Another very grand themesong just like the Heart of Greed one =D

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[Moonlight Resonance Themesong] English Lyrics Translations by KTVB (Please credit if reposted, thanks ^^)

Susanna Kwan- Unintentionally harming you

Want to be together for life, don’t think of it that good
Among it there would be unavoidable departure
Want merrily, but clearly understand this principle
How can glory be unlimited?

*When time passes, who will become a machine?
Which person will have no luck completely?
This time holding onto your arm, why would I have doubts?
In difficult times, I’ll will accompany you
or perhaps it is only an act?
Coming to an end, we’ll leave our own ways respectively?

In changing times, will follow the wind
In times of choice, have to be snobbish*

Who wants to talk moral integrity, the very first must have reserve for future use
When hugging, know oneself and other people
When opposing sides, will strive for triumphant
Simply life’s principles

Repeat *

At worst times, must be despicable
At splitting times, be jealous at each other
Simply life’s principles
Originally had no intentions of harming you.

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When I first heard the song, I felt the Heart of Greed themesong sounded better and was more powerful. Maybe it still is, but after having started to watch the series, I like the themesong a lot 🙂 It still has the grand feel to it! After translating the lyrics, I think its sung from the persona of Michelle’s character “Ah Hong”. It describes a very selfish person who won’t really stick by the other through hard times. To me it seems like “Ah Hong” will betray HaYu’s character and maybe even harming him in the the process. Any other interpretations..?

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  • chibi says:

    haha, translations always sound a bit funny because of linguistics XD Anyways, I like this dramatic song, very fitting for the series. I thought it was from Hong Ma’s view too..mainly form the first line. But then it could also be anyone really.

  • Jadedreams says:

    At first, I thought it was Michelle Yim’s character, but as I listen more, I’m thinking the themevideo was made in such a way that it represents each of the characters as the song is playing….

    When the first line was sang, it shows Hor Ma-Jo Bao- Ah Hung….which probably shows all three wanting their marriages to work out

    Second line shows Tavia-Moses-Kate…which indicates that during the relationship b/w Moses& Tavia, because of Kate, Tavia would have to leave the relationship.

    Third & fourth line shows Raymond-Linda-Bosco…which clearly shows they want to be a couple, but because of glory/richness being in the way (through diff. backgrounds) , they can not be together….

    Then the chorus b/w Susanna, Wayne, and Louis Yuen which seems similar to her character too… she’s not one to stick through thick and thin….although I didn’t get why Fala’s character would be associated with lyrics “acting”, but I guess we will have to see.

    and onwards…. too tired to type it all haha…

  • Summer says:

    Jadedream ~ wow.. thanks.. u really great.. hehe..

    KTVB ~ yes .. me too.. at 1st listen the songs b4 watch the series.. sound like, not tat interesing as HOG, but after watch the series and listen the songs.. sound nice leh.. love the singing of Suzanna Kwan .. 🙂

  • i think the song is talking about as Auntie Sa…in her karaoke version of the htemesong…it exposes a bit more…and i think ah hung will eventually turn back..cause she has this scene where she’s frail and tired and talking to hor ma

    as for susanna..i have a feeling she’s the one who’s going to betray hor ma…and the family because in a picture she’s seen being captured by the cops…and susanna is singing her last line as ” originally i hadn’t intended to harm you”..i have a feeling it was all out of being selfish or something and she didnt realize all the problems she created and how much it had harmed the people who loved her..but she couldnt stop anymore because she’s already made the first few was like saying there was no turning back….

    thanks soo much kerry for the translations!

  • KTVB says:

    thanks for the comments ^^

    To Jadedreams & Lavendar_Bluez : both very interesting insights =) It surely does sound like it could related to more than one character but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint down who.

    “Want to be together for life, don’t think of it that good
    Among it there would be unavoidable departure
    Want merrily, but clearly understand this principle
    How can glory be unlimited?”
    Surely doesn’t quite sound like Ah Sa (referring to Lavender_bluez comment).

    I guess we will have to watch more of the series if that theory applies to Michelle Yim’s character.

  • hmm..KTVB i think you’re right…cause i forgot where..but apparently this song sung by Susanna was meant to sing out the woes or the feelings of michelle like you said!!!

    as for the lyrics you told me the post above…..tehhee i told really know what it means….mind explaining ? 😀

  • KTVB says:

    ^^; mm..well, that part of the lyrics is talking about two people being with each other and Ah Sa is just by herself with no partner XD And she’s no longer one of the leading female characters significant enough to have a song based on her and with her relationship with Louis Yuen (based on the opening themevideo)

    UNLESS you’re implying that it’s Ah Sa’s point of view as she watches the complex between Ah Hor, Jo and Hong.

