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Reflecting back on this 20 episode series, I felt that “My Sister of Eternal Flower” went by pretty quick. The series had a simple story line, to match the “simple” Fa Ga Jie. It was quite light-hearted and had some fairytale /kiddish feel to it (especially the themevideo), but also had many heart-felt moments which I really liked! I quite enjoyed following the series and hope to keep some of its happy memories here on my blog 🙂

I thought Raymond was very adorable in the series. At the start, he played a spoilt rich guy. I enjoyed watching his funny, immature character and all the funny expressions he had were refreshing. He wasn’t a “bad/evil” person- he was good at heart but just wouldn’t “grow up” and was rather directionless.

My Sister of Eternal Flower
My Sister of Eternal Flower

In the early episodes, Raymond decided to persue Fa Lai Ju(Charmaine) in hope to fool his grandpa in giving Xenus (their company) to him. Those scenes  were quite silly and funny because he would do all these “romantic” things (some quite exaggerated) but she still wouldn’t get it haha.  Although he was only playing around with her- pretending to be “Wah-Dee” XD Charamine eventually did fall in love with him like the “prince and princess”. Those episodes reminded me of the early episodes of ” Men Don’t Cry”(Gan Yan Gin)  when Dayo made Cecilia fall in love with him only to use her (and then they later falling in love for real xD)

My Sister of Eternal Flower

Raymond having dreams about Charmaine XD

I really started to appreciate the  series more from about episode 9 onwards when Raymond was starting turning into a better person because of Fa Lai Ju(Charmaine). At times, I found Fa Lai Ju pretty annoying but I started to overlook those when we  see her saying/doing so many sweet things for Raymond- letting him stay at her house; stood by him to care for him after he lost everything (even after he told her he only used her); and having utmost trust and belief in him. She only wanted him to be happy and would do anything to make his dreams come true. No matter how many times Raymond hurt her, she would always put him first before herself. The time he spent while he stayed at her place (after he became homeless) were pretty cute and we started to see a very strong bond grow between them. Raymond eventually fell in love with her and became quite protective/jealous  over her. Once, he remembered Fa Lai Ju had mentioned she feared thunderstorms  the most and when it started raining,  he ran to find her and was there to protect her 🙂 However, he tried denying his feelings and tried to avoid her to make those feelings go away.

My Sister of Eternal Flower

I shed tears watching the scene where Raymond forced himself to  leave Charmaine and move back with Agnes (Yoyo Chen)- his ex-girlfriend.  I was so torn watching that scene because we know they both love each other so much…He “knew” he shouldn’t have fallen  in love with her and forced himself to try start over with Agnes.

The other very sad scene was when Raymond yelled at Charmaine and forced her to sell off  “Pig Pig Ju” in hope she would forget about him; thinking it was the best for her and not to hold onto the past. He knew how much the pig toys meant to her but didn’t want her trapped in all the unhappy memories. At the end, she ended up selling the rights to the design/toys away- not because Raymond told her he didn’t like her anymore; but because she saw how much” pain” he was in, and didn’t want to see him sad or angry because of her. She wanted to see him happy everyday even if it meant making the pigs disappear or not showing up in front of him again. Raymond later realised he could never forget about her. He leaves Agnes and the two finally get together during sunset 🙂

My Sister of Eternal Flower

The two were so happy together and he really cared for her and protected her. it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside- They made love seem so simple and geniune <3

Later, Agnes and Raymond’s grandfather comes in between them and more problems seems to surface.  Another tearful episode was when Agnes made Charmaine realise that her children may end up like being her and that would make Raymond really sad. Charmaine tearfully breaks up with her YekYek (Raymond)…

After much separation and going back together, and then separating again,  the two finally get back  together in the last episode when he realised how much she meant to him; and didn’t care if their kids may not be normal, as long as they are as kind-hearted as she was~

