July 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 13

Aww… its really sad watching ‘Dai Kai’ in hospital. The things ‘Dai kai’ said to Bosco and Tavia were harsh but you couldn’t blame her. She was equally as hurt as Bosco and Tavia were from those words. She loves Bosco so much but she couldn’t being herself to accept the two. Bosco on the other hand didn’t want to hurt his mum but he still insisted in marrying her..I guess this shows how much Tavia means to him. Knowing that his mum doesn’t want to see the two, they go to visit her when she was asleep..

You can tell Tavia is a really nice girl.. she didn’t want Bosco to leave his family because she knew how much the family meant to him..
‘Dai Bao’ wanted to compromise with Bosco because he didn’t want to lose his son too, but things still didn’t work out. At the end, ‘Dao Bao’ learns that Bosco plans to go overseas with Tavia to get married because Tavia is pregnant with his baby (Tavia hasn’t even divorced with her husband yet!) He ends up inviting Bosco back home to have their ‘final’ family dinner before he leaves. He wanted his son to be happy but it ended up in tears and he becomes really angry at Bosco because he was really disappointed in him. Dai Kai leaves the hospital and comes back in time to stop Bosco from leaving. She gives her blessings to the two to be together.. I’m so glad everything worked out ^^

‘Dai Kai’ probably knows that Susanna was the one who told Chris to call her about Bosco leaving. She’s a very smart lady and knew that Susanna was the one with Uncle Bor and did those illegal stuff.
Poor Michelle! She’s always targetted by Susanna, even when Susanna is the one who is wrong, she manages to turn things around, just because she can “yell and scream”…she gets things her way! She makes a big deal out of something small just to stir up more family problems. Its so unfair…Why did Michelle have to apologise to her! argh….
I’m so happy that ‘Dai Kai’ came back ^^ She really has the power in the family..you can’t rely on HaYu to keep the family together~

4 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 13”

  • chibi says:

    yay for Bosco and Tavia, hehee…

  • tvjunkiee says:

    tavia’s so pretty with bangs ^^

  • Cathy says:

    first time seeings tavia in bangs she looks so mature in this series. I dont like how raymond came into this series so late =S

  • Shurlee says:

    i agree.. tavia looks really pretty in HOG
    x x

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