September 2011

[River of Wine] Favourite Couple

River of Wine Couples

Which is your favourite couple in River of Wine?

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My favourite couple would have to go to Bowie and Elena 😀 The couple caught my attention early on in the series when I felt soemthing was going on between them. I loved the way they both cared for each other and seemed like they understood each other without having to say so. Their love felt so deep and it was heartbreaking to see that they were ‘forbidden’ to be together and were forced to lock up their feelings. The two had so much chemistry- esp when they exchanged glances 🙂 I’m glad the two got a happy ending and were able to be together in the end!!

My second favourite couple would go to Linda and Sunny. They were so adorable and their love was so sweet! Episode 3 really brought changed their opinions of each other and later became really good friends. I feared that he only saw her as his little sister although it was obvious she had a crush on him. The ‘get-tgoether’ scene was so cute too! I thought the fireworks he made were realyl romantic too! Those scenes were cute!! The two went through so much to be together (pressure from both families). It was comforting that their love for one another didn’t change as they were able to overcome all their obstacles. The most sad, touching scene was when Sunny was trying to convince Linda to give up their unborn child because of her health conditions..it was sooo sad and emotional! Glad the two have a happy ending as well!!

While I disliked Pierre everytime he was so ‘blind’ and did all those bad thing- I must admit I don’t mind him that much when he’s around Sire- Maybe because Sire can’tame’ him and she was there for his good. I liked Sire a lot in the drama so quite enjoyed watching this couple too XD

Cilla and Alex- I’m not a huge fan of this couple or the individual characters so I’ll jsut leave it at that…lol

10 Responses to “[River of Wine] Favourite Couple”

  • AC says:

    I’m only up to episode 8 or 9 but I really like Sunny and Linda. They’re really cute together and Sunny still looks very youthful.

  • lynne says:

    My vote went to Elena and Bowie 😀 I love their story so much! Very sweet…but yet sad. Fav. scene of them was in the last scene of episode 5 <3

    • EY says:

      I voted for Bowie and Elena too! Call me sappy, but I have this soft spot for lovelorn couples whom, due to unforeseen circumstances couldnt end up together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha same I love couples that have some reasons cannot be together so I vote for Bowie and Elena XD love this couple

      • lynne says:

        Haha that’s my reason too 🙂 I’m also happy that their story isn’t too dramatic nor draggy. Could just feel the bitterness in the sweetness each time they’re onscreen together.

        I’ve only seen Elena in a few series, but I’m already really loving her as an actress 🙂

        • yuting says:

          haha.. i also vote for bowie and elena, their feelings were so real, and yet they needs to hide their feelings.. they should cherish each other while they were still in the same world, feel so sad for them.. 🙁 but its happy to see them being together at last.. it is so touching.. 🙂 eiena is my favourite fans!

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