My Sister of Eternal Flower

My Sister of Eternal Flower

I had mixed thoughts for Agnes (Yoyo Chen). At first I thougth she was the way Raymond’s grandpa described her, but then later realised she was actually a nice girl. Although coming from a poorer background and with many unhappy memories, she worked hard and she wasn’t with Raymond for his money. She stayed with him to encourage him, but Raymond made no progress and forced her away. In a way, I did feel a bit sympathetic towards her and could see why she would want to return to Raymond later on. When she found out Raymond still had feelings for Fa Lai Ju, she wanted to break up with him, but Raymond convinced her give him one more chance- and that promised he’ll never be with Charmaine. He gave her false hope and when they were going on their holiday together, he left once again when he realised he wanted to be with Fa Lai Ju. At the end, Agnes became so jealous she started doing immature things to go in between Charmaine and Raymond. She turned quite selfish towards the end and even hid the fact her leg wasn’t disabled and had recovered, in order for him to marry her. was pretty clear Raymond didn’t love her anymore after falling in love with Fa Lai Ju..Although I disagree with Agness actions, I thought they were pretty realistic..
My Sister of Eternal Flower
My Sister of Eternal Flower

This is the first role where I can say I actually like Toby’s character. I thought Toby (Jenny) and Pierre (Mike) ‘s relationship was interesting to watch and they were really compatible together. It was obvious from the start that  there were some tention between them – they always seem to have grudges against each other at work and Pierre is often treating her harshly..We later learn that they used to be ex-lovers when they hinted during scenes where Pierre seemed really worried about her, and remembered the good times.   I also liked watching their interactions and watching Toby take advantage of his feelings for her to get her way- it showed how much he actually cared for her and I like watching guys have a softy spot for girls lol It made me wonder why they broke up because the two still seemed to have that chemistry between them. It turns out they separated because of some misunderstanding and the two eventually get back together. Their relationship became a bit messy when he found out he had cancer and kept this from her by acting like a jerk and breaking up with her. Desperate for time and money for his sister, Pierre misuses “Pig Pig Ju” to force Raymond to buy the title back from him. On the other hand, Toby wanted to give him a chance after finding out she was pregnant, but he didn’t even give her the chance to tell him. At that point, I just couldn’t wait until they both found out the truth!  Toby was so heartbroken, but she didn’t realise Pierre as even more hurt to say those things to her/treat her that way. In the last episode, the truth comes out and they both get back together ^^ Pierre was able to live at least 3 year more and they had 2 children together. I felt that was slightly unrealistic, given that it looked like he was in so much pain I can’t imagine how he could have survived. Given it was this type of series, I knew there would be a happy ending for everyone thoguh.

My Sister of Eternal Flower

This series also had a lot of character growth, sibling love friendship. Although Fai Lai Ju remains simple-minded at the end of the story, her character has grown through the series, being able  to face things with courage.  She fought for her ‘Pig Pig Ju” toys and even ran the marathon in the pig suit (mind you Pig Pig Ju running the marathon was TOO cute!! XD)

The other supporting casts were good too. The bond between Charmaine and her siblings and Pierre and his sister were touching . I cried during the scene where Gigi realised her brother got into a car accident because he tried to make it back for her birthday! JuJu and GaoGao are quite funny together too lol So kiddy- from all of Gao Gao’s comments-I think she has been watching way too much dramas lol

My Sister of Eternal Flower

Overall, I enjoyed watching the pairings in the series- Raymond and Charmaine were a really cute; and I really liked Toby and Pierre as a couple too.
I thought the ending was nicely wrapped up with Pierre’s idea about the marathon. It was a good way to bring the  two back together without much confrontation or akwardness. It was so cute having the pig run in the marathon xD

What do you guys think of the series and ending?

28 Responses to “[My Sister of Eternal Flower] Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    yay! i’m so glad you wrote a post on this! i too thought the series went by waaayyy to fast 🙁 i want to see more of raymond and charmaine! they were just too cute!! 🙂 i thoroughly enjoyed seeing raymond’s character, it’s quite refreshing seeing him act in these types of roles and it never ceased to make me laugh 🙂
    also those two sad scenes that you talked about when raymond forced himself to leave charmaine and making her hate him were one of the few scenes that really made me cry and i actually felt my heart break for them, it was so sad and their love for each other can truly be felt. i really like this series overall and like you, it’s one of the few, if any, series that i enjoyed seeing toby too…but for a couple episodes, i started to dislike pierre hahaha up until he pulled raymond and charmaine back together lol. the ending i seemed was a bit too fast…with too much focus on agnes, would have appreciated it more if raymond and charmaine got more interaction…but definitely enjoyed the marathon scene, so heartwarming 🙂 overall i greatly enjoyed this series and all the other characters too. thanks for writing a post on this!!! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hey rachel : )Agree with what you’ve said, although I was ok with Agne’s screentime in the last episode, given I felt Charmaine and Ray had their sufficient amount of time through the series.