    Am I making any sense? And is that what you’re asking? lol

  • i think u make sense…and i think u answered me.. =]

    so Susanna no longer leading female? but she’s like in every episode,,:S..or did u mean its because she’s with Louis..she cant be female lead?

    lol..i dont know either..the MV version of the song..looks like its about Auntie Sa struggling with her good and evilness… but then in the news and like you said..the song is about Ah Hung..

  • Jan says:

    hey there
    does anyone knows the song featured in episode20?
    it’s lyrics goes something like this – ‘talk to me speak with me’

  • LV says:

    I am also looking for that song! Can’t seem to find it because do not know the title…If anyone find it, please let me know too!

  • KTVB says:

    Here are a list of Insert Songs from Moonlight Resonance: (Credits to AEU)

    Episode 01: Jacky Cheung: 來來回回 || [Credit: Joanniie]
    Note: Played in episode 01 during the parts of when Ah Ho (Raymond Lam) & Yue So Chau (Linda Chung) were kids

    Episode 01: Faye Wong: 容易受傷的女人 || [Credit: Joanniie]
    Note: Played in episode 01 during the parts of the 1995 Mid-Autumn Festival

    Episode 01: Michael Hui: 浪子心聲 || [Credit: appleyoung]
    Note: Played in episode 01 when Shirley Yeung appeared

    Episode 03: Leo Ku: 愛得太遲 [Credit: TVB Hotspot]
    Note: Played in Episode 03, The song Moses (Ah Ka) sang during karaoke

    Episode 03: Jacky Cheung & Tong Po Yue: 相思風雨中 [Credit: TVB HotSpot]
    Note: Played in Episode 03, The song Moses (Ah Ka) sang during karaoke

    Episode 03: Leslie Cheung: 當年情 [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: During the flashback (1995) when Lee Heung Kam (grandmother) was hospitalized

    Episode 05: Ronald Cheng: 三生有幸 [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung) boyfriend played by Eric Li sang this song to her

    Episode 06: Janice M. Vidal: My Eyes Don’t Lie [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: Linda (Yue So Chau) sang this song during karaoke

    Episode 06: Boney M.: One Way Ticket [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: The Kids sang this song during Sa Yee (Susanna Kwan) Farewell dinner

    Episode 07: “Romance of Phoenix Chamber” (凤阁恩仇未了情)
    Note: Ah Chau (Linda Chung) and Ah Ho (Raymond Lam) sang this Chinese Opera song at the Retirement Home

    Episode 10: Roman Tam: 激光中 [Credit:appleyoung]
    Note: Jo Bao (Ha Yu) was singing this song

    Episode 10: George Lam: 十分十二寸 [Credit: appleyoung]

    Episode 11: “Band Member” (RIPPED)
    Note: The Kids sang this to Chung jai (Vincent) to cheer him up.

    Episode 13:
    Alvin Kwok: 梦中见 [Credit: appleyoung]
    Note: When Raymond was as Linda’s house and went into her room

    Episode 14: George Lam: 分分钟需要你 [Credit: melibu @ AF forum]
    Note: Cheer Up song for Fala Chen

    Episode 16: “The Best Sister in the World” (世上只有姐姐好)
    Note: Song to Hor Ma on her birthday party

    Episode 17: 仕苯亭大兄
    Note: Song that Ah Ka sang during Sa Yi (Susanna) was introducing her daughter Ka Mei (Kate Tsui) as a Tomboy

    Episode 18: Richie Ren: 心太软 [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: The mandarin song that Raymond and Linda were singing in the car.

    Episode 18: Julian Cheung & Maple Hui: “Modern Love Story” (現代愛情故事) [Credit: aZnangel]
    Note: Raymond and Linda sang this song at the Karaoke.

    Episode 18: Julian Cheung: “Wish You Well” (祝君好) [Return of the Cuckoo Theme Song]
    Kelvin (Dexter Young) was with his mom buying suitcases, he texted Ah Hing (Fala Chen) that he’s leaving, she drew a picture.

    English Sub 1 (Note: Ah Ho Invites Ah Chau to see girlfriend (ep9), Bosco Holds onto Linda’s hand (ep18), young Ah Ho tests young Ah Chau’s eyes (ep15) – TV-Rip Only

    English Sub 2: Raymond and Tracy’s breakup song (TV-Rip Only)
    Ringtone (Rips)
    Episode 13: Moses Chan’s Ringtone “Explain Explain Explain!” (Gai Sik Gai Sik Gai Sik)
    Note: Moses recorded Tavia’s boss Astrid Chan’s yelling through the phone and made it his ringtone

    Episode 17: Astrid Chan (Lai Jie)’s Ringtone: 揸勤变揸兜
    Note: This is Astrid’s ringtone played in episode 17

  • cc says:

    KTVB, thanks a lot, but i still can’t find the song in the list u posted.

