*This post was originally written and posted on 29 September, 2006 when I finished watching the series. It has been reposted because I’ve updated this entry with new screencaptures*

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

woohoo!! Face to Fate had a good ending ^^ Sorta sad to see it end, I’m happy how things turned out.

The Golden Seal Battle

I didn’t expect the battle between Frankie (Lee Bo Yi) and Raymond (Lai Yeuk Yi) being so short compared to the other competitors, but at least it wasn’t DragonBall Z style in length. I think Frankie would have won Raymond but he didn’t give up on his friend, giving him a chance; both of their souls or minds seemed to be in a different dimension as Frankie tried to convince Raymond. However, Raymond fought back, throwing a pin that shattering Frankie’s soul. Frankie has been killed and Raymond along with the Dark side has been declared the winner. At this point, the Dark Sect leader comes along , now having mastered his ultimate technique, wanting to rule over the world. (On a side not, don’t they have emperors in those days?~ not that it really matters lol) He gave the White side three days to surrender and be his followers or he would kill them all.

Yin Yei Loi finally wakes up 

Soon after, the Dark Sect leader taught Raymond to fully master the technique, enabling him to change his blood into the last cure and he saves Selena ^_^(I just love seeing Raymond happy) Unfortunately, as a consequence Selena can never be with him anymore because she can no longer face him … she can not face everyone or all those who have been killed, especially Frankie, for the exchange of her own life. He was no longer the Raymond she knew.

Raymond is by Selena’s side as she wakes up.

Seeing the trailer of Frankie and Raymond fighting the Dark Sect~ it was pretty obvious Frankie wouldn’t have died, but I was curious to see how he would revive. I was guessing this would be a good opportunity for Raymond to redeem himself . I was thinking maybe it was the incent burner he gave Selena to give Frankie to ‘preserve this body longer’ (which was correct! But I never guessed that the pin he threw was only to make Frankie appear dead) I should have known Raymond’s character wasn’t that evil (sorry Raymond ..) I also thought maybe after gaining the blood for the last cure he could revive Frankie the same way he revived Selena. I’m not sure whether its because I knew Frankie would wake up again, but I didn’t feel sad when Frankie died or when Tavia was crying. I would have thought Tavia would have showed strong feelings of angry and suffering to her father who indirectly caused the death of Li Bo Yi. If Raymond’s character had died instead, I know that I would have felt really sad.

Fighting against the Dark Sect Leader 

Raymond and Frankie fight the Dark Sect leader together.

It was so cool when Raymond and Frankie were fighting along side each other against the dark sect leader! The two were really o-ordinated and we haven’t seen the two on the same side for a long time. Both Raymond and Frankie were badly injured- blood coming out of their mouth and the Dark Sect leader even blasted right through Raymond o_o) .

John Chiang comes along to save the day lol *phew* xD I think that’s a good way to get rid of the two..both learned deadly attacks..and I guess its sorta a way for John Chiang’s character to redeem himself as well. It’s a good way to end it, with the two daughters there for their final words. The Dark Sect leader was also about to hear Tavia call him ‘father’.

The Ending 

Tavia, as expected, became the leader of the Dark Sect, and as her father predicted, she became the ruler of the Dark/White side (she looks cool in the purple). Because of her position, she was unable to be with Frankie. It had to take her two years to make peace between the Black and White side.

Raymond, Selena and boy live happily ever after ^^ Raymond’s hair has gone back black!! He’s cured!! =D

One Happy family ^^ Their ‘son’ just won in a bun eating competition~

Gotta say Frankie and Tavia’s relationship was so-so. Nothing too romantic but they do end up together after 2 years~ Even after having not met for two years, Frankie doesn’t ask Tavia to leave with him. Tavia makes the move and decides to be with him. The ending is pretty much like the first episode with the two clans fighting (and..how come? I thought they were at peace o.0? Both of them didn’t care either and just walked off xD) With that, the series comes to and end ~ ~

P.s: To Fairy: I didn’t see the ending credit part with White-hair Raymond(white flowers on his head), the boy and Selena either =( Must of missed it..either that, or its a cut scene.

