To be aired in HK in Mid-May 2008

Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, Raymond Cho…
Episodes: 30
Producer: Mui Siu Ching

Every contact leaves a trace

Every clue serves as a silent witness against crime
Bomb disposal expert YEUNG YAT SING (Kevin Cheng) returns from England to visit relatives and he comes across a grenade case by accident. With his tactful and level-headed approach, SING is highly appraised by Senior Chemist KO YIN POK (Bobby Au Yeung) and is being invited to join the Forensic Division. In a little while, SING becomes the division’s rising star. By work, SING gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend KOO CHAK SUM (Frankie Lam). SUM serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon.

Accidentally SUM’s fiancée LAM TING TING (Linda Chung) is killed in an explosion and POK’s police girlfriend LEUNG SIU YAU (Yoyo Mung) also loses the ability of holding a gun in the incident. YAU’s duties are passed to MA KWOK YING (Charmaine Sheh) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both SUM and SING find YING extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling.

Integrated the laboratory techniques, logical reasoning and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships.

Synopsis Credits to: Astro On Demand

– – –

Comments: YESH! It’s finally going to air ^^ I am greatly anticipating its release because I thoroughly enjoyed its prequel =) Unfortunately I would still be in my busy season then but I’m definitely catching up on this afterwards. I’m not really watching this series for the romantic plot since that was what it was lacking in its prequel but I’m hoping the cases to be cracked will be new, refreshing, and exciting =) And now there’s Kevin and Charmaine added to the story too~ Ihaven’t seen Charmaine on screen for awhile so this should be good~

46 Responses to “[New Series]: Forensic Heroes II”

  • Rin says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since forever! I’m really glad they’re going to air this XD (after Catch Me Now right?). I’m a bit sad that Linda will die in this series =( but on the other hand I’m very excited that both Kevin and Charmaine are joining the cast ^^

  • chibi says:

    I hope they air this in Australia during the 7pm slot… ^^;

  • truc says:

    havent seen the last one, but since everyone is saying that it will be good, so I’m excited

  • xSIMPLICITY says:

    Omg! You dont know how excited i am for this series! I think it’ll be amazing! Omg! SOOO EXCITED! WOOOO

  • rachel says:

    i’m excite for this series! i love detective/police/mystery series just because TVB doesn’t make it very creepy and scary like american movies. i can’t wait to start watching it and figuring out the cases before they solve it! hahaha, but i’m sad linda’s gonna die…she was so cute and an awesome actor in the first one. but Kevin Cheng!!! omg! he’s gonna be in this series! yay! 😀 so excited can’t wait!

  • theresa says:

    Ive seem the first one b4 and wos so looking forward to this one. Ive seem 5chapters already, and to be honesr is not as good as the for one. Linda dies too early, which i think is a shame, they might as well not put her in it if she dies after 5 chapters. The first 5 chapters and probably more are around Charmaine, which dont get me wrong i like her too in films but is a bit unfair two the other girls and the crime that they solve is too long. In 5 chapters so far is still really on one crime, but related to another, u know wot i mean once you see it.
    To me is a bit disappointed, if you seem one, then u would think this one would have been better but is not. Lets hope futher on it will get better.

  • theresa says:

    Forensics heroes II is a big let down for me. After watching up to chapter 5, “it shows it doesnt interest me”, downloaded up to 11 chapter, I really enjoyed the first one and this one keeps going in circle. one story follows another one, like is all related, and Linda dies which really annoyes me. So far not good but I hope it gets better, wot do u think????

  • moonz says:

    omg dis series is so kool………….
    but da really sad part was when linda died ……..:(
    i’ve only watched up 2 episode 5……….but it was gr8…..lolz..^^


  • Jan says:

    Omg I just watched the episode where Linda dies, its so sad. So what if her schedule is too full, they shouldve killed her off in those dramas rather than this one. Now I’m sad. She got killed off too ealry.

  • BOL says:

    i so wish they kept linda on… she could’ve like been in a coma or something.. so if they do have a third one, she could bome back…

    and from wat i remember… yoyo had long hair in the first one… now all of a sudden it’s short hair… Linda’s was straight, not wavy and she liked to always have it on the side… but Bobby’s hair hasnt changed… haha… i’ve actually never seen bobby with like full grown hair… like all the other male actors… except for when he wears wigs for the ancient shows…

    anyways… this show is ok.. but i liked the prequel better

  • girlygirl says:

    haha i watched until ep20 already.probability
    charmaine end up with kelvin is 0. =(

  • Eileen says:

    I’ve watched finished! yay! aspredicted, charmaine is with kelvin

  • CharRayVin says:

    I’ve just finished the whole series for FH2 a week ago. 😀
    I gotta say, I liked it, although the love triangle between Bell, Ivan & Sam was a bit complicated.
    I also agree that they should of kept Ding Ding in the series, and that they didn’t have to make her die in the show, I cried watching most of the sad parts in the show. ><
    The ending makes me really wish they would have a FH3. :]
    I kept on wondering what would happen next between Ivan & Bell and all.
    I wonder if Sam is going to get with Sharon’s character too.
    Well, I hope there is a Forensic Heroes 3 & if so, I hope they don’t split Ivan & Bell up because I totally love them together ^^

  • teddybeargurl says:

    does anyone know where to buy da shoe key chain that ding ding & sam has in forensic heroes II

  • ~tvbluva4lyf~ says:

    OMG!! Forensic heroes is like really good…the ending was crap as but the series was pretty good!!
    Matthew Ko is SOOO hott!!!!!!

