I finished this series when they airred the finale in HK but haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet. Given that it’s one of my favourites so far for 2011, I thought I’d at least make a mention somewhere and post up some thoughts and screencaptures..so here it!  🙂

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*

From the first episode onwards, Kevin’s portrayl of LA Law made me really like the series. He is absolutely cute and hilarious in this role XD There were a lot of elements which made me like the series. I love watching Kevin and his 3 friends- they share so much chemistry (and they’re all so weird too ahah)! I look forward to their scenes the most because doesn’t matter whether they argue or make fun of each other, they’re always there for each other and brings some laughter for us. [I also like how they are positioned in the poster hehe]

Kevin & Myolie

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice

Myolie and Kevin- two barristers who are almost complete opposite to each other XD I like watching these two bicker- Kevin often makes her so mad haha I love their respective personalities and even when they’re brought together- they each still have that “coolness” in them. They’re independent and they’re not in that clingy type of relationship. I particularly liked how the court cases brought them together;  when they had to work together for Stephen’s case. Myolie’s attitude towards Kevin started to change when he told her what had happened 7 years ago and he started to get attracted to her too.

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice
I was pretty surprised when Myolie caked him back across the face with her face-she pretty much kissed him in front of everyone lol I thought it waspretty bold of her~  I didn’t see that coming XD The dinner scene also had a lot of flirting which made me love them both more- it was so amusing to watch lol The scene where Kevin was singing while showering (he was so in love! ! XD) was funny too! While the two dated each other and continued to flirt, both of them denied ther were in a relationship.

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice

They finally got together after Myolie lost the case to PK and she was really upset the murderer got off the hook. Kevin comforted her and kissed her ^^

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice

The above scene was so cute! When they woke up, Myolie found Kevin starring at her looking worried. He asked her in a very innocent voice “You’re take responsibility right?” XD XD Myolie replied ” Don’t be silly, we’re both adults” XD

In the end, due to disagreements and conflict in handling the case about a gang fight- the two went their separate ways…Kevin tried so hard to stop her going the wrong path but she was blinded by her pride; thinking that Kevin was implying she would never exceed him. Sharon’s sacrifice made Myolie realise what she had done was wrong andshe  makes it up in the end by arresting PK. She had to go into the extremes to gain PK’s trust which got herself into trouble too. However, Kevin took the punishment for Myolie and in the end, Kevin gets arrested..That scene was pretty touching- Kevin did so much for her!! I’m glad they got back together in the end, while Myolie waits for his release..

Myolie & Kevin in Ghetto Justice

I think the two both did pretty well in their roles. Myolie looks quite refreshing and sharp here- not sure what it is, maybe her hair? This has got to be my favourite Kevin Cheng role!!! There were lots of chemistry and sparks between the two and I was surprised at the level of intimacy they had.

Sam & Sharon

Ghetto Justice

Ghetto Justice

A very refreshing pairing- considering this is the first time I’ve seen Sam on a TVB series! It’s an interesting how they made him fall for a prostitute and develop into a serious relationship with her. At first I didn’t’ think they match lol I grew to like this couple as the series progressed and how Sharon was able to positively influence Sam’s behavour towards his father. Sharon’s past is pretty sad though and I felt sorry for her and hoped she could live a happy life with the one she loves- Sam is the perfect guy for her-he loves her so much; is willing to give up everything to be with her and accepts her past and present. She also tried really hard to live the life she wanted, and his parents seemed to like her a lot (without knowing what she does..) I felt so bad for her when she chased the thief down all those streets naked!!! >< I wonder if she ever regretted doing it….worst thing is to have his parents wittness it too! So many obstacles in their way and just when you think they could finally be together, Sharon gets killed… I thought the scene was really, really sad :'( . Her sacrifice brought Sam back with his family; PK in prison; and Myolie back to taking the right path..

Alex & Joyce
Ghetto Justice
OK- this couple is SO WEIRD LOL I thought his crush on a “see-lai” was very WTH?? lol I know, I’m mean, but THEY TOTALLY DON’T MATCH XD He’s shorter than her, and a lot younger?? I thought it was pretty weird and that she will never see him that way haha. I found it pretty amusing watching his attempts because he seemed like a whimpy boy in a bow- tie (trying to act like an adult). However, during the case where he fought for her when her husband accused her of stabbing him, I was very impressed by his performace in court. The way he treated the whole situation about her husband taking a photo of him kissing Joyce on the cheeks when she was asleep was very mature & manly lol I was really happy for him, and she was really touched too. He also had the courage to confess his feelings for her during court in front of everyone. No more avoiding 🙂

Cases: Most of the cases were pretty interesting. My favourite one would have to be watching Stephen’s case (I love that “love song” demo he sang XD) I thought the whole accident thing was interesting and step-sister-liking-brother idea. It was also touching in the end where Stephen’s step father stood up for him in court although his own daughter was indirectly killed by him. This case also brought Myolie and Kevin together which I like XD The other cases I liked was when Kevin was challenging Alex’s dad’s case; Myolie (and Kevin) vs PK and the final 2 cases of the series where Myolie, Kevin and PK were involved. These were the ones which still remain in my mind. The others- like cases Joyce and Sharon were first involved in was more of a character introduction; but Joyce’s final case with Alex confessing his feelings as a good one!
Ghetto Justice
Ghetto Justice
Ghetto Justice
Ghetto Justice


