps more convenient for TVB as they are considering a fourth instalment which leaves it open we might see Laughing again.

    You can also treat this scene as a bonus or promo clip on how the spirit (how he’s always so brave and stuff) of Laughing stays forever. Hence the line “It matters not whether Laughing is dead or alive, Laughing will always exist.”

    And don’t forget, right now, we really don’t know for sure if Laughing is still alive. =)

  • eigna says:

    TVB will sure made laughing came back..

  • LONEGURL says:

    It’s a good ending for Laughing. There are people who want him dead and some wants him alive. It leaves a suspense and can satisfy both parties at the same time. BUT I think the ending was unfair for Ron. He surely deserve more recognition but it’s just Sammul claiming all the credit. I guess TVB kinda neglected Ron’s character quite a lot.

  • sugar says:

    ^ I know. Ron didn’t really get anything in the end. Even though he did break the rules. They didn’t even mention about him being undercover. >.< I would of liked it if they cleared Laughing’s name, or maybe there waiting to do that in the fourth one.

  • TVB_4eva says:

    OMG…I REALLY LIKED THE BONUS ENDING CLIP & the E.U ending !!!! ^__^
    The clip gave a nice finishing touch on this series.
    I especially loved the part where he says “Wearing the outfit, having so many support, what am I afraid of? Remember my name- LAUGHING SIR!”
    heheheheh……..the last part just makes you SMILE !!!


  • eigna says:

    i didn’t saw laughing ending lor..

  • JT says:

    XD, i myself did not see this laughing gor ending?
    and i bought the dvd, and i live in australia..

  • TVB_4eva says:

    For anyone who didnt see the “Laughing Gor Special Ending” here is a link on youtube that includes the bonus clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufB9YRmZE6o
    [The Laughing Gor Ending is just at the last 2min of the clip ]

  • ling says:

    hooray to Michael Tse..
    luv the ending part most….

  • Winter_Stargirl says:

    hehe yeah ! i thought it was pretty clever of tvb to put in that extra ending
    but i hope he’s still dead (that sounds so weird), cos him coming back to life is ERRRRRR
    and yeah i agree, where was ron’s recognition and credit for being undercover ?! sheesh!

  • Smiling Gor says:

    You idiots…Laughing won’t ‘come back to life’. It’ll be about his life before he went undercover. Just like Hau Gor ain’t Pak Kiu’s dad come back to life….

    If anything it’ll just be a prequel…and now we know it’ll be a movie…

  • chibi says:

    lol, was this extra bit necessary?? XD XD I just laughed when I saw it… it’s so silly and comical..as much as I like Laughing-gor, we’re certain he is dead.

  • Vanie says:

    when I first saw the coin, I seriously thought it was Ron, coz he took over it afterwards… It’ll be spooky if Laughing comes back alive – shot twice and dumped in the sea…..

  • emotionless says:

    lauging gor is the best

  • Fiona says:

    LOL…wouldn’t want laughing gor coming back to life…would be scary! LOL… I eman, i like laughing, but this is kinda unecessary… XD, really, i didn’t like it when Michael Miu came back as hao gor after he died in the academy, I mean I like him, and everything, but HE’S DEAD. WHY DID HE “COME BACK TO LIFE” AS ANOTHER PERSON? it’s just the wierdest story ever if you think about it…gosh, can’t you se someone else to be hao gor??!!!!!

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..think they should just leave it. Imagine that- Laughing Gor having a twin brother or something lol I think the whole ‘cool’ element of Laughing Gor was because we didn’t know he was an undercover and when they revealed it , it was like WOW!!! It was cool watching such a awesome convincing undercover cop- I loved his focused mindset and dedication towards his job. Never had he doubted and wanted to back down etc which is probably why I didn’t enjoy his character in the Laughing Gor movie as much.

      If there is a 4th installment, I wonder which new casts will be in it ^^ For the three so far- it’s always the “supporting casts” which makes the series shine (rather than Ron & Sammul) lol

  • Carrie says:

    i want to see Ron’s character-Man have a happy ending with Yao Yao.
    I want a Part 4 of the series where both of them are team up again and are together with happy ending!!
    They are my fav. couple in this series and seeing them cannot be together in the end makes me v.v.sad!!
    TVB – give us a happy ending for them!!

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