The first capture of a Myolie and Feng Shao Feng moment, and it is in Episode 52 where the two get-together XD I was hoping to spot some scenes (leading up to this) to capture but I didn’t find any other ones that really caught my attention.

Their relationship

After Myolie left Raymond, she moved to Beijing to work so Feng was always there to look over her as requested from Myolie’s family and as a friend. Feng was also the person she turned to before the break-up with Raymond where she told him about finding out the truth about Charmaine’s baby and whether or not to tell Raymond. Feng was there for Myolie, supporting her through hard times (like when Myolie found out Raymond and Charmaine were getting married) and cheering her up. Feng later suffered a similar situation when he found out that his girlfriend who went to study aboard had found another lover, and so Myolie was there for him in return to pull him through… And so I guess it was this support for each other, and the time spent that eventually led to them developing feelings towards each other. Eventually, both of them were able to put the past behind them.
It sounds a bit ordinary (TVB-style), but I felt it was realistic which is why I quite liked the two together. It was more natural.

Feng’s ex-girlfriend returns to Beijing with her boyfriend to announce that they will be getting married~ At the wedding ceremony, Myolie ends up catches the Bouquet.

Scene After the wedding..

Feng: Tonight was such a joyful night

Myolie: I reckon the one who was the happiest was my father. It’s like as if his own daughter was getting married, constantly going around and drinking with everyone. The fourth meal didn’t come out yet and he was already drunk. But luckily you were there, if not, I don’t know who would help carry him back to the hotel. Thanks.

Feng: It was nothing. Actually, I should be thanking you.

Myolie: Thanking me for what?

Feng: Thank you for helping me through all this period of time. You’ve helped me with the marketing of “Wai Jit” (their Car manufacturing business), helped me understand things and cheered me up. Thank you.
Myolie: We be both know each other so well, we should be helping out one another.

Feng: Come to “Wah Jit” and help me out. That way, I can have another supporting spirit. I’m serious. During this time I’ve been with you, I feel that everything has become more stable. I think that we would be very compatible.

Myolie becomes shy and quietly tells him that they can talk about these kind of things later.

She walks off ahead herself and Feng calls out to her.

Myolie: Actually, its really late now, you don’t have to walk me home. I’ll go back home myself, bye!

As she waves, the roses from the Bouquet fall onto the floor. Without much thought, Feng dashes out onto the road to pick them up for her where he almost gets run over by a motorcycle.

Myolie: Are you ok!? Are you hurt?

Feng: I thought the flowers meant a lot to you, so I went to pick them up for you.

Myolie: Are you crazy..its just flowers…what happens if you get run over by a car..?

Feng: I hope that we can be together. Let me look after you..

3 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Myolie/FengShaoFeng Moment”

  • yeh thats what i thought about “amanda”.. she can sure dance.

    awww that scene was so cute!! i’ve been really looking forward to scenes of myolie/feng shao feng! 52 is a bit late! ahaaha

  • FaNNy says:

    to K: aww…the shaofeng/myolie moment is what i was looking forward to in your posts! xD lolz she’s better with him than ray =]

  • Sandy says:

    At least Myolie has a happy ending.

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