[Update on K’s TVB series Progress]
Currently up to episode 12 of Forensic Heroes.

Initially I thought I’d be making a lot of posts on Forensic Heroes 2, but perhaps time wouldn’t allow me to. It turned out it was rather because I wasn’t enjoying the series as much as I hoped. I didn’t have much I wanted to say except it wasn’t meeting the expectation as I had hoped from its prequel.

I started to feel sorry for Yoyo’s character when Charmaine appeared. It was like she suddenly had a rival at work. Then, in her private life, Linda kept bragging how lucky and happy she was because of her wedding, while Bobby was so ‘stiff’ towards her. Bobby doesn’t show much affection towards her so Yoyo often appears unhappy because she doesn’t understand what he is really thinking, or how much he really loves her. The time I felt the worst for her was when she thought Bobby was going to propose to her, but she got disappointed again and again. I guess Bobby’s character hasn’t changed much since Forensic Heroes 1.

When Bobby was going to propose to her with the ‘bus’, she hadn’t realise and was not in the mood for it. She rejected the ‘bus’ present (which secretly had a ring inside) I felt sorry for her character again after the explosion incident where she became half deaf and her right arm became semi-disabled ='( She could no longer lead her team, or hold a gun anymore nor ‘look after herself’. It was then Bobby finally told her how he really felt since he has always been keeping everything inside making Yoyo uncertain about how much he really cared about her. Bobby finally gets the chance to propose to her, unfortunately this time, she refuses to marry him because she believed he was only doing it because he felt sorry for her *sigh*

I didn’t feel much for Linda’s death in episode 4. Perhaps it was because I already knew she was going to die before I even watched it. It was also on the opening theme video and up until the point where she gets killed from an explosion, Linda’s “Ding Ding” character does not do much for the series. Most if not all her scenes are showing how ‘happy’ she is because of her wedding and it was just building up towards the death scene. The tragedy didn’t really work on me because I saw it as TVB merely removing her character off the series to change the overall casting of the series, with Yoyo no longer able to lead either.

I did, however enjoyed watching how close Yoyo and Linda’s characters have gotten since Forensic Heroes 1.

I wasn’t a fan of the Frankie and Linda (Dr. Koo and Ding Ding) coupling in the original series because I always felt their romantic storyline was rather dull (Actually the romance storyline in Forensic Heroes 1 with all couplings in general weren’t that good). Nevertheless, I thought Frankie did well for his crying scenes~


Like the other characters in Forensic Heroes 2, I disliked Charmaine’s character when she initially appeared. I did not accept her taking lead of Yoyo’s team and how she was always acting more superior with that outer attitude towards others. I’m starting to like the series a bit more now that things have gotten a bit better with Charmaine’s character (after knowing the way she treats her mum and I guess the ‘nicer’ person she is on the inside). Like the rest of the characters how they are starting to see the other side of Charmaine and growing to like her character more, I have also grown to accepting her as the new female lead of FH2. (Episode 10/11) Yoyo’s team is starting to respect her, but they still equally respecting their ex-leader, Yoyo.

I like watching the team spirit and always found Yoyo’s team quite cute and funny. I like the bond and interaction they share with each other and with Yoyo (Madam Leung) , for example how the four were having grudges against Charmaine and Mathew Ko together and how the four were so nosy to find out what three words the women was referring to in an argument with Charmaine. XD With Linda’s death fading away and Yoyo being able to ‘get back up’ from her fall,I think I am starting to get used to the new cast for Forensic Heroes 2.

The other side plot/back story for Charmaine’s family is also quite interesting. I enjoy watching the family matters but it does reminds me a lot of A Journey Called Life with Linda’s family and about her ‘Step mother’, where Charmaine’s father had two family/wives. I like watching the filial side of Charmaine but I do hope the story turns out differently because I don’t want it to be too predictable.

With the loss of Linda from the Forensic Team, the new addition of Kevin’s character is refreshing. Kevin’s character here is more likable compared to some of the other roles he plays because he smiles more here XD He’s a pretty happy guy and I like watching his friendship with Frankie. His character doesn’t do much yet but I can already feel some little love triangle thing building up between Charmaine, Kevin and Frankie. When I first heard of this idea, I was a bit skeptical but I’ll keep an open mind on that idea and see how that plot will unfold.

I liked Astrid’s appearance because I felt the link with the prequel =) I was curious to find out more about the ‘Matt’ guy and the reason he was beating up his wife.

The Cases

The thing I loved most about Forensic Heroes 1 was the cases but so far, I think this is the biggest let down. The cases are not that interesting and I often felt bored. I remember the first case they tried to link a few cases and victims with each other to the point it seemed like it was dragging on and I couldn’t see where things were heading. It was quite messy and all over the place. Some of the evidence also seemed bizarre. Some of the later cases weren’t that interesting either, like Matt’s death with the bald guy with pimples. It just felt so random. They also spent a whole episode about a father and son running over a lady crossing the road. To me, it seemed a bit far-fetched for them to investigate into that area, getting out of their way to find out the truth to help reduce penalties. As I watched the cases, it was also obvious they were trying to inform the HK audience of consequences of committing a crime, like how the man was burying his dog in the forest and illegal actions. I hope the cases get better because they haven’t been very engaging.

