Bosco appears in this episode 😀 ~ a sudden refreshing new face! His appearance was really cool and he looked very professional ^^ Linda and Bosco met at a shopping centre where a women was about to give birth.

It was also HorMa’s birthday and the family gave her a surprise birthday party. The family members all changed roles in playing each other and it was hilarious and entertaining to watch! Fala looked so much like a boy lol There was also the part where all the kids were taking turns in giving HorMa a kiss and at the end, Moses was pushing JoBao forward XD

JoBao was dressed up as Ah Hing, so instead, he gave a sign language, wishing her a Happy Birthday 🙂 It would have been very touching, memorable birthday except the fact Susanna was putting on a fake act in hope to persuade HorMa to let her children work for  ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ for money -_-

I knew it was suspicious that Susanna would reveal her own ‘past’ to everyone, thanking HorMa for being the greatest sister. Seriously, Susanna ruins the whole mood of it, Susanna wasn’t even genuine..

When the children went over to HaYu’s place for dinner, Michelle started stirring more trouble by challenging Ah Yuet (Tavia), questioning why she discourages Moses to return to the company and insist on having the company close down than do than come back and work for ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’. She also points out that Ah Yuet has been saying things behind Fala’s back that she’s mute and wont be able to help out anyway. Michelle questions Tavia whether it was because she feared she won’t be given a share because she is adopted, so deliberately discourages the rest not to return. Poor Tavia >< She’s always the one getting accused…

The final scene was really dramatic!! HorMa went to speak with Ah Hong at the company and waited patiently outside to realise AhHong was deliberately letting her wait, calling on an meeting that went on forever when it was not urgent. Ah Hong had plans to arouse anger in HorMa so she would come in and speak unreasonably etc in front of all the work people. I was so worried for HorMa when she fell for the trap >< However, HorMa’s clever words really defeated Ah Hong! K is very impressed XD

HorMa: Ah Hong, I remember you once said that when you were at the country side, you raised chicken. I’m sure you know what chickens are like very well. Chickens are really useless. There is a phrase ‘weak chicken’. But if there is an eagle who wants to capture its little chickens, do you know what she will do? She would take out her feathers and use her life against you!
Ah Hong: Ho-jie,  I know what you are trying to say. I think you’ve mistaken. I don’t want to be the eagle, I want to be the farmer. I want to feed the little chicken.
HorMa: You know what kind of heart you have. God knows, I also know. Everyone says YanHong changed, yes you have changed, you become more aggravated!
Ah Hong: I think you’ve totally misunderstand.. I’m only doing this for you and your children.
HorMa: No one understands you more than I do. In 1985, the owner of the store (next door to ours)’s daughter was getting married. Her bouquet got thrown to you. Back then you were still with your ex-husband and very much in love, you didn’t need another love-fate. But you kept on grinning, hogging onto the bouquet and wouldn’t give it to the other girls who were not yet married. One phrase: ” God gave it to me” was everything. You had to hog onto the bouquet, you even had to hog someone else’s husband! A selfish person like you would give ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ to my six children!? You wouldn’t even let a single rice drop out of your fist! You’re only doing this to arrouse problems in my family. You want my whole family not to have anymore laughter and only crying, and then you’ll be happy!
Ah Hong: ..don’t misunderstand! Everything I’m doing is genuine-
HorMa: You are genuine?? Ha. You would really give out all your shares in ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’? Ok! I will call my six children and we will go to the lawyers to get it signed as reality. You give all your shares to my children, I will tell my children to give all their shares me. You can leave! This will be my position! ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ this brand name can come down, and be changed to ‘HorMa Bakery’ I will ask you one more time. Do you dare to go to the lawyers to sign the papers? If you don’t, don’t you ever bother my children again! We’ll live our own separate lives.

HorMa was so awesome! Ah Hong couldn’t say anything to say back to her 😀 haha!! yay!!

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 16 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    On a side note:

    I thought it was quite unreasonable for Linda to call Raymond simply because she couldn’t sleep..It’s 2am. I thought she’d be more considerate not to wake others up..

  • rachel says:

    this is another one of my favorite episodes!! i felt so proud of HorMa for finally giving Hong a piece of her mind! it was so exciting to see Hong silent without anything to say. i really wished though HorMa was actually able to make Hong give up her shares since that was what she was planning to do to break up the children. that would have been awesome, but i guess it’s not gonna happen so quickly hahah.

  • chibi says:

    awesome episode, the end part was the best! haha.. everytime HorMa comes into the scene, it’s always dramatic! yay.

    Great screencaps and translations btw!

  • ABL says:

    Another awesome scene with Hor Ma 😀 Hor Ma’s birthday party was awesome. I had to rewind and watch it over and over..Lol.

  • Rin says:

    <33 Bosco~ hehehe, so far I like this character better in here than in HOG 😛 it’s gonna be so heart breaking when Linda has to choose between him & Raymond later :[ (mostly poor Bosco & Raymond, Linda’s just lucky :x)

    Hmmph! Ah Hong tries to make Ho Ma seems like a total biatch and I was like noooo don’t fall for it Ho Ma but then after watching the scene, I was totally happy that she did that. Ho Ma is the best~~ xD stupid uncle always side with Ah Hong… sooo annoying.

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