As a request for the lyric translation of [Face to Fate], I decided to give it a go at translating the themesong ^^ I had to get some help from some friends lol
I’m not so good at it, so please lemme know if I’ve got something wrong ^^ or misunderstood it XD Some are only literal meaning

Want to walk with you
letting you holding my hand
Even if I want to, but then there’s not then
Walking with you through Spring, Summer and Autumn
My heart was completely understood by you


Don’t have fluent dialogue
I’m like a puppet
Can’t say how love can last forever
The endless night turns into daytime
I also pass tiredly, do not go
Please seize my hand tightly
Looking at you

Tavia: Approaching you
Frankie: In the darkness
Tavia: in mid air
Both: Cannot separate what we have
Frankie: If keep kissing
Tavia: kiss away
Frankie: this atmosphere
Get used to the sense of reality of this kiss
Pay attention, approaching in your side

In the quiet night listening to your voice
Both: no reason
treat me way too good…

**Download the song here! Full CD Version *NEW* 19/4/12

8 Responses to “[Face to Fate] SubThemesong Lyric Translations”

  • alicechen says:

    YESH! Screencaps!! Thanks K! And thanks for the song translation. Quite romantic!

  • KTVB says:

    haha..yeh..I didn’t quite realise the lyrics until trying to translate them xD

  • Roxxane says:

    Yeah, it’s quite romantic! Is it talking about Frankie and Tavia in general, or is it just a song that’s um… supposed to sound nice?

  • KTVB says:

    lol, not sure. I couldn’t figure it out myself. The line with Frankie saying about ‘not being able to speak’ : (Don’t have fluent dialogue) I’m assuming thats about not being able to express his feelings well to Tavia..but the rest sound too lovely-dubby to be for Frankie and Tavia’s characters XD

    nevertheless, romantic! XD

  • Roxxane says:

    Are you Chinese? I am, and my mum’s Cantonese, so I know some. =D Your translation’s pretty much correct. Anyway, my Chinese isn’t really all that good. Haha XD And yeah, the song is too lovely-dovey for them two to actually mean it for each other. XD XD

  • Rachel T says:

    My love will get you home by Christine Glass is played in The Last BreakThrough (shown in year 2004) , by the way. So you alll probably find it a little familar…

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the Cpinyin for the SubThemesong =)
    Credits to Alice @ Starz Central for translating

    Seung gung nei jau yeung nei hin jeuk ngoh sau
    Jik si ngoh seung daan si yik moot yin hau
    Gan jeuk nei jau do gwoh chun ha yue chau
    Fong fat ngoh sam bei nei hon tau

    Lau lei dui baak moot yau
    Ngoh jeung muk ngau
    Suet bat chut hau na wooi oi do wing gau
    Cheung ye fa jo baak jau
    Ngoh ya guen tau bit yiu jau
    Ching juk gan ngoh sau

    Hon jeuk nei
    Kaau gan nei
    Hak am jung
    Joi boon hung
    Fan bat saan dik yung yau
    Yue yeuk jip jeuk man
    Man jeuk saan
    Je hei fan
    Jaap gwaan je yat man dik jat gam

    Lau sam joi nei san bin kaau gan
    Jing ye lui ting nei sing yam
    Moot yuen yan
    Doi ngoh ho dak gwoh fan…
    [Music fades]

    NOTE: These lyrics may incomplete because they were based on the theme video, not the full song.

  • jenny says:

    thanks for the full version of this song!!!

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