29 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 30 Final”

  • Fairy says:

    Haha maybe…anyways I was wondering the same thing. I thought the white/dark clans have settled and wouldn’t fight each other again…I guess that after Tavia left to go with Frankie, the two clans didn’t get along and started fighting again. I guess the ending was pretty good. Not too cheesy…I really don’t like cheesy endings haha

  • KTVB says:

    I wonder who is the leader of the dark clan now? ^^;

  • MYST ;D says:

    i thought that it was alright for the ending of frankie-tavia relationship as both of them are considered the ‘more matured’ group of people, so if they really have scenes hugging each other all the time, i think it will look a little weird. but then again, a hug doesnt hurt. ;D esp the part when they just exposed john and both of them were touring the Heights in the night. i was like, HUG!, but they didnt. so anyway, jus an opinion of mine. hahas. 😉

  • KTVB says:

    eheh..I think they had one hugging scene..before she leaves him and goes to the Dark Side. That was like..so cute (and feels like out-of-character aready) ^^ And yeh, we got Selena/Raymond and Nancy/Derek to make up for the romance~

  • Jenny says:

    Sorry, for writing this so much later. I just wanted to say that my favorite romance in the whole series was the Nancy/Derek romance. I thought the whole Derek wanting to become good and protecting Nancy was so cute. I loved them!

  • KTVB says:

    Not late at all Jenny ^^ Feel free to comment anywhere and anytime ^^ nancy and Derek were cute in that their were changing (in a good way) because of the other =D

  • Fanny says:

    I just finished to watch the final episode (face to fate). The ending was so so, especially Frankie and Tavie, nothing romance screne & Dereck n Nancy are good because they have bb, i really like to watch this part! Overall i like this series very much because the story line so good and attractive. I will watch 2nd time in sometime…ha ha!

  • KTVB says:

    To Fanny:
    “Dereck n Nancy are good because they have bb”<-- what's bb? Agreee...would have been better if they at least held hands in the last scene or something . I didn't watch it the 2nd time (don't really have time for that) but when I re-watched the opening themevideo, I felt addicted to the series again! I just remembered how awesome it was !

  • Fanny says:

    sorry, bb is short form for “baby”, still remember got one scene, dereck is hurt during the competition with the “dark people”, sudenly nancy came out and told dereck “YOU CANNOT DIE, because I have your baby ready”…..thats why dereck only can won that competition..i only will watch 2nd time after few months of course…..because tonight need to continue the “Dicey business”, i have stop @ episode 11…ha ha! By the way, KTVB, where i can get the themesong & sub song for this series (FACE TO FATE)…..hope to get your good news..


  • KTVB says:

    oo~ yeh..I almost forgot about the baby (its been awhile..lol) That was so cool!! ^^

    I’ve got links to the Themesong downloads in the “Downloads and Goodies” Page, but they are only the TV rips.

  • Fanny says:

    Thanks K…i will go to Downloads & Goodies and have a look. Means i need to click on the TV rips then only can download the song??? But just a short song right……tot want to get full song for it!! Haha.

  • lynn says:

    i was happy with this series because nobody i didn’t want to die, died. I was mainly afraid they would kill of derek and nancy, but when they jumped down, i knew they were not going to die, phew. Tavia and Frankie hugged another time though, when she found out tht her father was the Devil Master and was pondering near the cave and he came to say he’ll always be by her side. owww =)

  • KTVB says:

    To Lynn: That’s true!! ^^ And everyone gets a happy ending…I would have been so sad if either of the couple Derek/Nancy, Selena/Raymond died! I actually thought Raymond character was going to die, but so happy he didn’t 😀

  • Roxxane says:

