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(About episode 33-35)

Yoyo goes to Moses and tries to comfort him as he starts to break down again because of Gigi’s death. Moses  getting drunk and even ends up sleeping with Yoyo! I get the feeling Yoyo wasn’t exactly drunk, and slept with him because she secretly loved him, but Moses does not know her feelings for him and gets shocked the next morning when he realised what had happened.

Later on, Moses goes to apologise to Yoyo about what had happened that night but Yoyo pretends that she’s fine with it and doesn’t expect him to marry her to take on any responsibility. She tries to act normal as if it didn’t affect her much and just wants to be friends like they were before, but deep down she wants to be with him.

On another note, Kevin’s brother Tim (played by Ben Wong) kidnaps Kevin and blackmails his own family for money. Hearing about the kidnapping, Moses wanted to be involved in the case and the head let him help out with the small bits rather than taking action. On one hand, Ben pretends to be a good brother trying to save Kevin, while the other hand working with the other kidnappers in retrieving the money.

Ben ends up misleading the police in thinking the bag of money which they were exchanging for Kevin was placed in the telephone booth, but in fact it was already switched onto another bag and Ben pretends to go to the bathroom, successfully escaping from the police that was watching over him.

Moses was with ‘Lulu’ at Kevin’s house listening to the recording over and over again when Moses hears a faint helicopter noise in the background and the two head off to the scene where the kidnappers were. Kevin ends up freeing the ropes around his wrists, cutting the rope from some rocks, realising that his brother was actually involved in the kidnapping! He ends up taking Ben as hostage against the other kidnappers but Ben ends up stabbing Kevin with a metal pipe! At that moment, Moses arrived and seeing the two brothers had fainted onto the ground, the two chase after the other two kidnappers where Moses and Lulu get shot. Moses ends up capturing the two, and after calling the police and ambulance for backup, he heads back to the house himself where Kevin and Ben were. He kicks Ben over to find him unconscious and walks over to Kevin whom slowly gets up.

Kevin: I’m not dead yet. Are you really disappointed? That’s right, you’re the one who saved me. I should say ‘thanks’ to you instead.

Moses: There’s no need to rush. You’ll die real soon. Your blood hasn’t leaked dried yet. Once it leaks out, things will start to look blurry, and then you’ll lose consciousness. Won’t be long.

*Kevin looks down at the blood and metal pipe stabbed in him.*

Kevin: Not that fast, you’re not even dead yet. I wouldn’t want to die yet. And also, the Government promised that the ambulance will arrive within six minutes. I can hold on.

Moses: Let’s see if they can even find us first.

Kevin: God is so nice to me, arranging you to come save me. Why wouldn’t they be able to find us? I know you really want me to die, *Kevin starts laughing* but you had to be a police. You can’t not save me.

*Moses takes out his gun and points it at Kevin’s head*

Kevin: Want to kill me? Come, fire the gun. Come, kill me. You’re a police. Kill me, fire the gun, go fire..

*Moses moves the gun away*

Moses: I won’t fall for it again.

*Sound of ambulance can be heard*

Kevin: It’s here, and they didn’t even need six minutes. Damn, you must be real disappointed! *Kevin starts laughing again* You always lose to me!!!

*Moses grabs a piece of cloth, wraps around his hands, grabs onto the pipe in Kevin, and stabs him further*

Moses: Do you remember what I said? I said I won’t let you go.

Kevin: I will sue/report you..

*Kevin dies and Moses falls down from getting shot previously*

Moses: Gigi, I finally helped avenge you..

It turns out that Kevin’s brother was not unconscious and had witnessed Moses killing Kevin. Moses tried to shoot him, but failed as he escaped and Moses falls unconscious.

After killing Kevin, Moses tries hard to kill off Kevin’s brother because he witnessed Moses killing Kevin and feared the truth will leak out. He was acting desperately, even beating up people to find out where Ben was. He hopes to get rid of him before the police finds him.. Fire and Yoyo were getting suspicious because Moses had not put down his anger after Kevin has died.

Maggie’s husband was diagnosed with Cancer, so Maggie decided to spend more time with him and their son to accompany him for his last moments. With the encouragement from Fire, Maggie and Maggie’s son, her husband agreed to take the operation where it turned out quite successful. To avoid any further misunderstanding, Maggie tells her husband that there is no chance for him to get back with her though she’s not angry with him for leaving them anymore and tells him about his relationship with Fire. Her husband tells her that he understands and agrees to arrange for a divorce. Maggie’s son accepts it and things seem to be going so perfect for them until Fire started getting his visions again (of the future which are proven to be very accurate). Fire sees Moses shoot him with a gun and he falls down unconscious. Fire gets really worried and thinking that he would die soon starts distancing himself from Maggie, even moving out to Gigi’s home with Natalie after Gigi’s father moved to the countryside. He starts avoiding Maggie and even tries to pair her back with her ex-husband …

5 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Part 3”

  • chibi says:

    oo…great summary and screenies ^^ I missed out on the earlier parts when Kevin dies so this was good =)

  • Jadedreams says:

    The part when Moses stabbed Kevin further really surprised me. I didn’t expect that as Kevin’s ending.

    I am wondering, what do you think of Ben Wong’s character? Throughout the later episodes, I actually pity him and hope that he would somehow turn out to be good. Yes, he’s a bad guy, but he does have some conscience since it showed that he wanted to call the police when he saw Gigi drowning, or when he didn’t want to kill his brother during the kidnapping. What do you think?

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams: I had mixed feelings for Ben’s character, because one, he was a jerk..but then later as you said, he seemed like a victim to everything. I hoped that he had turned good too. On one side of my mind, I thought we shouldn’t pity him because he was a bad person, but then later..maybe it wasn’t so bad as to deserve to die..and as you said, he had some conscience and when you compare him with Kevin, Kevin way extreme..I wanted him to run away when Moses was after him XD Moses was just too freaky..but at the same time, I didn’t want Ben to tell the truth as to get Mose in prison lol
    I’m glad he didn’t die in the end though..

  • caroline says:

    so what happened to moses in the end ?

  • KTVB says:

    Moses loses himself and at the end, he finally ‘wakes up’ after the confrontation with Yuen Biao. Moses gets arrested and Yoyo waits for him since she has his child. Years later, Moses gets freed and the family of three live happily ever after.

    Moses’ letters written while in prison were published in a book. It was so popular that he became a controversial figure in town.”

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