      And yea, I think Pierre’s character jsut turned a bit weird towards the end, especially with filming a horror movie using “Pig Pig Ju”- kinda lame and gross lol

  • Karmen says:

    I really enjoyed this series too! I was a bit sceptical about it at the beginning and started to enjoy it from about episode 10. I watched this series for Raymond and I loved how refreshing his character was, not the typical “nice” guy.

    I thought the casting for this series was quite good and the differences between Pierre’s and Toby’s relationship and Raymond’s and Charmaines. For me, Toby and Pierre’s relationship was more realistic (although I still question how he survived the 3 years)

    The ending was fitting for the series, but by no means was I happy with it. It felt quite rushed with no explanation of the wedding, how Pierre survived the 3 years, whether Raymond and Charmaine got married? I know the answers were obvious lol but I felt like they needed to show it all.

    A very enjoyable series.

    PS. Are you watching Ghetto Justice? Another enjoyable series from TVB this year.

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Karmen 🙂 Yea I like the contrast between the pairings- Pierre/Toby v Charmaine/Ray.

      I actually didn’t feel that the ending was that rushed..but, a bit too unrealistic. I know it is fitting for this type of series, but come on…how could Pierre possibly live that long?

      And Raymond and Charmaine having a kid….? Really? I thought it’d be more realistic if they adopted a kid instead or something..

      P.s I’m watching Ghetto Justice and <3 it!!

  • Ri says:

    A simple, nice but forgettable series for me. I enjoyed bits and pieces of it but for the most part, I found it just ok. I’m glad it was only a 20-episode series, and it wasn’t dragged out for too long though I have to say the ending was so abrupt! In true TVB fashion, they squashed so much into one final episode that everything was a blur and we were just suppose to accept that yes, this happened, believe it, deal with it! 😛 And when they started to talk abt how Pierre “left” so suddenly I think all of us who have watched at least 1 TVB series knew straightaway that Pierre didn’t die. lol!

    I enjoyed Raymond’s performance in this series the most, but that’s not saying much. I’ve seen him do better, but have to admit this is definitely one of his funner roles. Gives him room to experiment as a “comedic” actor (sort of) while also allowing him to do the serious, drama acting he’s already good at. He still has a long way more to go – i felt like he held back when he had to act funny and childish in the beginning.

    As for Charmaine…she did a good job portraying the character but I just couldn’t fully commit and fall in love with the “Fa Lai Ju” character. I’m sure she will gain a nomination for Best Actress at this year’s TVB awards for this role though.

    Pierre is as good as always, but sorely underused. Oh well, he is suppose to be a supporting role. Can’t be Pai Kwat in all his roles right? 🙂 Toby is still quite wooden in the way she moves, but she has certainly improved. She did look good in this show!

    Are you watching Ghetto Justice, K? I am and really enjoying it! I especially like the 4 “heng dais” in the show, they seem to be more of the main characters than Myolie, Sharon or Joyce! 😛

    • KTVB says:

      “And when they started to talk abt how Pierre “left” so suddenly I think all of us who have watched at least 1 TVB series knew straightaway that Pierre didn’t die. lol!”<-- HAHA omg that is so true. When they said that I was like =.= oh geez TVB.. not this 'trick' again lol I am watching Ghetto Justice! It's a really good series- can't wait to watch more!!

  • Charlie says:

    I thought the series started out strong and then somewhat flattened out for me.

    I haven’t seen the Ah Won TV series that everyone compares Charmaine with so no complains from me on that! I thought Charmaine did a great job!

    One of the saddest moment I thought was when Charmaine’s character had to break up with Raymond’s character and she told him the reason that she was breaking out with him.

