Did I accidentally skip this scene, or was this part played in episode 1 not reused ” 5 years later”? I was waiting for this scene to come but I don’t think it ever happened..

I’ve seen series, like Heart of Greed, where they show a bit at the front, and then they go back certain years later so we watch to find out how it got to that stage and I guess something to keep us and anticipating. (The Green Hope, Chinese Paladin, The Price of Greed just to name a few…) But the scene they put in front is usually not the complete version and is shorten, so I thought the whole scene with Susanna/Bosco, Moses/Fala/Chris coming out of the car and entering the court was going to explained more in detail but it wasn’t; and instead, they played the same thing again. The court scene, along with the following scene (screencaps above) seemed to be made especially for episode 1. I think it tried to mislead the audience because what Susanna had said in court were all lies (sure after the truth behind Moses’ real parents came out it caused more problems in the house, but they all still treated Moses as nice as before) and in the scene above~ she blames Moses for causing the death of Lee See Kei (which she has been saying through the series which is ok I guess), but that fact is false as well.

In all the previous court cases, Susanna always had Tavia’s family and the Henry guy with her, but it happens that for just this scene they didn’t appear.

One thing remained true though, and that Susanna’s anger.

9 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Scene in Episode 1”

  • Charly says:

    Yup, they didn’t show it!
    Cos I realised too and my mum didn’t see it =]

  • groovy says:

    yup they didn’t show

    there were LOTS of complaints in newspapers after HOG finished about they cutting this scene 😛 audience not satisfied LOL

  • Summer says:

    groovy :.. yaya.. they did not show this scene while come to episode around 39, while they talk to the part, lawyer case.. so, i think so, they should cut alot..

  • John Amigo says:

    Either they cut the scene and/or/due to they changed the ending to give Sai Kei a good ending for her concert, lolz

  • Summer says:

    John Amigo, i oso think so should b like tat, cos.. i hear my fren say, suppose there’s 1 seen tat, Sai kai will get someone to rape Ah Yan ( Fala Chen ).. but,it din show on movie lo, so i think so.. probally, they dun wan give the audience the impression of Sai Kai too bad kua..so.. will cut some scene lo.. haha.. any way, i love tis ending la.. everyone is happy and get back to a happy family…

  • JJL says:

    hey kerry you know how you said they didn’t refer back to the first ep of HOG, well i heard that the ratings were so good that they decided to add more eps originally it was going to be like 30eps

  • KTVB says:

    To groovy: wow..thanks for that info. I didn’t know that xD

    TO John: You got a point there. Susanna become really popular after HOG, esp that she sings the themesong for it. Probably for the concert..she can’t be too evil /hated.

    To Summer: woah! That would have been real bad

    To JJL: I don’t know how they can do that. I thought the whole series was complete before they started airing it

  • Lizzy says:

    I was waiting for this scene too. I said to my mum about this scene, but everybody in my family has already forgotten this scene after watching.
    Also, I thought that I heard that Susanna said in the scene above that she only do it, when they give her son back, probably Chris Lai. But in the real ending, she don’t mind everything about him, even not when he was in the hospital after that fight scene with Sheung Joi Duk.

  • KTVB says:

    To Lizzy: yeh..it’s also on the opening theme clip ^^;

    Yea, I rewatched and got a bit confused about the “her son” part too. Chris was standing right there as well. Its to mislead I think =)

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