I’m starting to feel the danger for the moon cake business. I’m getting the same fear like that in Heart of Greed when the second wife wants all the assets to herself. When JoBao wanted to come back and work at the his business, Michelle deliberately forces his old-time friends to leave the business.  Michelle is scheming something with her ex-husband (in taking over the moon cake business ) and but only Grandma and Raymond are aware of it. Grandma is also old and fragile but she doesn’t want Raymond telling anyone and plans to deal with the matter herself.

It was quite suspenseful when HorMa went into SaYi’s room when SaYi was actually on a web-camera conversation with Kate’s son! I was really hoping she would realise XD SaYi kept standing in front of the computer and tried to turn off the screen, but then the audio was still on! XD

Tavia decides to let go and not fight back at Kate, nor care whether she has a child or not. She kept her promise to HorMa and Moses that she’ll try her best to help Moses and his company. However, Kate continuously tries to make Tavia look bad in front of Moses. When Moses chose Tavia’s idea for the promotional function instead of Kate’s one, Kate is determined for her one to go ahead. On the day of the event, Kate gets Susanna to make a fake call to Tavia, telling her that Moses went into the hospital! And so, as Tavia rushes off to the hospital, Kate goes ahead with her plan ><

Luckily, they find out the truth and Moses ends his relationship with Kate!! yay!!

6 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 29 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    i love tis episode.. haha..cos, everyone knows real of Ga Mei .. i did cry when see Ah Yue kept on crying w/o voice anything, when Ah Ke sit beside and voice out wat ever, Ga Mei’s truth on she got a son.. tat moment, i feel Ah Yue really so ” Wai Wat ” but.. all her ‘ Wai Wat ” now.. being know by everyone..and so sweet to see Ah Ka hug her and cheer her up..

  • rachel says:

    this was such an exciting episode, i absolutely loved it! i cheered so loudly for tavia when i saw how she held everything in and didn’t yell in kate’s face (which she should have done since that biatch deserved it) like she used to but just let kate and sa yi brag about her great the show went. it was so awesome how hor ma could tell right away that sa yi, kate, and the stepfather were all in the evil scheme. and the best part was ah ka telling kate off and breaking up with a big audience right there! awesome, i hope things will look better now for all of them 😀

  • miina tsukiyomi says:

    YES! YES! YES! in your face kate! i love this ep! XD thehehehe! GO TAVIA!

  • Amanda says:

    This episode left me crying.. Everything that Kate did is just so evil and she still tries to make herself look so innocent in front of everybody but AhYuet..

    I think AhYeut in this episode had been hurt the most.. Because each time she thinks she’s closer to getting everyone to know the real truth about GaMei.. In the end, it was all planned out by GaMei and her mum..

    Another thing was, it was SO SUPER close that HorMa found out about Ronald.. But too bad AhSa turned off the computer in that moment.. Or else everything would’ve been much easier for AhYuet..

    Honestly, i dont think that Kate’s dancing is any good.. =9 Sorrie!!! Maybe because i hate her in the show..

    I like how AhYuet held everything in even though thats not how she usually is.. Also, the part where AhSa was having so much fun bragging about how ‘great” GaMei’s dancing was just made things that much harder for AhYuet.. But AhYuet took it like a champ..

    And in the end, HorMa could tell that they were in it together.. And also AhKa broke up with GaMei!!!!!!! He hugged AhYuet just to cheer her up!!! =]

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    This is one of my fav. episodes!! YAH HOO!! I love when Moses yells at Kate! FEEL is not EVERYTHING!!! AHAHAHAHA love that part! And esp. when he hugs Ah Yuet… =] Lols! I think it was kinda stupid on Hor Ma’s part in the earlier episode to not believe Ah Yuet, but I guess it’s because the evil Kate had evidence against her. I still like when Hor Ma says she gives herself 98% on being a mother! lols And how AH Yuet’s letter was Hor Ma’s report card… lols =]

  • rice krispies says:

    this was an awesome episode! but hey…when do they actually find out that ga mei has a son?

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