So far, overall the series is disappointing and not really engaging. At times I even felt like giving up on the series because it wasn’t meeting my expectation that was built from the original series. I will force myself to watch on to see if it gets any better. I thought it would be a good idea for it to air in Australia on 7pm time slot but some of the stuff can get gruesome and not very appetizing to watch during dinner time XD Still better than watching “The Money-Making Recipe” I guess. (That series has started airing in Sydney at the 8:30pm time slot)

What do you guys think of the first 10 episodes?

25 Responses to “[Forensic Heroes II] Thoughts Episode 1-10”

  • Oh wow K… can’t believe I agree with everything you said. 😛 I’ll post my thoughts on eps 1-10 some time this week or next.

    I’m enjoying the series, but I prefer the original because the “original 4” were perfect. 🙁

  • Jane says:

    I don’t live in Hong Kong so I can’t watch this series yet but I’m very curious about it. Especially when I read your comments 🙂 It seems to be very interesting one.

  • Summer says:

    wow… thanks KTVB, i dun have time to do screencap for this series.. tats good, to see urs..haha.. its makes me re-cab many scene.. esp, the scene of Linda dies.. Ya, i agreed wif u, Frankie did very well in her crying scene, he is improving alot, i like his character in tis series, as well i love the brotherly hood of him and Kevin + Bobby.. they 3, give me a feel of good brothers
    any way, Charmaine, at 1st, few chapter, i dun like to see her, but to now..its getting much better… overall, i love tis series..i m up to epi 13 l.. will cont it soon.. and look forward more of ur screencap la..

  • chibi says:

    Great post K! A good summary and screencaps to compliment. I agree with pretty much everything you have said… The cases are pretty dull, and the evidence conveniently found at the scenes seem a bit..much. XD

    The more I watch FH2, the more I wonder who FH work for.. I mean, who can afford their services? The father and son, and running over the lady case was just lame.. it’s such an ordinary case, yet they have these forensics to back them up? They’re not rich either, there’s no way they can afford paying all the workers and for the equipment etc. Aren’t their lawyers suppose to prove of their innocence? Just doesn’t seem realistic to me.

  • KTVB says:

    To Metal: lol ^_^ That’s a pleasant surprise XD Will look forward to read urs soon 😛

    To Jane: I don’t live at Hong Kong either ^^; Glad you like the post!

    To Summer: I like watching the bond between Kevin, Frankie and Bobby as well haha..the three look very cool together

    To chibi: yea, it looks like a lot of costs involved in running the Forensic Division.

  • vivi says:

    I downloaded the money sereis to watch and i have to admit i was bored by the first ten minutes of the episode! well the first two but i thought i give it a chance! It was boring and have stopped downloading it now.
    But forensic have only watch epi one due to exams but i quite hooked on it although i have to admit i dont like char character very much tbh. But then in the theme video i saw her in a wedding dress and then suddenly the groom, i think, falls off the chair…….something happened! I SO wana know so curiosity will keep me watching!

  • Trang says:

    love your review, kerry. it’s really good. summer is almost here. i’ll be able to watch all the good series. some of the series were from your reviews. keep up the good works.

  • Jadedreams says:

    Well Forensics Hero I wasn’t an exceptional series in itself in my opinion. It was only ok to me. The best part of it is with Bobby-Yoyo-Frankie interaction and of course with Astrid & Florence.

    As for FH 2, so far, I think the characters are actually better than FH1 with the new characters added. I thought Linda’s character was annoying as heck in FH1, and I’m glad she’s gone in FH2 (perhaps due to me not being a Linda fan at all). I like the addition of Charmaine & Kevin’s character. Although I do not like Charmaine’s character a whole lot, I do like her pairing up with Kevin & Frankie. Yoyo & Bobby’s relationship was nice to watch too….love how Bobby is so attentive to Yoyo. One of the highlights of FH2 is the friendship b/w Bobby, Kevin, & Frankie. I agree with you the cases are not as interesting though, but the characters & relationships in FH2 are interesting enough to keep me watching.

  • cF says:

    yeah i found spending an entire episode on the car accident case was quite farfetched.. imo that was a bore of an episode..

    the cases ain’t that engaging i agree.. hopefully it will get better..

  • aqlim says:

    Today is starting to watch the first epi of FR2 long waited series as i like FR1 so much.

