Starring: Bobby Au-Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Mui, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung etc

After seeing the trailers for this series, and episode 14 while Hong Kong, I’m really looking forward to watching this series. The cast looks good and haven’t Jessica for a while now. Gotta say when I first saw the poster for the series my impression I got was different to what I had imagined; looks comical with Bobby scratching his stomach. Bosco also looks very weird..can’t really tell its him. Tavia’s new figure is sorta disturbing too.

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] a.k.a Casino Crisis”

  • chibi says:

    gah, I find Tavia’s huge chest very annoying >.>

    Apart from that, this series looks promising.

  • the azn says:

    fat guys’s funny
    micheal miu did a good job

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