The episodes from Gigi’s death onwards were quite exciting and I really wanted to see how Kevin was going to be arrested. Moses tried so hard to help avenge for Gigi and slowly he started to change…Moses wasn’t allowed to be involved in the case but he continued to nevertheless. He went through all means to gather evidence, including driving a car with a fake number plate to scare Kevin’s brother by pretending to run him over ( I personally found that quite shocking) As a police he would beat up people to force them to give him information. However, each time evidence was brought to court, Hugo (played by Marco), being the evil witty lawyer managed to help Kevin get away with it, twisting reality or making the evidence invalid or questionable because of the relationship between the person and Kevin. Kevin’s brother, thinking that Kevin wanted to kill him because he witnessed him drowning Gigi stood up in court as a witness. As expected though, their parents stood on Kevin’s side and didn’t believe him, thinking he was only accusing him out of hatred. Hugo got Kevin’s father to talk to him, leading him into a trap by revealing Kevin’s brother only wanted money and voice recording this.

On another note, Moses ends up illegally accessing ‘Derek’s files through Yoyo, and the photos Derek used to blackmail Kevin- the bed scene photos.

Finally, their last hope was finding a video-recording, one which had Kevin drowning Gigi..Unfortunately, Moses dealt with the video recording as he got the video recording before giving it to Yoyo’s father (another police officer). Yoyo’s sister Elaine overheard this and ends up telling her boyfriend Hugo!!! Its so annoying. At the end, they couldn’t bring the evidence to court because the law states that any evidence directly dealt with a personal related to the accused is invalid because the video-recording could be a fake -_-

I mean, seriously..a video recording of Kevin killing Gigi wasn’t enough ? ?..This was the major disappointment ..there was not enough evidence to charge Kevin guilty and he manages to be set free after murdering three people!

This causes Moses to go insane..doing illegal things to get back Kevin himself. Moses distributes the photos of Kevin and his partner all over the internet.

Moses and Kevin's Confrontation

Moses: Are the photos pretty?

Kevin: So its really you who did it!

Moses: This is just the beginning. We still have a lot to play.

Kevin: You still want to play? In the last court case, you were almost finished.

Moses: You’re not even dead yet, how can I be finished? Since we’ve started playing, we gotta play it to the extreme. Do you think you’ll be finished first, or I’ll be finished first? Don’t think that you’ll get away with it that easily. Even if the legal system doesn’t get you in prison, I won’t let you go. One by one, I’ll leak out all the bad things you’ve done. I want the whole world to know. I want the world to judge you.

Kevin: You’re trying to scare me? That means I gotta do the same to you. My brother told me that someone used a car and tried to run him over. As a CID, you were plotting to murder, misleading the witness to give false evidence in court, misusing your legal powers to do illegal things, its countless. Do you really have what it takes to play?

Moses: Go and try it. You killed Gigi, this is reality, nothing can change that fact. And remember, the legal system is based on evidence.

Kevin: Whether its the reality or not isn’t important. The important thing is that no one will believe it. Fighting in court is a game which uses money. Do you have as much money as I do?

Moses: Money? I don’t have any. Life? I have one. Lets see later if your life is really that good.

Kevin: You want to take me with your life? That’s also what animals do. Humans are smarter than animals because humans can manipulate and have a deceptive face. But if they’re forced by their enemy too much, they’ll fight back and take revenge the same way. When they’re vicious, they’re more vicious than animals.

Moses: Don’t talk crap with me. Whether you’re a human scum or a beast, has nothing to do with me. I just know that you’ll have to pay the price for the things you’ve done.

Kevin: You too, you’re playing so big this time, I don’t think you’ll be able to pay the price.

9 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 1”

  • kombatpiggie says:

    wow – this is insane. the series is getting really intense! hope it doesn’t get too annoying.

  • chibi says:

    wheeee..translated quotes =) Good job

  • wendy says:

    Kevin killed Gigi?

  • Jadedreams says:

    personally i thought them finding the video of Kevin killing Gigi was sort of easy. it’s way too coincidental that the Thai guy placed a video camera there. I’m glad they got rid of the videotape by saying that it is possible that the evidence was tampered with, so it can’t be used.

    Kevin did a really good job as a villain. It’s too bad he didn’t get to shine throughout the whole series as one. I think he did a better job then Moses when he was being angry or mad.

  • KTVB says:

    To Chibi: Thanks ^^;
    To wendy: yea…he did.

    To Jadedreams: I thought that was too easy too XD Never seen a series where they found evidence of actually committing the crime..its usually when enough evidence is gathered, the criminal confesses the truth or his side of the story and we get a flashback of the murder scene. Still, if it wasn’t a TV series..and there was really evidence of the killing, it would be frustrating that it can’t be used….

  • Elizabeth says:

    OMG,the only part i got to is when you see Moses fake to be Kevin and run Kevin’s older brother over,cuz they have to translate it soo i only got to that part,man it seems very interestin,i cant wait till the next part but it was very sad when Gigi died cuz she was sooo innocent.

  • Shurlee says:

    wait.. OMG SHE DIES? x

  • Luv TC says:

    I like Kevin as Man Hei in the beginning. It was sweet of him trying to reunite Lung n Ching aft their break-up. And I thot Kevin presence serves as a wake-up call to Lung who takes Ching’s love for granted. V obvious Ching loves Lung more than he does for her, it’s only aft their break-up Lung realizes how much he loves Ching. I must say Kevin treats Ching way better than Lung when they were courting. But to be fair to Lung, he does treat Ching more lovingly betwn ep 16-20, besides he’s a responsible bf being supportive aft Ching get sued for infringement or when he thot she was pregnant. I like their chemistry in those episodes. Most viewers dislike the tranformation of Lung after Ching’s death but tell u honestly, tt motion of change actually kept me glued to the screen! I can so so empathized with him n relate to his transformations. If yoyo had not conceived his child, I dont think he wd be with her. But I am glad Lung changed for the better and learnt to love yoyo in the end; afterall her sacrifices – she deserves a gd ending with the one she loves.

  • lungnching says:

    I did not expect Lung to have changed so much but i really felt sorry for Ching as she was so innocent and not only she could not end up with the man she love and even got killed. From the drastic change from Lung, it is obvious he loves Ching too much that he changed so much to the extent of illegal actions. Ching really loves Lung a lot since the begining and Lung only realises how much he love Ching when she died…

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