I think this one is harder to translate than the Sub/Ending themesong, but here’s my attempt ^^; It’s half direct translations/half not, but I think the message sorta gets across. Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood something or didn’t translate it properly =) had some help from a friend ^^;

This song appears to be in the perspective of Raymond Lam’s character Lai Yok Yi , and his negative attitudes towards life because of the disease his family line has inherited. At some stage of the story, he says that no matter how many people they save (as his family line is of the medical practitioners), they cannot cure his own fate, what’s the point? Until he meets Frankie’s character Lee Bo Yi..


If fate is deceiving
You cannot but lose control
Fate is deceiving, making you break your dream
Although this life you may fall in love with someone
The next life, you’ll be standing alone (empty-handed)

Even if again, you uphold justice and help others, the heavens do not care
nor would it be touching (change countenance)
Not fearing the weather may sink again
The mysterious directs
But I rather believe that being fortunate can help people overcome their difficulties
If it ends, we can find another
Footprints in the dense fog

If the fog clears, the moon will shine through the world (all living things)
Even if all brambles are chopped, there is still a “Bo Yi” (Referring to Frankie’s character)

… *to be continued* xD

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2 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Themesong Lyric Translations”

  • angiewong says:

    thx for sharing!

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the PinYin for the themesong =0
    Credits to Alice @ Starz Central for translating!

    Ming wan yeuk si yue lung
    Si fau bat dak but sat hung
    Ming wan jau joi yue lung ling nei duen liu mung
    Gam sang jik goon ching dung
    Ha sai yik jue ding pok hung
    Yue joi jai sai waak jeung yi chong tin bat lei
    Ya bat ji dong yung

    Mo gui tin sik joi cham
    Yuen miu jung ji yan
    Daan yuen seung sun yau hang nang gaai kwan
    Yue yeuk cho hoh joi chan
    Mai mo lui jak yan
    Yue mo saan yuet jiu pin jung sang

    Jik si pei ging do kap jaam chi doh dak yat wai bo yi
    Maan sai chin chau chung mo yan yue ta joi liu si
    Jau suen goi se ming wan nau juen ming to
    Bat sang do hoh go ji
    Si jai yue ming wan yeung nei dak do sam jung yi yi

    Jik si sam fooi do kap dim fa jung hoh dak do kaau yi
    Yue gwoh gei chin chung mo yan yue ta joi jeung yi
    Ming lui tin gei do kap tui chaak
    Jau yue ta hau jung dik yi ji
    Jai yue ming wan yeung nei sin ji
    Do mei nang goi pin lik si

    NOTE: These lyrics may incomplete because they were based on the theme video, not the full song.

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