January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 21

Awww…I feel sorry for Bosco watching Tavia happily going out with the Ronald guy. Even though Tavia can easily see through Bosco and what he’s thinking, she doesn’t seem to be able to notice his crush on her =\ He tries to put a happy face, but guess he just can’t help it. Bosco seemed pretty down for the whole episode. . .On the other hand, Bosco is being used by the Michael without him knowing; Michael is so evil and selfish..scheming all the time, and trying to appear to be a good caring mentor to him.. Aww man, why does he have to be like that ?! What’s he trying to get out of it? Does he know Bobby is still out there?

Another thing is Florence’s character…is she reliable? I don’t know..I like to think she is one who can help Bobby clear his name but she disappeared? Also, her character seemed pretty devious 20 years ago..last seen was Michael paying her money to get out of sight..why is she still here? Is she as rich as she says she is? I have a feeling she is…and that guy who came by and paid for her meal seems like some sort of bodyguard..hm…
~~Scenes and Screencaps~~

Bobby realises he has landed in Hong Kong instead of the Phillipines.

Bobby gets frustrated and angry at Jessica to the point he yells at her saying she is in his way and he wished he has never had her as a friend. Jessica gets very upset by his words because he didn’t care about her feelings and everything she has done for him.

Bobby starts apologising and hugs Jessica, stopping her from leaving. I think this scene was quite cute since it happened the other way around in the previous episode where Jessica hugs Bobby to stop him from leaving.

Jessica and Bobby scared being caught..and preten to be asleep

Jessica is tired and borrows Bobby’s shoulder. What was Bobby thinking? xD

Bobby asks Jessica to phone Bosco, and whether Bobby misses Bobby.

Jessica’s family are scared, thinking there’s a ghost in the house. Jessica’s family is just too kind!!

Ronald asks Tavia for a date

Tavia prepares for her date and had asked Bosco to come over and help her choose clothes because she reckons gay guys have good tastes in clothes.

Tavia asks Bosco to go with her incase Ronald guy makes fun of her again and brings other people as well. Bosco doesn’t want to but does for her sake. As if Bosco really wants to go watch Tavia have fun with another guy..

Sad Bosco =( Left out.

Bosco tries to hide his feelings and pretends to smile and act happy.

But seeing tavia and Ronald together, he can’t.

Jessica flies over to Phillipines to help Bobby get Florence’s contact number in hope for her to tell the truth to Bosco about Michael. Jessica sees Bosco unhappy (because of Tavia) but assumes its because of him entering the gambling competition. Jessica tries to convince him not to enter and warn him the possibilities of Michael using him because he is a selfish person, knowing that after dating him. Bosco believes Michael isn’t like that and its different to relationships.

Another scene of Bosco looking upset (again I think its because of Tavia) . Bosco was acting happy when playing Poker with Michael in order to try bluff, but Michael mistakens him for showing his opponents the confidence he has in his cards and yells at Bosco, saying he hasn’t learnt a thing he taught.

Micheal flips over Bosco’s card to realise he was trying, and Bosco blames himself for not being good enough. =(

The day of the gambling competition. Michael brings Bosco a suit and helps put on his tie. Seeing tavia with Ronald again, Bosco feels sad.

Bosco too busy staring at the two did not notice Jessica calling out to him from behind. Jessica realises Bosco likes Tavia (because he kept looking at the two) and is in a love triangle.

Michael and Jessica meet after she went on her holiday.

The audience is getting nervous while watching the competition.

Bosco makes it further into the game. ^^ I just hope there won’t be a down fall for him in the next episodes because of Michael ><

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 21”

  • groovy says:

    The phone scene of Bobby, Jessica and Bosco is sweet. Bobby really shows how much he loves Bosco, its funny how he got excited when Bosco said he kind of missed Bobby hehe XD

    Arg Tavia is ‘dumb’ haha

  • KTVB says:

    haha..yeh, he couldn’t help but say “Ah foo…” at the end xD Kinda funny to think of the conversation on Bosco’s point of view.

    Jessica:” Do you miss Cheung-gor?”
    Bosco: “yeh..kind of”
    Jesscia: “that’s good then” <--looks like she was more saying this to Bobby than Bosco.

  • TVB676 says:

    tavia is so pretty!!!

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