Continued on from Part 1

(Around episode 32-33 ish)

Later, Moses steals a copy of the video-recording of Gigi’s death from Yoyo and gives a copy to Kevin’s father. The confrontations between Kevin and his father causes Kevin’s father to be hospitalised after hearing the truth coming from Kevin and as Kevin blames his father for all the deaths. He blames his father for being conservative. He did everything to save his father’s ‘face’ so his relationship with another man had to be ‘underground’. When Kevin wanted to break up with his male partner, his partner threatened to reveal their relationship to his parents so Kevin was ‘forced’ to kill him. Next, Kevin murdered ‘Derek’ who blackmailed him after finding out about his past relationship, and accessing the intimate photos. Finally, Kevin believed Gigi had betrayed him by telling Moses that she found Derek’s pen at his place and that Kevin was previously blackmailed by Derek. Gigi also knew Kevin was gay so he got rid of her too…

Moses turned into another Kevin as he was blinded by his hatred and desire to live for revenge.

Kevin angrily confronting moses after his father has been hospitalised

(In the car talking, after Kevin confronts Moses for showing the video recording to his father)

Fire: How can you do that? The one who has done wrong is Kevin, its got nothing to do with his family. You’re too slack.

Moses: I just want Kevin’s father to know what kind of person Kevin is.

Fire: Because of revenge, you’ve overdone it. You’ve already made the first wrong step, you can’t continue on.

Moses: Why do you have to keep challenging me? The one who is wrong is Kevin.

Fire: Kevin is wrong. Even though the legal system hasn’t punished him yet, he would sooner or later get what he deserves. If you’re doing the wrong thing, you will just continue going down the wrong path. Listen to me, let go, and then you’ll receive freedom.

Moses: If you’ve got so much morals, why don’t you say them to Kevin? He’s the one who killed Gigi, that’s why I turned into the way I am. It’s he who turned me into this. Kevin’s father has the right to know what kind of person his son is. His heart attack is all because of Kevin’s wrong doing.

Fire: You’re so stubborn, just because you want revenge. And you’re also doing whatever is takes..then how are you different to Kevin? You are both walking on the same path. If you continue on like this, I won’t be able to help you!

Moses: Then don’t help then!

After this, Kevin starts threatening Moses’ family. On Moses’ sister’s birthday, Kevin sent her a cake on behalf of Moses and when she opened up the box, a toy clown popped/exploded out of it with confetti, scaring them all. Moses’ brother-in-law thought it was a bomb…

Kevin: How was it? Did you like the cake?

*Moses sees Kevin playing with a toy-clown*

Moses: What is it that you want?

Kevin: What do you think? We gotta be fair when we’re playing games. You played with my family, of course I’ll have to get your family involved too. It’s more funner that way. To see if they are playable, we’ll only know when we play further.

Next, Kevin gets some marketing person to lead Moses’ nephew away after school to ‘test’ a game for them. Later, they found his school bag tossed nearby with another toy-clown inside. This was to mislead Moses into thinking that Kevin had kidnapped him. After taking Kevin back to the police station, Moses keeps demanding him to tell him where his nephew is. To have their talk, Moses even switches off the video-camera in that room, where Kevin gets Moses into more trouble by knocking his own head onto the table, saying that Moses has attacked him.

Later, the angry Moses takes the disk with Gigi’s death recording and attempts to submit it to the press, but luckily Fire followed him.

Fire: Moses!

Moses: Don’t get in my way!

Fire: I know, you want to give the disk to the press. You want the case of Kevin killing Gigi to be released all over the world.

Moses: You don’t need to worry about much. Just don’t try to stop me.

Fire: No, if people find out the source of the disk, you’ll be in big trouble! I won’t let you do it.

Moses: Mind your own business !!

*Fire snatches the disk off Moses and breaking it, then tossing it onto the floor*

Moses becomes so angry that he punches Fire across his face and grabs onto his shirt.

Moses: Why are you stuffing me up!??

Fire crunches his fist. At that moment, Yoyo appears and splashes a bucket of water over Moses.

Yoyo: Are you done with being crazy!? Just because you want Kevin dead, you stole a copy of my file. Do you want to stuff up everyone so we all lose our jobs? Why won’t you listen to us!? You just keep doing wrongs. Can you not be so persistent? Just let go.

Moses: You just keep telling me to let go, but I’m telling you both, if Kevin isn’t arrested I won’t let go!

Fire: You’re only torturing yourself by doing this! You’re not dealing with Kevin!

Moses: Gigi is dead…do you understand how I feel? If you two were me, would you be able to let go? Can you really just watch Kevin being released out there?

Fire: The pain you’re suffering now isn’t because of Gigi’s death, its for your own revenge and hatred.

Moses: I don’t care, all the pain I’ve suffered, Kevin will have to suffer ten times the amount.

5 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 2”

  • Kombatpiggie says:

    wow – you’re the best! thanks.

  • KTVB says:

    To Kombatpiggie : ^^ Glad you like the posts. Are you watching the series at the moment? Finished? or Plan to ?

  • Kombatpiggie says:

    I started to watch it before finals and never had a chance to finish it. I probably will in a week or so. I’m currently up to the part where Gigi and her friends started to work for Kevin.

  • TC says:

    I think moses did well at diplaying his emotions esp when gigi was in coma n aft gigi’s death. It seems so real that i do feel for him. I also like kevin’s when he’s all nice n sweet to gigi as friends but not when they were couples – he became possessive subconciously.

  • malarvili says:

    i wish lung and ching ching end up together

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