I thought the ending was appropriate- slightly sad that Kevin had to go to jail but I guess the message was Myolie had a commited a crime so will have to take the consequences. Although it was Kevin who took it in place of her, it showed how much he loved her. He knew she did it purely to arrest PK for his crimes and he would rather be that person being punished, especially for what he did done 7 years ago. I’m sure when he is released, he’ll be able to live a happy life with Myolie! It was also sad that Sharon died, but it left a good impact on the series~~


Overall, AWESOME SERIES! One of my favourites for the year- it’s fun and enjoyable to watch! Absoluately love Kevin’s role as Law-Ba in Ghetto Justice- and looking forward to the “sequel”!!

18 Responses to “[Ghetto Justice] Overall Thoughts”

  • misstila says:

    I really liked this series even though i’m not a kevin nor myolie but this series was pretty good. but i really didn;t like myolie’s character i found her quite annoying and unbearable to watch. to tell the truth i only watched this series for Sam lee and Sharon Chan, they were my favorite characters a couple. too bad tvb had to be so mean and kill Sharon off =[ i also like the chemistry between alex and joyce. i loved the scene when he defended for joyce’s case.

  • rachel says:

    yay!!! i’m so glad you wrote a review on this!!! i too, super enjoyed and loved this series!!! and i absolutely fell in love with kevin’s character, LA Law is just hilarious and nothing can faze him ahaha love the way you makes comments just to push myolie’s limits. i kinda wish sharon didn’t die because the series didn’t have such a heavy feel to it. but i guess they had to do something dramatic to make myolie realize her mistakes hahah, overall, one of the best series this year!!

  • Chibi says:

    Awesome series and awesome write-up 😀 You’ve pretty much summarised all the good bits in the drama. I quite enjoyed watching this drama too. I hope the sequel/number 2 will be good as well.

  • AC says:

    I loved this series and agree with basically all of what you said. I really like both Myolie and Kevin but I was afraid of this pairing after watching Burning Flames 3, but they had a lot more sparks and chemistry in this series. I’m excited for the sequel.

    • KTVB says:

      I didn’t watch Burning Flame 3, but I did hear that their pairing there was a bit dry XD

      This is definately refreshing to watch- looking forward to the sequel too!! ^^

  • awso says:

    Yayy I love this series also! I agree on the alex and joyce thing… it was so weird >.<! I didnt enjoy watching their scenes because they just didnt match! And as for myolie– I dont think Ive ever disliked her but everyone seems like they dislike her in this drama.

    • KTVB says:

      haha yea.. I wonder what the age ga for the two are ^^;

      I think Alex’s role is here very different to the others he has played in the past

  • Yan Fen says:

    love this entry of yours as it summarizes most of my favourite parts in this drama!!! just finished the last episode and I really enjoyed this show… it is one of my favourite shows for 2011 as well so far 🙂

    i thought that myolie acted quite well in the last episode at the scene towards the end whereby she spoke to kevin in the police van… her emotions and facial expressions were quite well-portrayed… can really feel her regret, anguish, hopelessness and love for kevin all at once hehe

    needless to say, out of the 3 couples, kevin & myolie is my favourite 🙂 i was also quite surprised to see they had such good chemistry in this show… hmmm definitely looking forward to their pairing again in other future drama or the sequel 😉

    paticularly enjoyed the humour injected here and there as well in this series… compared to other truth, this is much more light-hearted…

    ok, seriously love everything about this show, thumbs up 🙂

    thanks for writing this entry, enjoyed reading it!

    • Madeline says:

      This show is really good, good thing that they’re going to have Ghetto Justice 2, can’t wait 😀

      for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghetto_Justice_II

      • Chi says:

        Has the cast for the sequel been confirmed yet? I can’t believe it, according to the wikipedia page, Kevin’s character will be paired with Niki’s (rumored ex gf) and Myolie’s will be paired with Bosco’s (rumored couple), that’s kind of meta isn’t it?

        • KTVB says:

          I’m not sure, haven’t heard anything yet..but you can’t always rely on wikipedia…lol

        • Madeline says:

          i don’t think it’s confirmed yet but it’s confirmed that Niki will be included in the cast for ghetto justice 2 which is quite to see :D.

          I don’t think bosco will be in the show because it’ll be sort of random just for him to be in the show paired up with Myolie, Myolie probably will be paired up with Stephen.

          but like KTVB says, don’t always rely on wiki, wikipedia is working hard to update the latest news they receive from human resources 🙂

  • Elisa Septari says:

    I really liked this series especially because the main character Kevin Cheng starring as Law Lik Ah is one of my favourite actors. I also like to watch the scene,when Kevin Cheng and Myolie wu defended the case of Yam Yuen-yuen murder in court.It showed their enthusiasm and their defensive attitude were very strong.Now I’m waiting to watch Ghetto Justice II…I hope it would be airing soon..

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