    I liked the show! I would also recommend it. Thanks for doing the review. 🙂


  • misstila says:

    I felt that this series was ok it was a bit draggy and i didn’t really like the ending. It was the typical tvb happy ending. It’s like only the main characters had a happy ending. I wanted Agnes to end up with raymond. at first i didn’t like her much but then i started liking her character more and more. I felt bad for her cuz every1 else had a happy ending except for her -_- for all the people that said she deserved getting hit by a car that wasnt so nice >:O. Even though she was selfish she just wanted to be together with Raymond again. after all she also helped him out a lot. i guess everything for her in this series wasn’t the perfect timing at all :[

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I feel sorry for Agnes..she’s not that bad if you think about it..What’s “sad” about this whole thing is, even when Raymond thought Agnes was disabled, he STILL chose to be with…???

      Pretty unfair to Agnes if you ask me- he should just make up his mind..sigh

      • misstila says:

        yeah i felt so bad for agnes even though she was a bit b*tchy but you can;’t really blame here. =[ she was treated so unfairly here. i felt like the ending was a bit pedophilish lmfaoooo

      • Fiona says:

        I think he already make up his mind to be with Agnes. But he isn’t marrying her because of loves but because of he felt gratitude and guilt and sympathy towards Agnes.

        He went for the marathon was just because he hope to do something for sister Fa one last time.

        While doing marathon he realised his loves towards sister Fa was very deep and don’t wanna lose her.

        If he does married Agnes and he’s not loving her isn’t that more unfair to Agnes?

        Don’t forget that Agnes told sister Fa she snatch back Yik Yik Is because she can’t accept she lose Yik Yik to a mentally ill girl. That proved she’s competitive. She not truly loves him.

        No doubt she helped Hugo alots and at first I also feel sorry for her… But when she taught sister Fa all those childish act. She’s just too far!
        Oh and I believes before Agnes accidentally hit by lorry. I’m sure she and Mike have something in her sleeves on forcing Hugo buying the Pig Pig Pig!

        • KTVB says:

          I know where you are getting at, and those you mentioned were explained in the series. All in all, I tihnk TVB is just trying to portray Raymond’s love for Charmaine despite the obstacles they faed, and no matter how much Raymond tried to move on and accept Agnes, he knew the one he loved in the end was Charmaine.

          I don’t want Raymond to end up with Agnes in the series- just when I think about it I feel sorry for Agnes

  • Snow says:

    kerry, just wondering, the scene whr u cried when gigi found out mike got into the accident because he wanted to rush back to her birthday, did u actually mean the scene she found out he got cancer? yr screenscap showed so lol

    i think both fung and char were cute in their characters. maybe char isnt very consistent in her performance but i dnt think she did so bad. funny, some people started liking toby in this series but i cnt stand her shout scenes or any scenes whr she had to be angry or frustrated and i do like her before this lol. as always i like jazz lam a lot and also yoyo chen. agnes is such a good girlfriend, always encouraging fung during his worst times, really frustrating to see fung push her away. and time and time again too! really cnt blame agnes for acting immature during the last scenes, altho its not very consistent with her angel-like characterization for a major part of the series. blame the writers? i like the cute friend gao gao and her father too 😀

    pierre is a very good actor but i hate his character mike. not even because he’s the supposed baddie or watever but im seriously wondering how many ppl will buy the fact that mike is a VERY GOOD HEARTED person who’s doing everything for his sister. so wat? just because he had cancer doesnt justify his actions hurting fa ga jeh. not to mention he took over xenus and made it a mess by pulling all the customers to his own company. and the last part whr his “sou ju yi” to threaten fung to take part in the marathon simply because he wanted fung and char to get back together? its so dumb, doesnt make sense. how would he know fa ga jeh herself would dress in pigpigju mascot to run? mike is just seriously a badly-written character.

    anws, the ending is unrealistic. not so much the char-fung situation (i actually think its not 100% unbelievable) but wasnt pierre diagnosed with last stage cancer? how did he manage to live on and have one more kid? it might not be so bad if they simply come up with a lame excuse that he was miraculously cured but they didnt even bother to at least gao doi this part.

