In this episode, Fala and Susanna have a joint wedding!! I was so disturbed that Fala had to share her wedding with someone like Susanna >< When the families were discussing about Fala’s wedding, Susanna started complaining that she’ll be having her wedding on the same day; yet she’ll only be having a small one because she has no money and requested they have it together. Other than Grandpa, you could tell everyone else did not want it combined, but Fala wanted Grandpa to be happy so she agreed. What a sweet little girl~

Tavia and Moses were paired up as a couple for Fala’s wedding and Kate got jealous. She deliberately went to talk to Grandpa, saying SaYi doesn’t have a bridesmaid and as a daughter she can’t be it. She suggests to get Tavia to be Sa Yi’s bridesmaid instead of Fala and Kate took her place instead!! So evil and slack!! Tavia looked so sad too =(

JoBao wanted to take out $30million to give to Grandpa in case something happened to him and Raymond and the others needed it. Michelle got pissed off when she found out and tried stopping him but JoBao proceeded anyway. When Ah Hong bumps into HorMa at the restaurant toilets; she slaps her across her face, calling her ‘Wu Lei Jeng‘!!..poor HorMa! She was sick and looked so weak and defenseless >< HorMa didn’t even have the strength to fight back =(

Later Ah Hong ends up telling Sa Yi that JoBao had given money to her father!! Sa Yi kept harassing Grandpa for the money- Geez, can’t she understand the money isn’t even his??

On the wedding day, Susanna continued to cause more trouble. While the rest of the family were having a great time, someone was saying how many people who gave born in 1955-56 at a certain hospital got their children mixed up, and SaYi was convinced that HorMa is not Grandpa’s real daughter! SaYi and her husband-to-be start digging HorMa’s room for her blood test results etc, saying that she is type AB, and Grandpa being O cannot possibly give birth to a AB type o_o

Feeling very ‘ripped off’, SaYi refused to get married unless Grandpa gave her ‘her share’ of money and then threatened to ruin the wedding. A huge fuss was caused but luckily Grandma saves the situation by promising she’ll give her a huge gift that would last her her lifetime. SaYi thinking Grandma meant a large sum of money, happily commenced with the wedding XD Seriously, a wedding is a wedding, if she doesn’t want to get married, then she shouldn’t. It looked like Grandma was paying her because she wanted SaYi to get married or something. Really she couldn’t care less XD

I loved the scene at the end where Grandma and Sa Yi were arguing (when SaYi found out the truth XD)!! I knew Grandma wasn’t really going to give her money! I really enjoy watching Grandma sticking up for HorMa and her grandchildren =D

– – –

On the other hand, while Raymond was at a jewelry store choosing a present for Fala, he sees Linda holding hands with Bosco and becomes sad… but when Linda sees him, she lets go of Bosco’s hand and introduces him as her colleague.

Later, Raymond sees Bosco with another girl and tells Linda.
Linda: I know, he has a girlfriend.
Raymond: Yu So Chau, other than you leaving for England for 10 years, you used to tell me anything if you were sad. But lately, you haven’t called me for a long time. Is it because of the cake last time?
Linda: No you’re thinking too much. We’ll always be one family. I’ll always be your good sister, Yu So Chau from ‘Ka Ho Yuet Yuen Heng Chung Chau
Raymond: But you’re unhappy, why aren’t you telling brother?
Linda: There were a lot of times where I wanted to call you, a few times where I dialed a few digits, luckily I stopped myself from calling anymore, because it’s not fair for you. I feel really bad, as long as I don’t answer his phone calls, everything would be ok. Time will clam things down. I’m so useless.

6 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 24 Thoughts”

  • addie says:

    sa yi is so annoying now! but i’m not really mad at her anymore after watching a couple of episodes ahead. i think fala is just way too nice. i mean, even hor ma didn’t want sa yi to have a joint wedding but fala just agreed. how can sa yi just think about money all the time and the part about refusing to get married. i think everybody should have just left her alone. if she doesn’t want to get married. that’s her problem. she’s so frustrating to watch sometimes!

    on the other hand, i still don’t really understand why linda is in a relationship with bosco if she Knows he has a girlfriend, this is the part i really can’t figure it out or maybe it was because i wasn’t paying attention when bosco was talking hahah, but i don’t get why bosco either breaks up with his girlfriend or with linda. so linda can live happily with raymond lol
    does anyone have any insights? i really would like to know. thanks! 😀

  • Jane says:

    :(( Poor Tavia, I really hate Kate !!! So evil her, I hope later Tavia and Moses can be together and Kate goes away and never come back !!!

  • KTVB says:

    To addie: Linda is still with Bosco because ‘like mother like daughter’. Like Ah Hong, she has fallen in love with a man who is already in a relationship and is not willing to give up her feelings. ..and so they’re having a ‘secret relationship’. Before Bosco and Linda met, Bosco already had a girlfriend who he has dated for 7 years, and he feels that he owes her a lot so “can’t” break up with her.

    Like in the dialogue above (between Raymond and Linda), I’m assuming that after Linda found out Bosco had a gf, Bosco continued to call her. I think Linda knows it is wrong but ‘she can’t help it’.
    Thats why Linda and Bosco are sooo annoying to watch!! Bosco esp- that two timer!!

  • Summer says:

    I love tis episode, cos 1st time seeing grand-ma side Ho Ma and scold Sa Yi..haha.. grand-ma oso geng at scolding ppl leh.. haha.. at 1st, b4 i watch tis series.. i tot grand-ma role, is those very evil … but, she is not.. her role, is those, Big Kid’s Grand-Ma … haha..

    Another part, is Fala’s wedding is so touching.. but so pity Tavia.. Kate so bad.. spoiled the pair of her wif Moses.. haiz..

    Other side.. haiz.. abit bored on Linda and Bosco lioa.. but, when seeing Linda say, she wan to act as her mum..i m it, another story come in between she and Bosco leh.. but now i’ve watch up to 32.. i think so.. NO lo..

  • Wendy says:

    Grandma is awesome! She isn’t evil, all she wants is for her grandchildren to be happy.

  • Thanh says:

    hey Summer, Addie, Jane, Wendy, and KTVB where do u watch this movie at? I have search all the website for this movie but I couldn’t find a website to watch this movie. Can u tell me where I can watch this movie at?

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