*Warning: Contains major spoilers*
TVB Ruse of Engagement

Ruse of Engagement was a TVB series I initially skipped because of a busy schedule (I have been busy preparing for my Hawaii trip and other things while the series was airing), but recently decided to come back to give it a go based on positive reviews and recommendations (both online and through friends). I’m glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed the series! (especially the 2nd half!) Other than the first two episodes, I found episodes 3-10 ish rather draggy, mainly the episodes Ruco and Ron were training in the ATF program. Episode 11 onwards was when the series really picked up and kept me at the edge of my seat! The episodes leading up to Ruco being shot was so suspenseful!! The series was really suspenseful and intense and the plots had quite some good twists which caught me off guard, especially trying to find out who the traitor is, and who was the mole etc. This series definitely stands out and is worth the watch.

Ruco Chan: Brilliant performance, especially towards the end. I really like watching his character when he’s serious compared to when he’s joking around, flirting with Aimee in the earlier episodes or trying to be funny. I liked watching how much he cared about his mother though. I felt the ATF training episodes were a waste of time and I disliked watching how cocky and immature he was and how he and Ron constantly disobeyed orders -_- It’s like ‘what are you boys doing -_-‘  I was quite indifferent with his pairing with Aimee Chan and much preferred him with Yoyo Mung. His ending was quite sad, did he really have to end like that…?

Ron Ng: If there’s one thing I disliked about the series, it would have to be Ron’s character and performance. While he is supposed to be the other main character alongside Ruco, I found his character unlikable. He was actually OK in the early part of the series, but I grew to hate watching him when he didn’t believe in his brother – and for no real reason! What happened to their strong bond? It felt like he was getting jealous that his mother favoured his brother more than him; and how his love Aimee also fell in love with Ruco. I was utterly angry and disappointed at him just as Ruco was. I believe there was truth in what Ruco said to him when he pointed the gun at him. Ron was trying to find every reason he could to bad-mouth Ruco in front of Aimee and find evidence that he ‘had turned bad’. The worst part was Ron not stopping Eddie from ‘electrocuting’ (?) and torturing Ruco to make him tell the truth. He didn’t stick up for him at all. GRRR ANNOYING!! Later on, he just kept getting in Ruco’s way and tried really hard to impress his superiors. At the end, he stopped Ruco from shooting Aimee but I felt like he never loved her that much anyway -_- At the end, he just resumes with his life. Bleh. He was constantly hot-headed and irrational. I give him credit for chasing Aimee at the start but when Ruco ‘died’ and he started copying his brother to get Aimee’s attention got on my nerves…I’m surprised Ron’s character didn’t turn evil 😛 His acting is so ordinary, sometimes over the top and hasn’t shown much improvement after all these years.. His character isn’t supposed to be unlikable ( I don’t think!) but I just don’t like him. He is supposed to genuinely love Aimee and want nothing in return but is bias towards Ruco. Sorry Ron, you can never be like your brother 😛

Aimee Chan: I thought her character was ok, but I didn’t feel much towards her pairing with Ruco no matter how many lovely-dovey scenes they kept showing of the two. Weird. I think her character had the best twist in terms of being the real mole in ATF! I felt her character kinda turned weird when she revealed her true identity. She appeared delusional and slightly twisted in her thoughts. Overall fake (especially in front of Ron)!  She also turned quite petty, jealous and naive. She is also really weak and insecure o.0 It was like ….is her character good or bad?? lol I was quite shocked by the finale how she ran away with the poison and antidote and wanted to sell them off for money…. . I guess she did grow up with  a pretty twisted dad who controlled her life. She refused to give in, and when Ruco pointed a gun at her, she gave up her life by ending it….. The poor girl. Weird is all I can say…

Yoyo Mung: My favourite character in the series! I think she’s awesome. Her character grew on my pretty early on. She has really good chemistry with Ruco and I somehow wished these two ended up together instead. Looks like it’s only a one-sided thing though 🙁 Either way, they are my favourite pairing. Loved the episodes when Ruco looked after Yoyo and made Aimee really jealous XD I constantly feared for her life!! She’s just a ordinary girl (who has a handful of great connections and hackers which is pretty cool) but in constant dangerous situations spying back on the villains- her Papa, trying to find the truth behind her real father’s death, uncovering the secrets of the corporation; gaining her Papas trust, uncovering terrorist movements etc. This woman has guts and is super smart and quick thinker in situations. Glad her character was OK in the end 🙂

Louise Lee: Loved her motherly performance as always.  Always felt sorry for her. I love how she would believe in Ruco (Maybe I’m bias because I like Ruco more than Ron XD), except that last bit in the end…. She always had faith he would turn back good (in beginning of the series) and that he was still alive (when he was shot in episode 15). I really hoped to see her find out that truth in the end, but they never showed her reaction to Ruco being an undercover. I haven’t seen Brother’s Keepers but I’d imagine just as good chemistry she had with Ruco!

Eddie Kwan: I didn’t really like his character throughout the series. He always seemed a bit pretentious but maybe I’m just being bias lol.

Overall, worth the watch for all the exciting suspense, especially in the latter half of the series! 🙂

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