April 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 1

I feel a bit overwhelmed just watching the first episode in how draggy the story might turn out. Can I survive watching 40 episodes of this?

I liked how they put what happens’ 5 years later’ at the start so there’s something which brings out how dramatic and serious the story will turn out to be. Lok Yiand Susanna play Mother and son again ^^ (Like in Glittering days)..but for some odd reason, she slaps him in the preview..and Bosco is on her side. I’m guessing that Bosco and Lok Yi some got mixed up and that Bosco is really Susanna’s son ! 0_0 It happened so quickly it didn’t really sink in haha, but I won’t rewatch it to clarify =) I’ll just watch on and see~~
So far, I’m really annoyed by Ha Yu’s character and his laughing..don’t really like that guy (similarly disliked his character in When Rules turn Loose). The relationships between the characters are still a bit of a confusion for me but I guess I’ll figure it out eventually when the story goes on.

Moses’ character seems a bit ‘dumb’ , I wonder what happened to him~ He’s quite dopey and funny but when he’s with Ha Yu it gives me the creeps. Linda has made her appearance in ‘5 years later’ and in the present and I have to say I think she looks very pretty ^^ her character seems different from her usuals too.

Michelle’s character is really nice and friendly here, unlike her role in The Brink of Law, but then again, Susanna and everyone else all appear to get along with everyone really well and are genuinely nice to each other. I also liked seeing how the 4 siblings (Moses, Bosco, Lok Yi, Fala) get along and interact~ The whole first episode seemed to be creating a foreshadow, from the spoiler at the beginning and also how Ha Yu keeps mentioning how fortunate his family is that everyone getting along, comparing his family to the family who had a dispute at Court because the 2 wives were fighting over their husband’s wealth/assets. This is bound to happen to their family when he’s not around anymore. How come men have 2 wives anyway? Is that even legal at HK?

As mentioned before, I love the Themesong sung by Susanna Kwan~!

Extra: Scene from 5 years later (contains spoilers)

9 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 1”

  • william says:

    i liked the first ep although im not sure why they spent most of the episode agonising and looking for loopholes in a chairty donation!?

  • Robyn says:

    I actually really liked the first episode. I look forward to how Ha Yu’s death (it was mentioned that he died in the five years later part) will break the whole family down.

    As for the two wives thing, Susanna is not legally married to Ha Yu.

  • groovy says:

    Some of my friends like it but after I saw the first 10 episodes I think its quite silly and overdramatic at times :sick: But maybe its my individual opinion LOL

    I miss a good series like DB that I love from the beginning till the end..Ha Ha

  • KTVB says:

    To groovy: Aww..I don’t want to hear tis going to be overdramatic and silly~ I wanted to hear it was gonna be really cool stuff lol

    To william: haha..yeh~ finding loopholes is so weird! I guess it gives you the feeling about how the people are in the family are like

    To Robyn: Looking forward to finding out how it would break up the family too…but I don’t really want to see their family break up xD

  • chibi says:

    Its alright so far, hope it gets better though.. Ha Yu’s first wife dies too (as seen in the 5 years later thing)

  • cF says:

    Yes, the first episode doesn’t drive the plot much in HOG, but rest assured it gets better!

  • Tracy says:

    do you even know chinese, bosco is see kei’s son, susanna didnt want to recognise lok yi as her son because he doesnt like what she was doing and that what she is doing is very nonsensical. she slapped him because she couldnt believe that her own son wouldnt follow her side.

  • KTVB says:

    Why Bosco was on Susanna’s side left me thinking though~

  • ha23 says:

    do u guys know where i can find this movie with text english on it ?

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