August 2007

[New Series]: Best Selling Secrets

Starting from October 1 Every Monday to Friday 9:45pm on Australia TVBJ Satelite (replacing Welcome to the House)

Cast: Esther Kwan Wing Ho, Elaine Jin, Alvina Kong Yan Yin, Shek Sau, Au Kam Tong, Stephen, Vin Choi, Angela Tong , Geoff Wong…
Episodes: 120 episodes
Release Date: April 2007
Genre: Modern Sitcom


Wong Ka-Lam (Esther Kwan), who returns from overseas, comes to know Tai Chi master, Ng Hang (Elaine Jin) and her grandson Luk Chit (Vin Choi) by chance. LAM has trouble getting along with HANG, but she is on very good terms with CHIT, who is eighteen years younger than her. She even joins the advertising firm where he works and becomes his colleague.

LAM’s talent is recognised by the firm’s vice president, YIN WAI-SHUN (Geoff Wong), and is promoted within a very short time. This arouses jealousy and hostility from her colleague, the wicked TAI ON NA (Kong Yan Yin). The firm then becomes a battlefield for LAM and NA, who fight and compete incessantly.

Meanwhile, HANG is uncomfortable with LAM becoming CHIT’s colleague. She seems to be hiding something from CHIT…

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