    i dnt think this is such a bad series as most ppl criticize it to be but some of the characterization and the plot is seriously flawed. im a huge huge fung fan and i like the cast and i’ve been looking forward to this series so much but oh well, it is just very plain. i like the comedic parts tho :))

    on another note, ghetto justice is good! 😀 kerry hopefully u’ll watch it and write a review!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Snow 🙂 I was actually talking about the Cake scene- but didn’t make a screencap of it lol

      Yea..Agnes was a bit immature in the end but she wasn’t “evil” if you think about it..can only pity her.

      haha that miracle thing would probably still give us the “lame” feeling XD

      Maybe it’d be better if Pierre assed away, Charmaine didn’t get pregnant, and she & Raymond would help Toby look after the baby or something..

    • Mei says:

      I totally agreed with your sentiments for this show the characters were flawed. I don’t think it was because of the actors they did an ok job in general but the writing, story and character development was very weak in this series. the ending was very unrealistic and jarring because of the forced happy ending!

  • wewah says:

    Sister Fa ending was okay, i didn’t understand how Mike was able to survive for another 3 years and being healthy to have more kids. With Agnes going back and forth with Raymond, TVB didn’t even bother to say what happen with her. It only focus on Sister Fa family. Overall, the moral of the story was meaningful by Raymond thinking as long as the person is kind hearted, smartness does not matter.

    • Fiona says:

      Yeah you’re right.. LOL but I wish to watch them when they get married lor.. So quickly jump to Chu Chu pregnant and the tummy so big already!

  • Fiona says:

    I love it whenever Yik Yik told Chu Chu that she don’t have to force herself to be an adult. She don’t have to change herself caused thats the way you are and thats the chu chu I like. So kind and innocence…

    Very touching caused Is hard to find a guy truly loves us for who we are and accept our flaws too….

    Aww very envious of the Chu Chu character have such a sweet and loving hubby!

  • Alistair says:

    I think it is useful to have Chu Chu remain forever a child. It forces Hugo to mature and take more responsibility over his life and via extension her. In that sense, her impediment brings out something better in Hugo and a more mature partner like Agnes would not have.

    • Fiona says:

      Yeah agreed! I loves It when he’s so matured after being with Chu Chu and even his grandpa are glad that his grandson finally grown matured.

      I loves It when he ask Chu Chu why he used to be so mean to her and she still treating him so kind and caring.

      Chu Chu answer was so simple and innocents.

      Because I like you lor.

      Then Yik Yik realised she’s right when you loves someone you have to accept it’s goodness and flaws too.. Like that parts !

  • Awso says:

    Actually, i quite like the ending although I agree it was bit rushed. I like happy endings lol. And I think the ending matches the series because it’s such a happy, simple series.

    Haha and when pierre “died”, judging from the past TVB series that I’ve watched, I knew that I’d still see him later on -____- Typicaall !

    I also felt sorry for Agnes. She lost to a mentally ill girl. And I thought her actions were very realistic, until the end where she said that she’d live her whole life tricking Raymond that she is crippled just so she can marry him. I mean like, really?! That’s just too desperate and unwise.

    Overall I enjoyed this series =D

  • Dory says:

    Can i know what is the sad piano piece played in the background for some scenes in this drama? Eg: ep 11, 25:20

  • Powerz says:

    I loved this series a lot. I thought it showed how no matter how many wrong things people do, as long as they realize it and try to do the right thing, everything will be OK. Seriously, by the end of the series, every character learned something that they didn’t know before on how to be a better person.

    My favorite scene is when Raymond found out that Charmaine was pregnant and rushed over to Charmaine, only to find out that uncle (forgot his name) told him that the baby was his! That was too hilarious and I don’t know why this was not mentioned as a favorite scene! The expressions Raymond showed are priceless!

    I’m a big Raymond and Charmaine fan so I am so happy they did another series together. Everybody did a great job.

    True, true, everybody is saying how Pierre not dying is unrealistic, but it makes me happy to see him living.

  • winnie says:

    hmmm….Actually I am very diferrent with alot of u.I thought that Pierre is the best in this.At first i didnt really know him but after i saw how he sacrificed to help his kins,i started to cry for him.especially in ep 17(i think). Luv him now!

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