    Haha, I knew Frankie wouldn’t die. I’m glad Raymond actually woke up at last and he helped Frankie. Yay, and they’re back to good friends again. =D The good thing also is that he got cured and everyone has a happy ending. And yeah, I agree with MYST, Frankie and Tavia are like, more “mature” in that sense. It would look pretty freaky if they kept hugging. And yeah, I was going “Awww… How sweet!” when Frankie hugged Tavia during the time when she was about to go to the Dark side and he said that he’ll always be by her side. I mean, usually Frankie doesn’t show his emotions that much, so Tavia must mean a lot to him. =D

  • KTVB says:

    The little Frankie and Tavia moments are like rare! lol Makes their two-in-a-whole-series hug scenes more special i guess aww…lol

  • Guardian says:

    zzz.i din watch the whole show yet seaching for the link sadz.. must wait till the show end it was so interesting,if you got the link for the whole show(not 5mins+ one hor 45+mins one)thx i din wan to revel my real identity so psps

  • vee says:

    ktvb, i missed the last epi. thanks man!!!

  • Fairy says:

    Haha it took me a while to remember what I had said and it suddenly hit me that I had mentioned of a missing scene! Ahh TVB cut out such a cut scene…disappointing really. Hope you enjoyed the show nonetheless. =]

  • j00ky says:

    I really loved the pairing of Selena+Raymond… much prefer this couple rather then Ray+Linda/Charmaine.

  • Unknown says:

    why jooky?? I would perfer ray with selena and Linda rather than charmaine. Charmaine+ray?? It does not match

    I think Raymond and Linda is the perfect match

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  • lSzeSze says:

    Lol!! That dark sect leader blasted through raymond? hahaha!! For a moment i actually thought that was something else that came out XD. I dont think im very sure right now either. Oh well… o_o.

  • Rum says:

    I know this is super late but I just love this series so much!
    Just re-watched it again. It’s so awesomeeee

    Anyway just wanna say that I’m quite a fan of your blog~
    Keep doing this ok!!

    Love from Singapore 🙂

  • Eurelia says:

    Selena & Raymond needs more screen time. I feel like there’s never enough, raymond & selena was never paired besides this drama..

  • Karen says:

    Wow. I thought nobody would be watching Face to Fate now but apparently I was wrong. XD It’s been so long that I just HAD to rewatch it again. It’s my favorite series of all time!!! :DDD I wish there were more series with Frankie and Tavia… I WISH THERE WAS A SEQUEL. LOL. Have the whole team there.

    • KTVB says:

      lol! I only recently re-watched 2007 Dicey Business as well!! I don’t plan to re-watch Face to Fate though haha ^^; I remember loving it though; else I wouldn’t have started my blog! ^^

      • Karen says:

        Really?! I didn’t know Face to Fate was the reason you started this blog. I’m so glad!! I actually showed my friend this drama and she immediately laughed at it. Guess you can’t show a scientific person things that defy real world laws ^^; Phew. Glad that you actually like it! No one seems to understand why I’m so obsessed.

        It’s so weird! Dicey Business was the drama I was dying to watch a while ago. I couldn’t remember the name. I just remembered a guy on a boat telling this lady he did it all for her. Thanks so much for your summaries and screenshots. XD I’m pretty sure that’s the drama I was looking for.

        • JacJac says:

          Speaking of Dicey Business, I remembered that scene where Bosco asked Eric to go on a date with Tavia. Eric went on a Date with her at the beach and said “It’s just a game.” Yeah there are a few old tvb series at Gooddrama.net

        • KTVB says:

          hahah yes!!! If you go back to the very first post of this blog, it’s about Face to Fate!! XD and YES!! I seem to be the only one out of my friends (in real life lol) who is obessed with this series ahah no one understands why either..haha they watch and laugh at the poor graphics ^^;

          As for Dicey Business, totally don’t remember which boat scene you’re referring to…..lol…

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