April 2009

[E.U] Sub themesong Lyrics Translation

Elanne Slaps Ron
Emergency Unit- Sub Themesong
Palm Print– Elanne Kong
EU Sub themesong Lyrics

English Translations by KTVB. Please credit if reposted 🙂 And let me know if I’ve translated anything incorrectly~

Need I start over and choose again, even if it’s obviously wrong, can we control our own emotions?
I’m used to no one treating me nicely, the only time being hurt, yet sacrificed too much
I tried to forget this type of pain, but still memories are forced to bear so much more
I rather you kill me, just pretend that I had a lesson, just break up and don’t let it drag on

*It’s obvious that you are not worthy of my kiss
Don’t endure anymore, should just get rid of that sorrowful bad luck
But emotions, how could you step on it already and not sink?
Why do I have to fall in love with you- this bad person?

Why is it that even slapped, someone isn’t pissed off?
Casually laughing, make fun of the hand print on my face
The reason should be because it’s hard to control one’s own emotions
At the end, will still remember you bad person’s kiss*

This relationship is nothing but hurting too much. The palm print on the
face is singing-
Reminding you and I are making mistakes- stop finding me, can we just simply separate today?

*Download the song here.

This song is sung in the persona of YaoYao (Elanne Kong) about her feelings/relationship towards Ah Man(Ron Ng). I think it specifically describes the circumstances in Episode 27 (screenshot above) when YaoYao confronts Ron for using her feelings to get close to her father. The song title “Palm Print” refers to her being slapped, and the palm print that is left on her face.

I’m used to no one treating me nicely‘ refers to the past when her father abandoned her and ‘no one’ cared about her. It was Ron who really cared about her; yet now he is the one who is hurting her the most.

Even though she knows he’s a ‘bad’ guy,  she has already fallen deeply in love with him that she can’t bring herself to do anything against him. She couldn’t bring herself to break up with him, nor reveal his undercover identity to her father because she fears he will kill him.  Even if it’s wrong for falling in love with him, and letting him use her- if she was to choose again, I think YaoYao would end up choosing to love him, and be used by him again. That’s what love does to someone. Once she’s stepped into it “how could you.. not sink?

At the end of the series, YaoYao breaks up her relationship with him because she could no longer face him…

9 Responses to “[E.U] Sub themesong Lyrics Translation”

  • s says:

    hi k, love your website!

    actually, i think the palm print is referring to the one on HER face not his…
    basically, its like she keeps getting hurt and insulted (like being slapped in the face), and yet she doesnt mind and cant bring herself to hate him
    and after all that he has done, only the palm print remains, making fun of her and reminding her of how much she has let him hurt her

    the lyrics are actually pretty perfect for the story…i must admit, this series really caught me off guard…i thought it would be boring and slow, but it really surprised me with its quality…despite the fact that some people may say its ripping off infernal affairs or other undercover cop movies, i dont think it matters at all as long as they can pull it off and i think tvb succeeded with e.u.

    hopefully the laughing gor movie will be good as well…

    keep the posts coming! support you. =)

  • KTVB says:

    Hi s ^_^

    ooo..that makes sense! haha thanks for clarifying for me! That part confused me when I was translating actually ”
    Go ahead and laugh/casually laugh, make fun of the hand print on my face” <--because it says 'My Face'. I should have realised then 😛 It wouldn't seem like Ron would laugh at her for it. But yeh, it all makes sense now lol And thanks for your support!! 😀

  • Anna says:

    I have a question, who sings the song at the end of episode 14? It doesn’t sound like Elanne’s song.

  • kelly says:

    there is another lady who sing the sub theme song,it kathy chow

  • chibi says:

    hmm, really? She’s referring to her own face? Don’t remember her being slapped by Ron, literally though..

  • rachael says:

    pls provide hang yu pin yin lyrics la! i don’t know how to sing in cantonese

  • Wingie says:

    I think they’re a good couple =’p.

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