Linda sees the cake and is shocked, however she sadly replies, thanking him for being such great brother to her and loving her as his sister. She indirectly rejects him this way, giving up her feelings for him because she started to develop feelings for Bosco. Poor Ah Ho! If only she saw the cake earlier…From what I’ve seen up to now though, I wouldn’t think Linda would have liked Bosco more than Raymond, but more like forcing herself.

When Linda goes to find Bosco, she finds out that he took 10 days leave.

When JoBao finally called home, Tavia couldn’t help but to blurb out the truth! However HorMa made her take her words back because she didn’t want the matter to get bigger and affect Grandma’s health. Omg..this episode continues to get really frustrating and annoying! I hate Ah Gong!!!!! He has got to be the worst MR character in the entire series ! Under AhHong’s orders, Ah Gong deliberately brings out the issue, saying Tavia has accused him and denying he never did such a thing.

Tavia had to swallow all the accusations and reluctantly apologise to him to cover up the matter. I liked that little moment where Moses apologies for Tavia :)However, again and again Ah Gong wanted to make the issue big and kept biting at Tavia, saying an apology wasn’t good enough ><!! He kept complaining and whining like a baby and I would cringe every time I saw his face -_- ! Poor Tavia…her character always has it bad. First she gets accused for ‘lying’ about Ah Gong not letting them contact JoBao, and then we have Sa Yi hogging her room after she made a huge fuss about making a spare room for her daughter Ga Mei (Kate) who will be returning and moving in soon.

I loved the confrontation scene where HoMar and Grandma finally spoke out! It turns out that Grandma already knew Ah Gong was indeed the one stopping JoBao from returning, but she wanted the matter to die down and let it pass, letting Ah Yuet take all the blame. However, Ah Gong constantly took out the issue and finally, Grandma slaps him! 😀 yay!

Grandma apologises to Ah Yuet for being selfish…aww….

At the end of the episode, HorMa helps Tavia and Fala get their room back from SaYi! =D
SaYi: (to the kids) Don’t touch my things! Sister, why are you moving my things into your room??
HorMa: You’re moving in to share my bedroom. If we’re not moving your things to my room, where do we move them?
SaYi: Didn’t I already tell you before that I can’t share a room with you? Once I do, I’ll start getting depressed (thinking about her ex-husband).
HorMa: That would be good then. You’ll be sad, I’ll be sad. We can be hurt together, it’ll be good company.
SaYi: It’s not like we’re having a division for abandoned woman. You’re one, I’m one, so you want two of us both to be crying together every night?
HorMa: Yea, both of us crying quietly in one room, we won’t disturb the others. This arrangement is good.
SaYi: In midst of sleeping, I would suddenly think of the jerk and I’ll get up and start singing ‘Fun Fei Ying’ and I would sing really loud too!
HorMa: Wow, you like singing to deliver your message? I’m like that too! But I’m more updated than you. I like to sing ‘Woman that are easily hurt”, “living happier than you”, “You won’t have a good ending”- those ones.
SaYi: Did you eat the wrong medicine? Fine! You all won’t have a good ending!

This scene was quite funny, HorMa always has her way an SaYi didn’t have anything else to say back to her lol

Sa Yi’s daughter Ga Mei(Kate) is going to appear in the next episode..somehow ..I fear…

7 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 21 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    i always feel so bad for tavia, just because she was adopted, it seems like everybody is always picking on her. it’s so sad, but i’m really happy at the end, the grandma stood up and slapped ah gong for her. ah gong is a stupid person, both the character and the actual person. why is it that his characters are always annoying evil people? he’s so annoying and he’s not technically part of this family so why is he always sticking his butt into things? isn’t this between the grandma, jobao, hor ma and her children? where does ah gong fit in this family? so annoying to watch him! and why does sa yi’s daughter have to come, just like you i’m afraid of what’s coming up. more trouble. it seems like the drama just never stops and one bad thing after another just keeps coming and coming…but then again we wouldn’t have anything to watch if it wasn’t for the drama lol 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    K and Rachel: I also don’t look forward to Ka Mei’s appearance. She’s going to cause everyone so much heart-ache with the two face and greed.

    I’ve always been impartial to Kate but looks like I’m going to dislike her after this. LOL!

  • chibi says:

    lol, the slap on Ah Gongs face was very very enjoyable to watch..ahahaa..take that you idiot!!

    Yay for Tavia =)

  • KTVB says:

    To rachel: very well said! I agree with u!

    To chibi: yes, the double slap was great =)

  • miina tsukiyomi says:

    aww…poor tavia! >< but it’s okay. since she’s my favorite character and actress in ths series. 😀

  • Lil Ang3l says:

    I love tavia and raymond!! both are my 2 fave characters in MR. i wonder who raymond and tavia would end up with?? hmmm…

  • E says:

    🙂 yea, but i support moses too..

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