I’m feeling really excited about this series ^^

The first episode was quite  enjoyable. I liked how the characters have been introduced and how the story unfolded. Unlike HOG, the series so far doesn’t have any of the family ‘silly’ exaggerated moments so it’s more of a serious/normal type of drama which I enjoy =)

The episode constantly moves back into time to reveal more of the past.  Ha Yu and Lee See Kei were a married couple with 6 children- 4 boys, 2 girls- one girl being Mute (Fala) and the other they brought up, non-blood related (Tavia). They also had a cakeshop which they sold mooncakes. When the children were still young, the family gets broken up when another women (Michelle Yim) enters into their lives, causing HaYu and Lee See Kei have a divorce! They go to court and the children are split, 3 sons with HaYu, and 1 son 2 daughters with Lee See Kei: Raymond, Fala and Tavia.

These three are so cute together, all of them looking so innocent and young XD. I really enjoyed watching Raymond’s scenes (or maybe it’s just Raymond haha)! He’s sooo cute xD It’s so cool that he’s introduced so early in the series. The three of them were picking up their Aunt at the airport, played by Susanna-  Lee See Kei’s sister. lol..omg, Susanna reminds me so much of her character in HOG even though she’s not the ‘second wife’. She can get so annoying! Her character talks so much and has everything to complain about, sometimes it makes you wonder if she even ever gets tired. Still, her character is somewhat entertaining to watch and creates that ‘drama’ like HOG. So much resemblances!

Raymond imitating Lee See Kei without her teeth XD

The other three sons haven’t appeared in the story yet, I wonder who they are and what they’ll be like 🙂 The bond between the siblings will be something I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of 🙂

The love story between Raymond and Linda has already started when they were kids. Linda plays Michelle Yim’s daughter (not with HaYu) and the two meet again after 10 years of separation. Hm..I don’t really like how Linda look in the series, would have been better if she had a fringe like she did in HOG.

I’m quite excited to see how the story will grow with more characters etc =) Hopefully the story will continue to get better and better!

8 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 1 Thoughts”

  • Jessica says:

    I love this drama too =) is started watching eps 1-2 already it was soo funny and cutee =) Ray Tavia and Fala so cute together when they were at the airport picking up Susana from the flight. haha. and when they got home =)

  • rachel says:

    i didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, but i just couldn’t resist reading what happened! i hope to watch is soon!

  • Summer says:

    Wow..so fast of u KTVB… wat a surprise morning for me to log in and saw ur screencap..haha.u’re fast.. yeah, i ‘ve watched up to episode 2, its so nice.. intresting.. tis series, totally different from HOG, so i wont compare tis wif HOG , i m using a feel os watching another new series..its nice.. love seeing Ray for now..and look forward to see Bosco soon..haha.. and, up to episode 2, its a nice and interesting series..

    When u come to episode 2, u wil see Sa Yi, she is so great..haha.. when i watched tat scene.. whole family of mine, give an applause to her.. , when u come to epi 2, u will know..

    then, up to episode 2, i would feel, Sa Yi character, abit same as ” HOG – Kau Foo Bo, tat love to talks alot and makes lots of problem…
    any way.. love tis series.. and , i oso wil done screencap for tis series.. haha.. and wait for urs too lo..


  • Lydiaclo says:

    me too…my fav artist bosco….still haven come in yet….waiting…well this drama really makes me addicted…can’t wait for all the episodes….

  • chibi says:

    haha this episode was entertaining. I liked watching the 3 siblings interact, Faia looks refreshing and cute =) So far Susanna’s characters is really funny.. she brings in the humor which I think is good (for now at least).

    What I didn’t like about this were the children actors ^^;;; they were..horrible XD, especially watching Young Ray and Young Linda together just gave me the creeps!

  • pwinces2paradise says:

    i cant wait for Bosco to appear!you should go to this website and look at the screen captures and break points!it looks so GOOD!http://tvbindex.blogspot.com/search/label/Moonlight%20Resonance

  • nich says:

    I think I prefer Linda’s style and look here than in HOG. And I love how this series start too. The opening eps is great and I hope it’ll continue this way and not disappoint us midway. Raymond is such a a loving brother!!

  • ^-^ says:

    Does anypne noe where to download that song that goes

    somthing bout –
    Or something
    It played wen Bosco and Linda broke up
    So touching xD

    Reply from KTVB: http://tvb.windy-goddess.net/?p=684

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