  • Angel says:

    Charmaine and Kevin were so cute together! I really hope there will be a FH3, because Frankie’s character Sam still didn’t find a girlfriend yet so it’s unfinished…

  • YoursForever says:

    omg I just aboslutely LOVE Ivan and Bell!!! Ivan and Bell are just so perfect together and I love the real Ivan (Kevin Cheng) and Bell (Charmaine Sheh) in real life too! I do have a feeling that FH III will come sooner or later because Ivan is just coming out of a coma and Sam meets his possible gf at the last episode. They sure are leaving things haning in the mid air unanswered.

  • JujuBee says:

    There’s a possible chance that there will be a Forensic Heroes 3 since it ended without seeing all of them happily together… If there is one, then they would start filming at the end of this year or beginning of 2009 (: AND. I also want to know where to buy Linda’s shoe that she was suppose to wear for her wedding.

  • Haley says:

    I love forensic heroes II I know some people were disappointed by it but I personally really like the new characters. kevin was so cute being all happy-go-lucky and he and bell really made a cute couple. i want forensic heroes III to come out ASAP cause I cant wait to see what would happen to them. hopefully the cases will be more interesting too

  • eigna says:

    i love watching forensic heroes II too,it much better than forensic heroes..kevin is so handsome..the 3 guys talking at bobby living room is nice to see too..i start to like bobby after forensic heroes II ..

  • Sandy says:

    I love Forensic Heroes 2. I just love seeing Ivan (Kevin) and Bell (Charmaine) together. They are such a perfect match. But I hate it that tvb killed Ding (Linda) off just like that. Can’t wait for FH3 but hopefully tvb would not separate Ivan and Bell.

  • tracy says:

    i hope they make a FH3! I recently finished FH2 and loved Bell and Ivan together. The ending was kinda stupid because they didn’t show Bell and Ivan reuniting and him finding out that she’s pregnant. I REALLY REALLY think they should make a FH3!!!

  • tvb fan says:

    Forensic heroes # 2 is okay, but i cant watch the whole show cause i cant find it online !!! only watched up to episode 12 need the other rest if anyone could help me that would be great !! thank you

  • Nga Nguyen says:

    I verry love Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng in Forensic Heroes 2

  • Nga Nguyen says:

    I’m a Vietnam people. I love seeing Ivan [Kevin cheng] and Bell [Charmaine Sheh]. I hope there will be a Forensic Heroes 3.

  • xivanmax says:

    hey dude im chinese and my FAVOITE CHARCTER IN THAT movie is Ivan

  • stella says:

    i love this show,i also hope tvb will film Forensic Heroes 3..i love the pairing between kevin & charmaine,bobby & yoyo..

  • Lisa N says:

    I enjoyed this series and agree and hope FH3 is not far away. I find Kevin & Charmaine’s paring too cute!

    • lucky says:

      i believe FH3 is going to be bad….becoz they say no more BOBBY,YOYO,FRANKIE,CHARMAINE….their main cast are KEVIN,MANDY CHO,RAYMOND CHO….are they stupid not to put BOBBY,YOYO,FRANKIE,CHARMAINE on screen….

  • Kitty says:

    D: I hope FH3 is gonna come out. D: I love this series. >3<

  • TVBSG says:

    GOSH!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!! AWESOME 🙂 FH3 FH3 FH3 FH3……. Please come soon….

  • Kelvin says:

    Bobby, yoyo, frankie and charmaine are said to not be in forensic heroes 3. Main cast includes Kevin cheng, mandy cho and raymond cho.

    • KTVB says:

      Yup, I’ve heard about that from the Sales Presentation magazine..

      Forensic Heroes 3

      No more Bobby, Yoyo, Frankie or Charmaine. It’s definitely not going to feel right..

      • lucky says:

        stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why dont have Bobby,Yoyo,Frankie,Charmaine!!!!!!if FH3 is goin to be like that,then i believe its no interesting anymore…and all the fans will hate it,juz continue the story from FH2…Sam found a GF looks like Ding-Ding,Bell and Ivan….Tim and Siu-Yao…Ynone and Shum….i hope FH3 will be like that…..

      • KTVB says:

        I’ve just seen the sales presentation Clip for Forensic Heroes 3 and I see Kevin, Bobby and Frankie in it =)

    • Sammi says:

      isn’t it maggie cheung instead of charmaine sheh?

  • Kelvin says:

    In the sales presentation poster it doesn’t say anything about charmaine or frankie which makes on sense as frankie met sharon at the last episode and charmaine was rushing to see kevin. However it does mention bobby and yoyo’s character. Apparently bobby is suspected of killing yoyo which also makes on sense. This makes the forensic heroes 2 anticlimatical and forensic heroes 3 a messed up version. They are better off not filming this series.

  • Kelvin says:

    What more they even removed raymond’s girlfriend from it and raymond is now a main cast

  • raymond says:

    Matthew Ko is fucking hot!

  • kemarabuth says:

    I verry love Charmaine and Kevin in Forensic Heroes 2. I hop to see charmaine and kevin in the Forensic Heroes 3.

  • Eva says:

    FH3 DOESNT INCLUDE THE CHARACTERS FROM FH2 SO THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME TO SOMETHING ELSE! It doesnt make sense to have a 3rd installment if it doesnt fit with the 2nd!!!!

  • Cyn says:

    Seriously, I only care why the script writer wants SAM and Ding Ding to have such an ending.. WHY!! They look great being a cute couple together. They can be a lovely family throughout the show, showing the audience how to maintain a good r/s between one another. This is so upsetting! I’m really sad and disappointed when ding ding dies so earlyy. Plus it happens when they are going to marry soon.. It is just not the right timing.. I hope Ding ding will be back tgt with SAM..

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