Who's your favourite female in FH2?

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*KTVB doesn’t really have a favourite, but she likes Josie.

15 Responses to “[Forensic Heroes 2] Favourite Female Poll”

  • kinki says:

    dunno if it’s just me not,
    but an error message popped out when i tried to vote!

  • chibi says:

    wow, Charmaine is winning by a mile.. not surprised though as she’s the main female lead of FH2.

    • Adey says:

      To hell with Charmaine, I don’t like a frickin personality. My thoughts, but to me she’s a complete B***H. Anyway I liked the chem between Flor and Ray. Very cool when she cut his hand with the AIDS blood glass. Yoyo was quite cool although I preferred her rolecast in this one’s original.
      K- I like Vivien too! Her character is a bit kiddish but works well with her joker CID team! She’s ADORABLE. Has that leila-kid-forever face.

  • sugar says:

    kinki – same here ?

  • kinki says:

    sugar: vote on the poll on the side instead, that works!

  • Li Yuet says:

    i don’t like charmaine because of the drive of life. Evil much ?

  • Mimi67 says:

    i prefer boyo(bobby+yoyo) combo.

  • eigna says:

    i like bobby & yoyo..and kevin & charmaine

  • jasmine says:

    i like bobby&yoyo, charmaine&kevin, linda&frankie

  • stargal15 says:

    I think this sequel is really unfair to Yoyo, as suddenly they made her character very small, and tried to push Charmaine’s character. I like both characters, its just that I prefer watching Yoyo as Madam…and its really unfair to her. ):

  • Suby says:

    I love Charmaine, and FH2 is the best drama I’ve seen her in. I really like her when she has a role as a cop. Although I haven’t watched her in Angels of Mission yet…I like Yoyo too, but not as much as Charmaine..I liked Yoyo’s character in The Ultimate Crime Fighter, though! 🙂

  • Teresa D says:

    I have watch both series.I like FH 2 more,cause i did not like yoyo.I like Charmain better!

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