May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 28

A real sad episode ~it brought me to tears almost throughout the whole thing T__T Lee See Kei’s character dies in this episode..its the third time she started saying her final “goodbye” to her family members and every time she did it would make me all teary. So touching!! I will really miss ‘Dai Kai’!! When she’s around, I just feel the whole Tong family would be safe and sound..everyone would be all happy, no more fights..no more arguments..no Susanna in the house, and Uncle Bor is a nice guy too, Bosco and Tavia get along really well….argh!! Noo..I fear what may happen next!! Learning that Lee See Kei was going to die, Susanna started faking (as usual) in front of everyone, begging her for forgiveness (in hope she can get back into the family after she was gone)..she even convinced Lok Yi to help her beg..She is so annoying! How can she say all those words so easily but not reflect on all those thigns she did wrong?? Seems like it will be Lok Yi’s lie that will cause the whole family to fall apart..I seriously doubt Lee See Kei told him that she forgave Susanna..more like she’ll never let her back in the family. But after she said so, he looked really shocked …I think its something about his life..maybe Susanna isn’t his real mother? Or simply “friends only”.. The things she said in that tape was soo sad too! T___T She also mentioned that Lok Yi never told a lie before…which I think is really a message for the audience that he lied back then in the hospital..
On the other hand, I really hate how Raymond is treating Linda..he’s so cold towards her and spends all his time with Yoyo instead. Linda realises that Raymond had been lying to him when he said he was at home…T___T Why is he being so unfair to her? Why is he all touchy about Moses helping Linda when he’s cheating on her? If he’s so happy with Yoyo, why won’t he break up with Linda?? This is also the first them the Heart of Greed Sub themesong is played in the ending credits~~ sounds soo nice!! They should play it more often..

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  • dreyvii says:

    Yup…Lok Yi lied. It was so sad that Dai Kai heard his lie right before she passed on.

    Yeah, on Linda, it’s so sad. She was expecting to surprise him, but ended up disappointed that she was lied to. And the themesong was played right at the moment she found out, the music made us feel her pain at that moment particularly. Don’t you hate Yoyo for always bringing up her Taiwan trip with Raymond??

  • KTVB says:

    I know~ ! Yoyo keeps talking about the Taiwan and Earthquake -__-

  • Summer says:

    Huh.. Dreyvii ;.. u know.. last nite i watched Linda cry and cry due to she start to figure out Ray got affair wif others girls, but she dun know is who, wa.. i watched i oso cry… cos.. feel she is so paint… esp while she meet Dak Dak Dei and kept on cry and tell him wat happen… not tat Dak Dak Dei wan to cry.. i m crying oso.. she is so pity la… feel like i m just her frens and listening to her pity story.. so sad lo.. last nite, really sad few moment, while Dai Kai die.. at 1st i wont cry.. cos.. controlling, but while Fala Cry.. wa.. cant control la.. i oso cry.. i can feel, Dai kai really un willing to leave them all.. but, no choice, she need to leave… huh.. so sad…

    i see YO YO.. i really wanna slap her… huh.. she wan to betrayed her frens.. but she scare her fren know.. she never think of her frens feeling… she only think of her romance.. i think so, she is more ” Yam Seng” then Tavia lo..

    Then, more anrgy is tat FOon Zai, dun tell the truth tat Dai Kai wont forgive Sai Kai.. but he dun say out.. although no body knows, wat Dai Kai say.. but i see Foon Cai reaction, already know.. sure Dai Kai dun forgive Sai Kai la.. cos.. Dai Kai already knows tis lady wat she wanna to do.. hm..m.. so Kek Sei la.. haha…

    any way, i will kept on follow up.. haha.. and i got another 31 to 40 chapter le.r.so, probally tis weekend..if got time..will stay at hse and watched it.. haha…

    any wya, i had upload a You Tube Video on they had a promotion as ” Tong Sam Ye Yin ” earlier at Hong Kong and invite all ppl to had a dinner to wathced the final episode of this HOG, so i had upload it at my web site… u can log in to view la.. is quite happy tat nite, their Tong Sum Ye Yin…


  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: Hey, you uploaded it on youtube? Can you send me the original clip? Was hoping to watch it, not on youtube. You’ve got my email right?

    I actually pity Foon Zai. He’s trapped between being the two most important women in his life. One treats him like her own son, the other is his flesh and blood. I didn’t really cry this time when Dai Kai died, cos she said goodbye so many times I think I was already immune to that kind of feeling. LOL

  • POOH says:

    I agree with summer. i feel YOYO is really “Yam Seng”, and i totally dont like her, since she is betrayed her good fren (Linda) and she keep on saying about the TAIWAN & Earthquarke, and about the disco (Raymond and YOYO danced together @ Taiwan)..and i really pity LINDA a lot. When Da kei really passed away, im crying and cannot stop for this part…..sob..sob….

  • Vicki says:

    oooooo i knew he was lying, cos he looked so shocked

  • pam says:

    hi i was wondering: what happens to lei yi/ michelle yim, after discussing the marriage plans with the children? did she disappear ?

  • aki says:

    Sighs i couldn’t find this episode online and the website i was watching from didn’t have the whole thing!!! ugh and so happened to be such an important episode!!! i’m so pissed and so sad for linda as well 🙁

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