Screenies of two scenes from Episode 57! I don’t think they’ll be anymore focus on these two characters considering the series is coming towards an end. Nevertheless, there they are!

Myolie and Feng’s wedding shots.There was no talking in this scene, but just a few shots in music to show passing of time, including what the other characters have been doing for 6 months. Of course, Raymond and Charmaine were also at the ceremony =)

Doesn’t Myolie look so cute in the first shot below? XD

This scene was a little odd, namely these two were just standing there watching Michael and Sheren make up with each other XD Just a bit..strange, and ..random?

2 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Myolie and FengShaoFeng Screenies”

  • hm…i didnt rlly like feng shao feng or w/e his anme is in this series….well atleast from the aprts i saw him in. ..i kinda thought myo*ray had some good scenes..=P

  • uraznhunnie says:

    they look like a pretty sweeet couple. mayb i should start watching DOL now.

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