August 2011

[New Series]: River of Wine

English Title: River of Wine

Cantonese Title: 九江十二坊 (gau gong sap yi fong)

Cast: Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo, Elena Kong, Sire Ma, Cilla Kung, Evergreen Mak

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 29 August 2011 (Replacing ‘The Life and Times of a Sentinel’)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: Have Wine Today (今朝有酒)– By Taichi (CD Version)

Executive Producer
: Wong Wai Sing

Scriptwriter: Yuen Siu No & Suen Ho Ho


River of Wine Poster



MR. SUNG, owner of a winery, agrees to tide LEUNG CHING-YIU’s (Bowie Lam) family over its difficulty on the condition that YIU becomes his stepson and take care of his business. YIU not only takes the offer but also breaks off from his family all together so as to prevent his mother, KWAN WAI-LAN (Nancy Sit), from being gossiped about. His younger brother, LEUNG CHING-HONG (Sunny Chan Kam Hung), is furious about his decision. Intending to prove that he can stand on his own feet, HONG starts up his own winery. MR. SUNG’s younger daughter, SUNG CHI-CHING (Linda Chung), is disabled. Before he passes away, MR. SUNG tells YIU to look after CHING. Meanwhile, MR. SUNG’s elder son, SUNG CHI-TSUN (Pierre Ngo), shows up again after being missing for twenty years, turning his family and the Leungs completely upside down.

梁 正堯(林保怡)為救家人渡過難關,答應酒坊宋老爺成為他的過繼子,並接手打理酒坊生意,正堯避免母親關惠蘭(薛家燕)承受閒言閒語,忍痛與梁家劃清界線, 割斷骨肉親情,因而令二弟梁正匡(陳錦鴻)勃然大怒,並決心自立門戶經營酒坊,證明自己亦可白手興家。正堯一直謹遵宋老爺的遺願,悉心照顧殘障的妹妹宋子 澄(鍾嘉欣),然而當失縱了廿年的宋家長子宋子駿(敖嘉年)突然回來認祖歸宗,梁、宋兩家出現大變天……

Episode 1 Preview:


Synopsis Credits: TVB.com


16 Responses to “[New Series]: River of Wine”

  • KTVB says:

    I watched the first episode today- saw a lot of minor characters from both “Sentinel” and “Omission” lol

    I think the series looks promising. I feel like I haven’t seen Linda in a while which is also refreshing. The series reminds me of “wax and Wane” with the two families and their ‘complex relationships’- there’s Sunny it in as well; except instead of Noodles; its about Wine.

    I have a feeling Sunny’s character is going to turn bad though later on which I kind of dread lol. I’m curious to find out more about Bowie’s character and what made him leave “Leung” family and become a “Song”.

    • 12345 says:

      Im really not sure about this series. Compare to The Life and Times of a Sentinel it doesnt seems as good but i may be wrong it has only been 2 episode. I feel that this is a very typical kind of story line and the ups and downs can be predicted.

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 2 Thoughts:

    I’m liking Bowie’s character more as they revealed he’s really a good person who does value family ties. They mentioned he changed surnames and de-recognised his family in order to save them (probably money?) but his siblings seem to misunderstand him. I thought it was pretty touching when he called Nancy “mother” and I kind of pity him when he saw his family (which he could have been part of) really happy etc while he is all alone.

    I think Linda’s pretty cute in the series so far..but I wonder what happened to her leg..

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 3 Thoughts:

    This episode focussed a lot on Sunny and Linda’s characters and it really brought them together. They’ve been through so much and understood each other a lot just for those few days in GuangZhou. Very very cute XD Hopefully the two will end up together!

    River of Wine- Linda and Sunny

    • 12345 says:

      i agree they seem really good together and lets hope they do end up together. I seem to like this show more and you got to feel sorry for Bowie as he is misunderstood by everyone and I think there is something going on between Bowie and his 3rd Mum.
      It was really sweet how Bowie and Sunny bonded in GuangZhou.

  • 12345 says:

    You got to feel sorry for Pierre. I am really liking Bowie now and who is the main character Sunny or Bowie or both of them are?

    • EY says:

      I think both of them are. My guess is they are gonna pit against each other in future, and Pierre will be the most evil one trying to ruin everything between the both of them.
      Talking about Pierre, his acting is exceptionally good at the moment! Whenever I see him eating all that leftover food, my heart goes out to him. And I never expected his love for his sister is so strong; he stood up immediately when he realised his sister did not die. Im crossing my fingers that he wont make use of Linda if he turns bad in future…

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 4 Thoughts:

    Another decent episode with nice bonding time between Linda, Bowie and Sunny 🙂 Their relationship seems to be growing closer- very heartwarming!

    On the other hand, feel sorry for Pierre’s character- not looking forward to him turning evil later on tho!

    • EY says:

      The story is progressing on a little too typical TVB (I realise even the choice of cast is typical), but I’m not complaining; TVB generally does well for this kinda genres. Great acting so far, and it has been awhile since I’ve seen Nancy Sit.

      • KTVB says:

        hehe I agree! TVB is using the same formulas for what makes a decent series- hopefully there will be more elements of unpredictability in it!

    • Madeline says:

      Yeah, I don’t want Pierre to be evil but I don’t think he will though, he seems pretty nice.

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 5:
    I really like the chemistry between Bowie and Elena <3 Hope the two can end up together some how XD

    Also felt sorry for Pierre and was touched by the way nancy took care of him etc. I wished Pierre would stay and fully recover before he left again :< Old gramps fault!

    • Madeline says:

      Pierre’s role in that episode and in the earlier episodes reminds me of his role in No Regrets as Pai Guk Chai, a character that you pity for which I really love.

  • Ham_Ham says:

    i’m watching it too!!! really love Bowie and Elena the scene. hope they have a good ending 🙂

  • `Amethyst. says:

    I’m up to episode 17 so far. Seriously Nancy is really getting on my nerves. I mean I pitied her at the start for losing her son and all. But then shes starting to seem rather selfish. She keeps trying to break up lovers -__- Gosh. How could she even do that to poor Elena?! KJALKSKAA. *needs to rant*

    On a side note,I think I’m liking all the love lines in drama. Their all pretty interesting in their own way. And I really like Sire’s character.Especially when she was asked by Pierre to go be friends on Linda (like a spy) but when Sunny and Linda got together she helped to hide it from Pierre. What a nice girl :DD And Zeng dai yan is an arse, like seriously.I kinda pitied the granddad, he got framed and actually died after that. Its quite sad how he still insisted on the truth that he didn’t do it right before he died but no one (except Elena) believed him 🙁

  • KTVB says:

    I finsihed watching the series!! 🙂 It’s a pity that not many people seem to be interested in this drama because I thoroughly enjoyed watching the series throughout! (More than Lives of Omission or Men with No Shadows)

    Although the storyline was some what predictable (e.g watching how the 2 families were going to reunite), the delivery of it was quite touching; some very moving heart-felt scenes.

    Most of the characters are quite likeable (minus Cilla *annoying* I didn’t like Pierre much because he was so “blind”!! But he’s needed to drive the series forward and turns good in the end.

    The 3 main couples are also very interesting to watch 🙂 I really like Sira Ma (here and in Men with No Shadows) I love how she does everything ‘right”, sticks up to her father; helps Linda and Sunny to get together, defends for Bowie and keeps Pierre on track!

    I think Bowie, Sunny and Linda led the series well 😀 I thought Sunny was going to turn bad or some
    thing, but glad to see that both Bowie and Sunny remain good characters throughout 🙂

    I really happy ending which is very fitting for this type of series!

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