    It’s this song – you can hear it at 1:00 minute of this youtoube clip…

    it’s driving me nuts that i can’t find it!!

  • hermes says:

    what the english song in ep 22 when linda chung try to find bosco on her phone

  • aqlim says:

    These are the 3 songs i ripped from epi 18

    i really like the songs where both of them sang together..
    hope u all enjoy it!

    第18集 管家仔&素秋 心太软\

    第18集 管家仔&素秋唱K: 许秋怡&张智霖-现代爱情故事

    第18集 管家仔&素秋唱K :凤阁恩仇未了情

  • Sophia says:

    hey i was wondering does any on has the son talk to me if you do you can find me on youtube just search lostandlistening and

  • KTVB says:

    If you’re looking for the English SubThemesong “Icecream“(Talk To Me), go here:

  • Kyarus says:

    I am have a pretty bad memories so I dun remember exactly which episode I listened to it . But I know that its kind of opposite with the song “Icecream”(Talk To Me), since that song will come up when Yue is with Ling . There is a Chinese song that always come up when Yue is with Ho(Raymond) , thats the song I am looking for , can any1 plz give me the link since I also dunno Chinese so its no use giving me the tittle . If its posted above by LV then let me know which 1 is it . Thx

    Reply from KTVB: I believe you’re after Raymond Lam’s Love with No Regrets which is the Sub Themesong 🙂

    Here is a piano version in case you’re interested

  • Kyarus says:

    Yes , thats the song I have been looking for . Thx KTVB

  • KTVB says:

    Here is the original song sung by JoBao and Ah Hong during their wedding

  • myanh says:

    hey does anyone have the song that everyone was singing at the party which took place in the shopping centre?it was when LEE SI KEE and HA YU got on the stage and they were wearing chinese traditional wedding costomes…….

  • myanh says:

    i think its called SWEET.Its a lovely song

  • michelle says:

    do u have the song that sa yi sing about cousin bigger than nephew, nephew bigger than dunno what cousin, the aunt and uncle


  • foreversweetx3 says:

    what is the last song called? The one where they sing all together in the Finale? It’s a mandarin song… Idk if you have it here…

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    Ohh okies, I got it =]. It’s 月亮代表我的心, by Teresa Teng.

  • yy says:

    do you have sa yi’s rap? where she teach them to rap? for eg: tong dai go ku. something like that? thanks

  • yyyy says:

    DO u have the english translation for RAymond Lam’s Love Without REgret?
    Pls pardon me, but my cantonese “pun thong sui”.

    The song’s so touching.

  • KTVB says:

    There’s actually a Moonlight Resonance OST CD released (1 October 2008), which contains the original songs used in the series and recordings from scenes too 🙂

    Moonlight Resonance OST

    CD 01
    01. 無心害你
    02. 容易受傷的女人
    03. 浪子心聲
    04. os.阿慶生日之JO飽歸家路
    05. 分分鐘需要你
    06. 愛得太遲
    07. 相思風雨中
    08. os.Sa姨發明之全家來劃親人拳
    09. One Way Ticket
    10. 激光中
    11. 十分十二寸
    12. 四朵金花
    13. os.Sa姨女之唐山大兄
    14. 今天不回家
    15. 漫步人生路
    16. 當年情
    17. os.中秋夜之家好月圓
    18. 月亮代表我的心
    19. os.Jo飽生日之我說你行&你死得比我早
    20. 甜蜜蜜

    Download CD1 (rapid Share)
    Part 1
    Part 2

    CD 02

    21. 愛不疚
    22. os.管家仔&素秋之我愛四眼龜
    23. 夢中見
    24. My Love Will Get You Home
    25. 其實我不快樂
    26. My Eyes Don’t Lie
    27. os.素秋&凌B之煮鍋豬腳姜
    28. Ice Cream
    29. 現代愛情故事
    30. 心太軟
    31. 天下無雙
    32. 三生有幸
    33. os.阿慶&家樂之難分難捨
    34. 祝君好
    35. 來來回回
    36. os.阿卡&嘉美之有feel唔系大曬噶
    37. 鍾無艷
    38. os.阿卡&皓月之戒賭牙印
    39. 只想壹生跟你走
    40. 但願人長久

    Download CD2

    Part 1
    Part 2

  • Bryant says:

    i would prefer the ping yin because im chinese and everything but i just cant read it , you know

  • J says:

    Hi do you have the song that Bosco and Linda sing during karaoke in I think episode 36? I think it’s called 再见也是恋人. Thanks.