    Today its just the first case,get to see all the team members are still the same as well as all of the 4 forensic hereos.Ding ding and sam is so sweet infornt of the bridal shop…=) cant accept the fact that she will be killed in later epi..(too emo) haha..

    i just read the a few lines.after i have finished the 10 epi only i will read the details..From previous posts that i have read from tvb musing and here.i am upset to know that tvb have replaced original cast with lesser Linda, Bobby and Yoyo with Kevin and Charmaine ,esp yoyo i think.Her hand get injured and she cant hold gun the gun anymore.From FR 1,yoyo was very cool madam,a ‘madam’ with great leadership skills,i enjoyed how she lead her team members into all the investigations with cooperation with forensic unit…etc..

    some comments written above “0verall the series is disappointing and not really engaging”..dull.not realistic..really that bad ? hope i can continue watching it and will not feel more upset as i watch further.=)

    will be coming in to this topic later! ciao..

  • laura says:

    ohh i really liked forensic heroes! i thought it was really good, and even though i knew linda was gonna die it still seemed really emotional to me.. hmmm

  • Jane says:

    I’ve just finished watching the 12th episode today. I think this serie focuses almost the whole time on Charmaine’s character and it’s not interesting for me. Maybe because I’m not fan of her, sorry for Charmaine’s fans. Do you think Frankie will be in love with her?

  • kinki says:

    Bell (Charmaine) is absolutely the female lead here no question..think the producers are ‘abandoning’ Yoyo’s character..

    Also think that Ivan(Kevin) and Sam(Frankie) are the male lead instead of Tim (Bobby).

    I dun think there’s anything relating this sequel to the previous FH except they used the same lead characters, ie Tim, Sam, Siu Yau.

    As a series, it’s pretty good (performance wise & cases). But as a sequel to FH, I expect more esp. resemblance from the first FH.

    Side note: wonder will Bell end up with Ivan or Sam?
    What do you guys think?

  • Jam says:

    i’ve always been a great fan of FH, and i think its quite sad that the producers are abandoning yoyo’s character, i think she well in portraying this character..

    i too think that the cases are not as ”challenging” as those in FH1, but the technology and equipments they used for FH2 has improved..

    Most imptly i think i carried on watching is cos of yoyo, i like the character xiaorou,as well as how yoyo portrays xiaorou, this is a very biased statement though(: so its kinda sad for me to see her not being able to be in the frontline again..

  • aqlim says:

    reply to kinki: i think Bell will end up with kevin? as the horoscope says whoever who picked up the pen is her ultimate soul mate..haha..not sure ,just guessing…as i still have not watched that far yet.

  • Pwinces2paradise says:

    OMG! i hope charmaine is paired up wif kevin!!!

  • TVBseriesfan says:

    PLZ READ!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw the whole series and I actually liked it. The beginning was stupid but towards the middle it’s starting to get you to want to see more. I think the best case is the one with the murderer killing movie stars. So I recommend that you shouldn’t give up on the series and you’ll like Charmaine’s character more.At first, I just watched it because I saw Forensic Heroes 1 and want to see what the sequel is like and I’m also a fan of Kevin Cheng. So I saw the whole series on YouTube. And you could too. The uploader is hkfilekeep. Just go on youtube.com and search for hkfilekeep and click on it and look for FH II. Also to visitors on this blog. And I guess I’ll visit everyday. You could also watch Love Exchange and Speech of Silence on youtube, but the uploader, hkfilekeep, didn’t upload the rest but you’ll catch up.

  • silver says:

    i watched the first episode.it was disappointing.the most awful part is charmaine doesnt suit the character at all. she’s always acting as tho she’s the jewel of the movie.i gave up the series due to her.(i love raymond lam! but charmaine spoils it)

  • angel says:

    I was wondering what are the episodes that has Yoyo in it? Cuz, i am kinda only watching this for Yoyo/Bobby–xD I hate how CHarmaine just gets to be the lead character and takes over, so i just fast forward when i see her. i dunno why, i get kinda annoyed. she acts soo high and mighty. does charmaine and yoyo become friends in the series tho?

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams : I would say there is more love relationship/plot in FH2 compared to FH1 but I still feel that it’s lacking something.

    To angel: lol, hm…i don’t actually remember which episode she was in or wasn’t. I mean, she’s probably in most episodes at the start but just has a smaller screentime. She disappears fora bit in the latter episode and then returns =)

  • Vivian says:

    ive watched the whole thing =] its really good bt some cases were soo boring! but the last one was the best, i would never guest that the replacement girl was the killer. LOL Ivan [&&] Bell so cutee together <3. i wish there’ll be FH3

  • fion says:

    may i know where can i get to watch these movies online?

  • vu long says:

    hj! i’m from vietnam. I am a fan of tvb’s film. I love forensic hero so much. Is there anyone love it too?

  • xukan09 says:

    well this is the frist winderdul movie that i have seen before i really like the love story of bell and ivan they are so romancetic

  • I love your blog. Good to see more people writing about forensic heroes ii.

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