[Another scene I’d like to share! ]

Shortly after Myolie and Raymond get together, Charmaine appears again after her long absence. By leaving the wedding, Charmaine hoped to hurt the Wah family, but seeing now that they are all happy, with Myolie and Raymond together her anger, hatred and jealousy grew.

Charmaine is back to continue to revenge on the Wah family, working with ‘Ngai Ting Hung’ to ruin their automobile manufacturing company.

At a function, Charmaine appears with ‘Ngai Ting Hung’, shocking the Wah family and Raymond becomes emotionally affected seeing her again.

At the female restroom, Myolie confronts Charmaine, asking what her real intention of coming back was.

Charmaine: ” Are you scared that I’ll interfere with you and Raymond?”

Myolie: “Why won’t you just let go? Who was the one who didn’t care about anything and left? And now at this time you have to come back? And you have to be with Ngai Ting Hung’ that jerk, making Raymond feel so bad.”

Charmaine: “He feels bad? What about me? When has the Wah family let me be happy? I’m back this time to make you all to suffer, can’t I?”

Myolie: “You wanted revenge, you already had your revenge. You didn’t even want your own baby, isn’t that enough?”

Charmaine slaps Myolie across the face.

Charmaine: “You don’t have any right to say things about me”

As Charmaine leaves, she sees Raymond standing outside the restroom waiting for Myolie.

Raymond to Myolie: “What happened? ”

Seeing Myolie looks upset, Raymond angrily chases after Charmaine to confront her.

Raymond: “Charmaine , what did you do to Myolie!?”

Charmaine: “I slapped her in the face. What? Are you hurt now?”

Myolie slaps Charmaine in the face.
Myolie: “I’m telling you, I’m not scared of you, and i won’t let you hurt Raymond again”.
Raymond: *holds onto Myolie’s hands* “I’m warning you, Myolie is my girlfriend. Don’t you hurt her again, or else. ”

It was awesome. Go Raymond! Go Myolie! I was surprised that Myoile would actually slap Charmaine back. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I also loved the way Raymond stood up for her. SWEET! Charmaine must be really hurt..but I’m still glad this scene happened ^^ It makes it all so exciting!

9 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Episode 41 Raymond, Myolie & Charmaine”

  • vivi says:

    i absolutely love your site for the all the analsying of tvb dramas! i rell iwana watch drive of life…………………only for the drama bit nt for the all abt talking car production! NEhow luv how u just summarise the relationship, mainly lvoe bits! Coz atm i just cba to watch it, lol. Meh dislike school.

    Raymond shud be with myolie coz Charmaine is a cunning lil bat por. lol

    Raymond and Myolie now i waana youtube that slap scene!! HAHA

  • j00ky says:

    I never liked Charmaine to begin with, but in this series, I totally loathe her. Way to go Myolie!

  • chibi says:

    wow, awesome scene ^^ take that charmaine! XP goo ray.

  • FaNNy says:

    hm…DOL sounds interesting in ep 41. i’m still an anti-rayolie fan tho..lolz xD but charmaine seems really mean, like she was in heaven sword and dragon sabre 2000

  • wow what a scene!! go myo/ray!

  • leanne says:

    Eww I hate Myolie. Go Charmaine!!

  • VWaterlily says:

    I don’t like Myolie in this series (I hardly do, but that’s just me). Charmaine I like, however. Her character build is amazing and her heart is still good, so I have no compliants. I can’t believe Raymond did that (I felt way bad for Charmaine). I support CharRay all the way.

  • bluerainz says:

    I dont really like raymond character here… Poor Myolie.. but really love myo character here.. full of kindness and really have a very big heart.. hate ray for not treasuring her… Charmaine character here very annoying.. Ray character so Pho Pho Ma Ma… only makes girl suffering.. hate him

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