  • haallooweeeen says:

    hi ktvb, do u have mp3 format for the CD, cause mine dont work on rapid share format. i relly like those songs that the casts sang during the drama. many many thanks in advance.

    Reply from KTVB: Those songs are mp3 format. You’ll have to download the files from rapid share..

  • haallooweeeen says:

    hi ktvb, but still cant download, just realise the file extension in .rar not the normal mp3. anyway, thanks again. 🙂 🙂

    Reply from KTVB:
    oh right! Yup, when you download it, it’ll be in one file called .rar
    You’ll need to download this free program called “winrar” to open the files. In it, you’ll have all the songs in mp3 format. That free program comes with most Windows XP

  • haallooweeeen says:

    hi ktvb, how can i download the winrar program, thanks.

    Reply from KTVB
    : You can download it here: Winrar

  • sandy says:

    Hi do you know the song in Episode 15 when Ray is driving Linda home. Linda fell asleep and ray plays the tape he gave linda when the were young. (I think the song is by Jacky cheung)

  • haallooweeeen says:

    hi ktvb, thanks a million. finally got it after downloaded the winrar. 🙂 🙂

    Reply from KTVB: You’re welcome ^_^

  • visit says:

    This is such a wonderful and informative way to reach others. I Will be more than glad to share this site

  • Dan says:

    I swear I need the english song when Raymond and Tracy breakup. What is it called anyone know?

  • Shaun says:

    Hi, do any of u have the ‘rocket’ song?

  • Aiyu says:

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone have other links except for rapidshare?.
    Oh and the Sad piano song for when anything “serious” happens?

  • Cindy says:

    Hi!! i was wondering if you guys can upload the sub theme song in series Always Ready!!!? Heres the lyric i have but i cant find it and download from any sites, seems like nobody knows it! Please help me….. i really like this song:
    won’t take a minute to say we’re through
    won’t spend a lifetime without you
    one thing for sure is
    this time around
    i’ll know a little more about love than i know now
    it’s gonna take a while to get
    my heart back together again
    it’s gonna take a while to get
    my heart back together again

    won’t take long to dry my eyes
    won’t take forever to say goodbye
    i’ll keep my distance, stand on ground
    find the love I’ll know won’t let me down

  • Laura says:

    hi can someone pls put moonlight resonance OST CDs on another file sharing host website? Coz I cannot download it from rapidshare however I try… sorry for the trouble…

  • Hi KTVB,
    Can you or anyone please tell me where I can find music song sheet (keyboard/piano) for the theme song (sang by Susanna Kwan) and sub-theme song (sang by Raymond Lam)?
    Thank you.

  • Tracy says:

    What is this song called and who sung it because I can’t seem to find it anywhere

    All the boys in the club (get up get get up)
    All the girls in the club (get up get up)
    All the beggars in the club (get up get up)
    Cuz this is the song you’ve been waiting for
    i cant stop moving my thing
    When they play my favourite song
    I wanna move back n forth across the crowded room
    Bouncing Crazy Sexy coool ..doing the boom boom boom

  • ava says:

    won’t take a minute to say we’re through
    won’t spend a lifetime without you
    one thing for sure is
    this time around
    i’ll know a little more about love than i know now
    it’s gonna take a while to get
    my heart back together again
    it’s gonna take a while to get
    my heart back together again

    won’t take long to dry my eyes
    won’t take forever to say goodbye
    i’ll keep my distance, stand on ground
    find the love I’ll know won’t let me down

    that song, apparently is published only for TVB purposes, they dont know if its released to the public, on another website, one of the members sent an e mail to TVB and they replied that

  • oanpiston says:

    i saw ost it cool and i see in back cover it have dvd 3 mv ,somebody to share it
    thx so much

  • Michelle says:

    You probably get this question a lot, but does anyone know the instrumental song that played when Raymond was with his mom and met Linda with the grandma and then he had that flashback to when they first went on the ferry?

  • Michelle says:

    Its also in episode ten when the parents met at the restaurant about their son not going back over to America for school, its that instrumental song that plays while the parents talk.

  • oanpiston says:

    i’m in thailand series just the end so funny i’m like dr.yae suu sin

  • Kelly says:

    Does anyone has the ringtone on “my mom is looking for you, my grandmother is looking for you…”? Can someone upload the link for me to download or tell me where to find this ringtone? Thanks!

  • John says:

    Hey can you please tell what’s the song called when Moses and kate went to the beach and tavia had to work alone!?! I love that song!!

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