The highlights of this episode would have to be the court scene and the scene where HoMa goes to beg Michelle to let Ah Sa off from being sued. I thought the whole truth revealing thing was dramatic as usual 🙂

I was a little surprised the court scene came so early in the series. I was expecting it somewhere near the end like HOG ^^; Looks like the story is going the reverse way from HOG.

Ah Sa kept insisting that they bring the matter into court and manages to get Grandpa’s support. She plans to use her 400,000 for the court case. Of course, HoMa knew this would create problems and tried to leave things the way it was but she was unable to stop them.

After HoMa and JoBao got a divorce, Ah Hong went to find HoMa and begs her to let them use the “Ga Ho Yuet Yuen” trademark because their business wasn’t doing well and Ah Jo has been getting drunk every night and beating up his children. However, Ho Ma refuses because she’s already lost her family so she will not let her father’s trademark get stolen as well. She advises that if they are having financial problems, then she should give the custody of the children back to her.

Grandpa expresses that Ah Jo went to find him later, begging him as well. When grandpa refused, Ah Jo started threatening him that he won’t have financial support for his family, and he won’t have money to fund Ah Ka to school etc.  On verbal agreement, if he lets him use the Business name, he’ll bring the  grandchildren over for him to play with 3 times a week and give back 20% of profits if the business does well. Grandpa agrees but Ah Jo goes back on his words.

However, Ah Hong and Ah Jo both deny the truth in court, lying that in fact HoMa was the one who shoved the business name for them to use and how it was a worthless name! I was so frustrated that Ah Jo and Ah Hong won the court case! This is so unfair!! As they leave the court room, Ah Sa challenges Ah Hong and Ah Jo about how true the things they said in court were. When Ah Sa also started saying how Ah Hong she breaks up people’s families (sells drugs?) etc, Michelle gets really offended and decides to sue her back $4million for defamation!

SaYi causes so much problems!! At first I was sort of excited to see the ‘battle’ between SaYi and Ah Hong, but it annoys me so much that SaYi causes the trouble and then pushes HoMa to clean up the mess for her -___- The scene where HoMa and LinJiYung (Wayne) go to Ah Hong’s house was very dramatic and awesome! I was worried for HoMa and wondered if she could hang in there, talking to a bunch of heartless people…she even fell over and injured her back (which was already injured)! I liked the things she said and how she reveals to everyone the way Michelle have been treated her children~ like howshe got LinJiYung to teach Ah Ka how to ‘gamble’. I feel so sorry for the kids, especially for Zhong Jai who was sent over to England when he was 12 years old solely to keep Linda company! Ah Hong were also spoling the kids by buying a lot of material goods, but Ah Hong of course tried to deny everything, but become speechless when HoMa asks her ‘Why haven’t you treat AhChow(Linda) like that then!? Why does she only have a second and car? Why does she have so little allowance?Why do you make her find a part time job to pay off her school fees?” Simply because she didn’t want her own daughter to be spoilt. You go HoMa!!! 😀 Ho Ma is soooo awesome :D Her words and the ways she delivers them are very powerful!It was also very sad to see HoMa having to beg them to take the 200,000 to settle the dispute. When Linda overheard the conversation, she couldn’t bare watching anymore and runs down, telling HoMa not to ‘beg’ them anymore. Linda offers to pay the 4 million even if she’ll have to borrow from her friends to help SaYi!

Finally Jo-Bao speaks out, taking the 200,000 and telling HoMa to leave. He also confesses his guilt and frustration from lying in court. I’m glad to see that there’s still some ‘human’ in him. He, along with Grandma were in tears from upon learning how Ah Hong have been treating and raising up the children. I hope JoBao and Grandma will see the real Ah Hong now! 😀

P.s: Why doesn’t Ah Yuen say anything?

9 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 8 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    tis episode is great.. i enjoyed watching it.. seeing Ho Ma, voice out all Hung’s bad on treating her sons… GOOD.. but pity Ah CHow.. need to suffer in between.. but, she is a good daughter, although her mum is bad..she stil treating Ho Ma well.. taking her as her mum too…

  • Lydiaclo says:

    Alo…hey…do you know any website that i can download TVB drama? i wanna keep this drama….it’s good…

    Reply from KTVB: Check out the TVB Series Direct Download Blogs/Forums heading under–>Links and Credits page for some sites

  • Eileen says:

    this is one of my favourite scene…cried a bit when i watch them and repeat a few times…but the episodes later are more touching and requires more kleenex, be ready…i love this series..more than the first one…

  • kammi says:

    OMG i totally luv dis epi.. i kept on replayin it.. i think dat ah hong wants only the best for her daughter only and not for her step children.. btw.. Lydiaclo here is a website i found ( they have the best download tvb series and music.. hope that helps=)

  • theresa says:

    This drama is good, but every eps that i watch makes me feel really upset, im really taken to heart, feel really soory for ho ma

  • Rin says:

    This is just as dramatic as HOG but somehow I’m liking this a bit more than HOG. Susanna again is really annoying in this ep ._____. she should just… shut up… poor Ho Ma always having to clean up the mess.
    & yeah I don’t know why Chris doesn’t say anything… it seems like Linda loves Ho Ma more than he does ><

    p.s. I hope Bosco will show up soon (:

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: I’m glad Ah Chow came out and defended for HoMa even if it meant standing up against her mother.

    To kammi: Yea..Michelle is an evil women. If she taught them properly (Ah Yuen maybe? kinda lol) then they are more likely to like her more -.-

    To theresa: lol, too. It’s good to be involved with a drama though. Makes the series a good one =)

    To Rin: Linda probably does cares about HoMa more than Chris. I just find it disturbing that Chris calls Michelle “Ma” (like Chung-Jai) but his real mum “HoMa” even though everyone calls Lee See Kei as “HoMa” I was kinda waiting for HoMa to tell off Ah Hong about the way he brought up Ah Yuen (Chris), but she doesn’t.

  • Lydiaclo says:

    Thanks Kammi and KTVB…..i will try to search for it…

  • rachel says:

    this is my favorite episode by far! i loved the scene at Ah Hong’s house. it was so relieving to hear Ho Ma reveal the truth. and i was even more happy when i saw Jo Bao and the grandmother crying. i think they’ll start to have a change of heart now!!!

    i also loved the funny scene at the very end of the episode where Sa Yi and Lin Ji Yung were arguing, they were saying how Sa Yi wasn’t his girlfriend, but by the way they were arguing, it certainly looks like it! lol

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