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*Contains Spoilers*

Who should Mavis (Tavia) be paired up with?


I can’t really decide who I want Mavis to end up with..I think I’ve always favoured Keith more because he was more mature and cool, while Wallace was sorta spoilt-ish etc I really liked  the corrupted cops case though- it really brought the two closer and I loved the way he protected her, so manly! XD I felt that Wallace matured through the series. At first when Wallace got rejected by Mavis, he decided to move on and started dating his ex-gf “Cindy’ again..but later when he realised he really did like Mavis, he became a lot more serious in the way he handled things. He seemed a lot more responsible and started to match Mavis well. He also proved to be very righteous and courageous. He was also always very attentive towards her, like the scene where he helped her highlight all the documents, anbought her congee and left his jacket with her.
Raymond and Tavia in The Other Truth
I like Keith and Mavis too! XD They grew a lot closer after the Chima Case, helping Evergreen win custody of his children etc and they become to understand each other a lot more too.They started to like each other a lot and became so compatible which often made Ceci quite jealous. That lift scene was a neat moment too! Rarely do we ever see this side of Keith XD Only thing is their relationship seemed so awkward after she rejected both guys on her birthday…. (they bought gave her a heart necklace!) =X It was even more awkward when she invited them both to dinner to tell them she likes them both as friends only and wanted to keep things that way. They are both really nice guys though and it feels so much of a waste for not choosing one of them, for being afraid of hurting the other… I can’t even imagine how Mavis and her Ex-husband would have been like as a couple.. ><
Ruco and Tavia in The Other Truth

I really hoped Mavis would pick one and end up with someone in the end…unlike “Cupid Stupid” where she couldn’t decide..*sigh*Deep down she should know who she loves more..what is she waiting for? : <

Ceci (Natalie) / Keith (Ruco) / Alex (Kenneth)

Natalie’s character Ceci grew a crush on Keith which lasted through most of the series. She looked up to him and eventually swaps with Norman to be Keith’s apprentice. I don’t think much else happens other than Ceci getting jealous of Mavis when she sees the two of them together and it started to become quite obvious. Keith eventually took her out to dinner and told her he only treated her as his apprentice and wants to keep things that way. Soon after that, Ceci meets Alex (Kenneth) and starts falling for him. I think Natalie and Kenneth make a cute couple- although their relationship developed really quickly, every interaction of theirs was sweet XD Unfortunately, Kenneth was not what he appeared to be and he kept things from her etc Natalie  breaks up with him but he eventually convinces her to go back to his side. She  felt so much pressure because Keith and Mavis kept telling her to stay away from him and the that he wasn’t a good person; yet she loved him so much. She also knew how much he loved her but still had doubts in her mind that he was still doing illegal things. At the end, Natalie chooses to be with him and not care about the illegal dealings he had. Unfortuntely, Kenneth thought Natalie had betray her and ends up killing her..
Kenneth & Natalie in The Other Truth

James (Louis) and Madam Mui (Krystal Tin)

These two are hilarious! They make a very cute and funny couple and I’m glad things worked out for them. Madam Mui is so clumsy (keeps spilling coffee and losing her gun!) and courageous at the same time. James always seems to get involved with WEIRD people lol (like Benz, Emily and now Madam Mui) XD I though it was hilarious how she was so manly sometimes, and piggy-backed Fei-Jai Louis down the mountains XD They share a lot of chemistry together and they were fun to watch. At the end when Louis thought Madam Mui died, he started crying for her (it was funny and sweet at the same time). At the end, he proposes to her XD I thought it was funny to see Astrid again as well..haha


Madam Mui & James

21 Responses to “[The Other Truth] Favourite Couple Poll”

  • Annabelle says:

    I vote for Keith and Mavis too! ^.^

  • Ri says:

    Oh wow the Cupid Stupid ending was so bad, so was the Sweetness In The Salt one too! I hope Mavis does properly end up with someone.. preferably Keith! 😀

    • karened says:

      Seems like Tavia’s constantly stuck with these kind of triangular relationships. Even BBOL had a similar scenerio too.

  • karened says:

    Keith for me! While I agree with you that Wallace’s character matured throughout the series, I think Keith and Mavis have more compatible characters. I like Wallace too, so I won’t mind if Mavis picks him instead…


    With just 2 more eps to go, I wonder how Mavis can decide. =S

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Oh gosh, not Cupid Stupid… that had to be one of the worst enings ever! Keith has my vote!

    • Madeline says:

      I think you guys forgot that Tavia played the destiny game to pick which guy should she end up with and it happens to be Michael so Tavia and Michael are together while Steven is just single :\ and poor Steven loves Tavia a lot.

  • Jessie says:

    I know it seems that tavia is either bad luck with love or she’s spoilt for choice.

    I’m definitely rooting for Mavis and Keith <3

  • Ri says: Has anyone watched the last ep?

    • Jessie says:

      yes…. eurgh, can’t tavia just make up her mind for once @.@

      • Ri says:

        is it somewhere in tavia’s contract tht states tht if she’s in a love triangle she isn’t allowed to make a choice or somethin? sigh.

        • Jessie says:

          And the other part of that contract saying she cant have an intimate relationship…

        • Madeline says:

          lol well that’s probably her personality xD, if there are two guys that like her, she just have to reject both of them xD

        • KTVB says:

          Such a waste though >_< seriously...they're both so much better than Michael

  • lindsey says:

    omg the ending was so disappointing, im not

    • Madeline says:

      i am in fact disappointed the way it ended but I’m not fully disappointed because I get to watch Raymond Wong and Ruco’s acting once more. I’m sure you do too :)I think that’s what really matters.

  • lindsey says:

    whoops didnt finish my sentence yet… im not happy at all, it was just so plain… the whole serie was perfect except for that one 3 minute ending part… ughhh 🙁

    • Madeline says:

      yeah that part was a bit umm awkward, first they were taking pics and congratulating raymond and also norman (tavia and ruco’s disciple) for being barristers and then all of the sudden ruco is teaching his new disciple “ceci” stuff about law. I thought there were like two different stories, i’ll be satisfied if they cut that part out and end it as when they took a pic of ruco, tavia and raymond wearing their court outfits.

      but I’ll be more satisfied if Tavia picked either Ruco or Raymond to end up with.

      • lindsey says:

        yea the last scenes were really awkward, and the love plot felt like there was no ending to it, it felt so empty for me, at least tavia should have chosen one guy…

  • Lynn says:

    Four words describe how I feel about the ending: I Hate You, TVB. 🙁

    • Madeline says:

      don’t hate on TVB for this show’s ending. Other TVB shows are also good too especially Wax and Wane, Lives of Omission, 7 days of live and other shows released this year.

      Sure this show’s ending didn’t end the way everyone suspected it to be but there could be a reason for that.

      I’m glad i watched this show to the end because I realize that Ruco’s acting improved a lot ever since he joined TVB. So don’t say that this show turned out to be a huge disappointment.

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